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Основное назначение функционала мода

Направление на почтовый ящик вместе с сообщением о новом ЛС и текста самого сообщения. Теги не обрабатываются. но текст видно отлично.

Авторское название мода:
[off] 578 Prime Notify 1.0.10а 1.0.10a
Автор мода:
Ken F. Innes IV
Для какой версии phpBB создан:
Интернет ресурс:
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Более подробное описание возможностей мода

Inserts the content of a post or private messages into the notification e-mail.
By default, the BBCode tags will be kept intact so the intended formatting can be seen, but this can be changed by opening "includes/prime_notify.php" and setting PRIME_NOTIFY_BBCODES to false (note that [quote] and [code] BBCodes will always be kept). To send out notifications regardless of whether the user has visited the topic since a previous notification, set PRIME_NOTIFY_ALWAYS to true.

Creating, maintaining, and updating MODs requires a lot of time and effort, so if you like this MOD and have the desire to express your thanks through donations, that would be greatly appreciated. My Paypal ID is primehalo@gmail.com, or contact me for my mailing address. The suggested donation amount for this MOD is $5.00 (but any amount will help).


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