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Дневник хлама Админа.

В дневнике собираю всякую фигню. Думаю что может пригодиться. Или не пригодится. Но собираю. Собирать надо.

Russia today is Elections without choice, Court without justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs without honor, Army without identifying marks, Dead without name, Parliament without debate, Television without truth, Business without competition, Ministry of Health without conscience, Church without God, Olympians without national symbols, Education without knowledge, Science without discovery, Diplomacy without dialogue, People without nationality.
Leshvanov Alexander Primorsky Krai "Learn to think for yourself, and not with a TV"
Some of the information is borrowed from open sources on the Internet (with minor revisions in essence and its comprehension). Some of the information has been “earned” from its experience and gathered on the facts of its own confrontation with the described mess and lawlessness. The text was collected for almost 5 years.



Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 11:39

Damn you, the beasts that destroyed me.

Until the end of my existence on this earth, even though I have only a little bit left, I am sure that they will kill sooner or later or die, unable to withstand the understanding of everything that happened to my family and me in this fascist lawless country, I will curse the current system of thieves and bastards in government and in self-government in my country, I will curse our, for the most part, corrupt Akham civilian courts, for the most part stupid local prosecutors and procuratorial, impudent, overwhelmed cops and the whole system of unpunished wringing, p Spila and theft and faith the people of this country in the justice and law. There are no laws for ordinary people in this country. There is only a “business” in the power for the sake of which they are there, in the power, Hameyut and lawless, and the courts and structures cover them and cover.

In 2007, in our village, in two markets located at different addresses, Smena LLC, the Market Management Company, was appointed in which the district administration was the founder (!!!). In the light of the Laws of the Russian Federation, this was a violation and, due to the prevailing circumstances (the prosecutor’s office discovered this fact with a proposal to the district head to correct this fact of using administrative levers when fulfilling the requirements for the markets in FZ 271), the market entrepreneurs at Kirovsky ul Sovetskaya 61a it was proposed to form its LLC in order to transfer to it market management rights.

Realizing that we couldn’t cook porridge collectively with entrepreneurs, on the basis of the fact that the head of the district was constantly hurrying us, and the prosecutor’s office was in a hurry to push it, in February 2008 I (IP Leshvanov AN) created my Debut LLC.

In May 2008, Debut LLC was appointed by the Managing Market Company, according to the order of the Head of the Kirovsky District Administration No. 5 of 08/05/08.

In the light of the fact that the land plot transferred to the LLC management required capital investments for the qualitative functioning of the mentioned market, the society made capital investments in its reconstruction from the founder’s personal funds, since the businessmen’s payment from the trading places they occupied could not cover the expenditure the part necessary for the maintenance of the market, with deductions arising in the light of the new organization.

For profitable activities of LLC as the Managing Market of the company, we didn’t go the way of increasing the rates for providing trading places (how could we? We all worked with these PIs on the old and this market for almost 20 years, they are “ours” , as if - one team, as it turned out later: SP - not SP, if he does not know how to betray, deceive and impale his neighbor for his own benefit or to save for someone else's account). We have a need to create not only additional trading places, but also to bring the crap, very often, untidy, in no way, the entire territory of the market, to a normal state.

And it went: every penny, each of our personal loans to a penny in the market, in its development, so that people were good on it, so it was nice to spend time on it, and the entrepreneurs were comfortable working on it. For this, a large, untidy part of the leased land plot, which was littered during the construction by neighboring facilities, which did not clean up afterwards, since the land plot was abandoned, was not needed, was not controlled by anyone, and was not cared for, LLC " Debut "with the consent and with ONLY (and how professionally they were lying at the same time - they promised about prospects and profitability for us !!!) with the moral support of the district administration resulted in a form suitable for commercial activity, that is: A lot of soil and rubbish (about 500-600 tons and maybe even more), then a stone was brought, from above drys, then gravel, all this was rolled for a long time by the hired rink and on top of most of the newly improved territory of the market (the former landfill and swamp) asphalt on an area of ​​650 sq.m., then a system of drainage of the entire territory was built, road filling, footpaths, parking for auto entrepreneurs, 54– good stalls, stalls with roller shutters, flower beds, a sandbox for children, a fitting room, the roof was repaired kaz nnom stock at a price equal to the cost of a new roof and a lot of other work on the organization and accomplishment of territory for the benefit of consumers and for the convenience of working on her own business.

Debut LLC during all five years of its work in this territory had and guaranteed the possibility of preparing this market for the entry into force of amendments to the Federal Law 271 which were to come into force on 01/01/2013 (ban on open-air trade), but only with guarantees, namely - with the permission of rights for reconstruction, which was possible only if there was a long-term lease agreement for the land plot and for the property of the market. It was precisely this that both Administrations did not do during all five years, only plum promises sounded that the time would come when we could conclude the long-awaited long-term lease of land and property of the market, but we did not wait for the fulfillment. But in that time we completed the construction of the market and brought its territory to an ideal state at our own expense. That is, for the use of all this in the future by someone else, those for whom this territory was prepared at our expense, as it turns out now, by deceit, misleading us intentionally and pragmatically.

In a strange way, both administrations theoretically supported the activities of Debut LLC in upgrading the leased property and the territory, promised to transfer the property, the land plot to the long-term lease, but documented our endless statements about the transfer of the land plot and the market property to us for a long-term lease. guarantees of our investments in their development and bringing to perfection, responded evasively and slippery. Beautifully, the guys from the administrations worked, worried about their old age after they were turned from their posts, but only prepared for someone else’s account, deceiving and, as it turned out now, stealing from their neighbors. The behavior of jackals. Not even. Those and that is, even the jackals, but the laws.

And then in 2010 all the same people came to power in the Kirovsky urban settlement, who, in light of the insults on the founder of Debut LLC and his wife, (we considered and consider these people unworthy for conducting economic and political activities in the settlement, did not vote for them and supported other candidates) warned that they would do everything to deprive Debut LLC of everything and let the world go, which they did later, namely from September 2011.

What beautiful methods of work these two comrades used in the declared war against our LLC! Envy even the KGB and the FSB. Why, the FSB, the CIA with such methods just smokes nervously on the sidelines. They picked up from the archives of the previous Administration, which had lost its relevance and already considered essentially in the courts, the statement of two non-binding IPs of our market, written to the Administration of the settlement back in 2009 to our LLC.

These entrepreneurs, in the distant times of the start of work of our LLC, did not pay for trading places LLC properly, tried to organize “riots” in the market, incited to sabotage the actions of other entrepreneurs. Our lawsuits against these negligent entrepreneurs, of course, they lost and the Arbitration Court obliged them to pay for the services of our LLC in full, rather than the arbitrarily established meager amounts that these entrepreneurs used to pay in former times to the former owner of this market (administration), being sure that will not incur responsibility for it. And so, these businessmen since 2009 also complained of Open Company "Debut" in different instances. But, at the same time, the Arbitration and even local courts (we used the claims to the local courts on them with the transfer of rights of claims to another person so as not to file debts in a long Arbitration Court) obliged these IPs who violated the Federal Law and the contractual relationship with Debut ", To pay for the use of trading places for the disputed period in full.

The new "rulers" of the Kirov urban settlement, cooperating with these IP, began to pursue a deliberate policy to incite hostility towards Debut LLC, using various methods, such as: pressure, threats against disobedient IP, spreading gossip and slanderous rumors.

Gradually drawing more and more people into this confrontation, having also enlisted the support of the FE, they began to put pressure on the district administration, namely on the head of the district Smirnov A.G.

In October 2011, in connection with the Law No. 180 KZ, which finally entered into the territory of the Primorsky Territory (as amended by No. 380 KZ) on the division of property between municipalities and settlements, real estate, previously under the Office of the Municipal District, passed to the Department Kirovsky urban settlement. That is, real estate leased by Debut LLC, previously owned by the District Power and given to the urban settlement for free use with the right to lease to third parties (to us - Debut LLC) with the consent of the owner-administration of the district, has now become the property of the settlement.

In October 2011, in connection with the Law No. 180 KZ, which finally entered into the territory of the Primorsky Territory (as amended by No. 380 KZ) on the division of property between municipalities and settlements, real estate, previously under the Office of the Municipal District, passed to the Department Kirovsky urban settlement. That is, real estate leased by Debut LLC, previously owned by the District Power and given to the urban settlement for free use with the right to lease to third parties (to us - Debut LLC) with the consent of the owner-administration of the district, has now become the property of the settlement.

Everything. Now everything went to the fullest. Now the city administration’s hands were unleashed and there was an opportunity to revenge against undesirable for us, that is, Debut LLC, which they continued to do, as opposed to promises given to the head of the district, A. Smirnov, that the lease from LLC Debut ”will be extended, as LLC is an executive and mandatory tenant. In May 2012, the Kirovsky urban settlement warns Debut LLC that at the end of the rental period of the market property on July 01, 12, the property will not be leased for a further 3 days, at the end of the lease, obliges the tenant to hand over the market property according to the act receive transmission.

Debut LLC, on an emergency basis, parses in the capital building, the outlets built by it, which were prepared for individual entrepreneurs by 01/01/2013, are preparing the property for return to the owner, the Kirovsky urban settlement. And waiting for the owner in the period established by the landlord to draw up an act of acceptance, since according to the Federal Law 316 an act on the transfer of real estate is drawn up at the location of this property with the inspection and evaluation thereof. But in the terms established by the contract from July 01, 2012 to July 4, 2012, representatives of the City Settlement for drawing up an act of receiving a program, for some reason, are not.

Since, at this time in the hands of LLC Debut, there is permission to extend the status of the Managing Market of the company No. 22 from 06.26.12 to December 31, 2012 and it is not annulled or canceled by the District authorities, Debut LLC since 04.07.12 He continued to work in a regular mode, as a market managing company, regarding the refusal of the property owner’s intention to return the property in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation as a consent to the extension of rental relations. Further LLC, according to previously established rates for the leased property, makes payment for the lease of real estate to the Kirovsky urban settlement. At the same time, there are no objections to this in the address of Debut LLC from the Administration of the Kirovsky urban settlement until 09.09.2012.

09.09.2012, representatives of the Kirovsky urban settlement finally came to Debut LLC with a proposal to draw up an act of receiving a transfer of real estate at its location (Article 316 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation) belonging to the City settlement, according to what was allegedly 08.08.12 (!!! ), the Kirovsky urban settlement established a reception and acceptance commission, that is, 40 days after, according to their own proposals and paragraphs of the lease agreement for this property, the act should have already been signed, which is provided for by the Federal Law that contract to It is necessary to be executed by both parties in the manner established by law, Article 309, that everything that is indicated and written in clauses of contracts and proposals on the one hand, the other has the right to interpret in the literal sense of the word and understand it as written.

In the light of the fact that Debut LLC continued, the activity with the status of the Managing Market of the company that was not canceled by anyone and paid for the use of real estate, (as well as the lease of land to the district) not returned by the owner in their own version, Debut LLC refused to sign the act of receiving the transfer 09.09.2012g., making a statement that he considers the lease agreement to be terminated for an indefinite period, in accordance with the established norms of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and suggested to the Administration of the settlement, since the Administration insists on returning its property CTBA, conduct cancellation of the contract on the grounds that the lease has passed in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation in the status for an indefinite period, that is, offer in writing to us (the lessee) to terminate the contract and return the property in accordance with Art. 621 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, that is, with a new warning about the termination of the contract through the Arbitration Court, or after 3 months, as provided for by the law.

We tried to determine property leases in court due to the absence of landlords to sign the acceptance certificate and because of the permission for the status of the Market Management Company available before the end of the year to prove that the last contract for the property must be recognized as passed indefinitely. But it was not there. The arbitration court flatly refused to admit it. We were just in shock. Suppose I and my spouse are rebellious and do not really understand the laws. But we were able to show all the documentation on the claim for recognizing the property contract as being transferred to an indefinite period for a very large circle of people competent in these matters, lawyers and lawyers. The people were shocked by the manipulation of the norms of the Arbitration Court in favor of the person concerned - the authorities.

Despite the fact that the status of the Company’s Managing Market was issued by the District Administration from July 01, 2012 until December 31, 2012, the Administration of Kirovsky Municipal District suddenly received notice No. 2396 dated September 7, 2012, referred to in case No. A51-353 / 2013. with the proposal of VRUDRUG to return the land plot within 5 days, which is a clear violation of all legal norms and the Federal Law of the Russian Federation, about which Debut LLC announced to the representatives of the district administration, who were to draw up the Acceptance Act of the transfer of the land plot into an arbitrary dialect and the Russian Civil Code the term, although at that time there was a land lease agreement, defined as a contract concluded for an indefinite period, under the conditions which a warning and a proposal for the transfer of immovable property and termination of the contract through the courts occurs after 3 months.

Since the courts did not resolve the issues raised as of 01/01/2013, the land and property were not returned to the owners: Kirovsky municipality — land, Kirovsky urban settlement — market property, remaining in the office of Debut LLC, the district administration submitted a notice from 12.28.12 of the intention of Debut LLC in the disputed area to organize at least a fair from 01/01/2013, gave an affirmative agreement agreed upon in time, namely: until the court’s decision to return the disputed land plot to come into force the decision of the Arbitration Court.

Having organized and fulfilled all the conditions prescribed in 142 PA and 381 FZ, Debut LLC continued its activities by entering into contracts for the provision of trading places at a properly organized fair with those wishing SP conducting business in this territory. Many individual entrepreneurs, who did not enter into an agreement, according to 142 Pa and 381 FZ, paid for the use of trading places upon leaving work.

Here the Kirovskoye urban settlement again acted as a leader and began campaigning to sabotage the organizer of the Debut LLC, suggested that the individual entrepreneur did not pay for the use of trading places to Debut.

After being part of the provocative persuasion of workers of the administration of the Kirov urban settlement, namely - the head of the Duma of the Kirov urban settlement Voronin S.V. , some IPs stopped paying for the use of trading places at the fair, Debut LLC attempted to involve the police as an enforcement authority for these violations, but in response it was constantly rejected in the light of what the police considered fair activity to be illegal, but verbally to entrepreneurs explained that the documents for holding the fair at Debut LLC were duly executed and do not cause any doubts; moreover, our prosecutor’s office repeatedly denied these allegations of the illegality of the police organized by LLC “ Debut ”of the fair and issued its positive decisions on inspections on the legality of the organization in the former territory of the market of the Fair of Debut LLC, but the results from the police have not been and still aren’t. The police filed 29 applications, which remained unresolved in the framework of the Laws, and were released on the brakes in someone’s interests ...

There was not a single punishment imposed on the individual entrepreneur for violation of the articles on trade laws and for unlawful unauthorized use of trade fair places without proper payment for their use by entrepreneurs.

At this time, the police repeatedly tried to attract Debut LLC itself according to the statements of several entrepreneurs who initiated sabotage for allegedly arbitrariness and illegal organization of the fair, which they failed to do because the courts recognized our organization of the Fair in this territory as legal and in accordance with the relevant laws RF and 142 PA Primorsky Krai. With a psycho from this, the police simply threw the local courts with protocols against me and my wife. It is good that the judges are not all corrupt and there are completely normal and adequate people. We fought back from the statements on us as they could. Remembering this without moving hair remains on the head is now impossible.

In conversations, refusal to statements from Debut LLC, Mrs. Chernous AN, a police inspector. repeatedly stated that she had an order from an influential person not to touch the individual entrepreneurs themselves, not to punish them in any way, not to bring to justice, because the public is above all, even despite their collective violations of the laws.

That is, a good deed from Debut LLC on the organization of trade in the former market territory as a fair, so that entrepreneurs could somehow continue their activities legally after prohibiting the work of such - open markets under FZ 271 after 01.01. 2013, was constantly subjected to doubts by the Administration of the Kirov urban settlement, from the head of the Duma settlement, S.V. and even then from the head of the district Smirnov AG

This situation led to doubts that arose from a certain number of entrepreneurs of the former market, and most importantly, these doubts were used by the police to continuously draw up reports on Debut LLC and transfer them to the courts, on which Debut LLC won, proving the legitimacy of its activities . The system worked. People were set on us. Very good and effective method of authority. For this it is necessary to give rewards. But they get these awards here in the field for themselves, stealing and plundering the latter in the territories under their jurisdiction.

Then a court was held at the request of the Kirovskiy District Administration that we did not return the land plot, that is, under the suit, case No. А51-353 / 2013 for a warning about returning it within 5 days, which for some reason was, strangely, by the Arbitration Court satisfied violation of 610 and 621 articles of the Civil Code. The Court of Appeal also satisfies the claim of the Kirovsky district, leaving the complaint of Debut LLC without satisfaction. At the same time, the head of the ILC of the District of Shelkov, I. A. constantly reiterated to us that this issue was under control of the Vice Governor of Primorsky Territory Kutsenko himself and that he was interested in the outcome of such a decision in which the judges of the arbitration and fifth appeals courts . (!!!) That is, we were constantly hinted that the decisions of the arbitration court used the methods and results of administrative pressure and pressure. What we gradually began to convince ourselves when the decisions of the courts were paradoxical in their grounds and were not further refuted in the appellate courts. One of the lawyers of Vladivostok motivated his refusal to cooperate with us by saying that “YOU ARE ORDERED” and it’s useless to pursue the truth with your claims, no matter how much money you pay to me or any other lawyer.

And at this time, led by the urban settlement, namely the head of the city’s settlement, VORONIN S.V., who realizes that the methods of pressure on the LLC of an administrative nature were not crowned with success, decides to go a different way, that is, provocative actions to initiate and develop civil affairs, up to criminal.

Encouraged by Mr. Voronin, many individual entrepreneurs, feeling their impunity and permissiveness, behave so rampantly that they allow themselves insults to OOO Debut and its employees, both as personal statements and in general. Already openly declare that Debut LLC is nothing, no one, impostors, forged documents. Speaking together, the IP is initiating cases, for example, Case No. 5-853 / 12, Peace Court, station No. 72, trying to blame what was not, etc. It came to the point that threats to the employees of the LLC “ Debut, death threats, assaults, insults of various kinds, but when complaining about the facts of what’s happening on behalf of Debut LLC at all: prosecutors, police, courts on current events, there are articles and laws that allow citizens of the Russian Federation to behave in this way and in their actions are crimes, offenses, miraculously not revealed, which can not be said about the proceedings against the company "Debut". For less serious offenses in their composition, the World Court repeatedly issued convictions with the maximum legal punishment, which were subsequently either mitigated by the court of appeal or were canceled altogether.

The applications to the prosecutor’s office and the police that come from Debut LLC to the actions of S.V. Voronin, as a representative of the authorities engaged in inciting people to unlawful actions, the supervising authorities reply with replies that they have no right to interfere in actions Voronin C.The. there is nothing to bring him to justice.

But at this time, for the entire period of the activity of Debut LLC as the Managing Market Company since 2008 and as the Organizer of the Fair in 2013, Debut LLC, personal funds of individuals were contributed to the development and refinement of the leased property: Leshvanova and his Spouses Leshvanovo, taken as loans and paid with interest, because all 5 years, Debut LLC of the Kirovsky district administration and the urban settlement promised later to give land and market property for a long-term lease so that blowing offset these costs. But everything was nothing else - as a deception and deception from representatives of the authorities of the Kirovsky district and the Kirovsky urban settlement.

During the operation of the former market territory at Sovetskaya 61a address as a FAIR, all third-party services are required to pay for services, etc. Debut LLC was also forced to issue loans from a private person in order to deposit them into Debut LLC’s account activities fair various expenses.


Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 11:44

I worked more than a few of the authorities in this country, and I worked for the benefit of the people, and not for myself in the first place. But our valiant local AUTHORITIES, frightened by competitiveness, realizing that I disgrace them with my last popular work and show them as parasites and mediocrities, I, EVERYONE HAVE BUILT and REACHED, like the last jackals, insatiable wrung out. Wanted and wrung out. The pro-fascist creatures.

And not a single structure, neither the FSB, nor the SC, nor the FAS, nor the regional authorities, nor our valiant prosecutor’s office, even the general one, did anything to help me in this story to do something according to the laws of this country. your rights ... Blind or links in one chain? No, they don't care about people. They have their own business everywhere.

All of them, provoking and helping in the destruction of me and my business, were silent and covered the bespredelshchik from local governments. And the population that was zombied by our power was all indifferent when THIS OUR power and our courts, with the judges who were often overwhelmed with it, were destroyed and smashed on all fronts ... The main thing for the people is to snatch the spectacles and stay away from them, crap from fear, but not in the subject. But what a spectacle - Leshvanov's scraper !!! Creatures ...

Understand that they will suffer after me and they, that they will be next, all the silent "observers" of bullying me, our cattle did not have enough brains. Now everyone who licks the ass of power at least a little bit is usually underdeveloped in many ways, zombie and silent - a cowardly little man, often overwhelmed to the limit, because he knows about the cover up of such rudeness by parasites from structures. And ordinary and ordinary people for our power are the cattle, into which in this country they have been turned into the stupid and blanker laws of mediocrity from the power of our country ...

My LLC Debut from 2008 to December 31, 2012 was the Managing Market Company in Kirovsky, Kirovsky District, Primorsky Territory on ul. Soviet 61a. For 2013, Debut LLC did not receive under Federal Law - 271 “On Markets” the status of a Market Management Company due to some “blanking” and “inconsistencies” of the laws of our country. And this was not due to the impossibility from the LLC itself, but because of the illegal and cunning actions of the two administrations - the district and village in the Kirov district of the Primorsky Territory.

Since October 2011, it was after the transfer of the market property by the former owner, the Kirovsky Municipal District Administration, to the ownership of the Kirovsky City Settlement, by the Kirovsky City Settlement, a wave of illegal measures were initiated to expel and survive from this territory of my Debut LLC as it turned out later, in favor of another legal entity subject to the administration of the settlement itself - Smena LLC, which, later on, was gradually reborn as a strange Thus, in MUP "Fair" under the Administration of the Kirov urban settlement. Apparently Shishkov well for this, unfastened Lozovsky or Voronin. Not bad…

At the same time, the Administration of the Kirovsky urban settlement did not have LAWFUL grounds for “debilitating” LLC “Debut”, based on any reasons or a different rule of law. They did not exist. All the methods of such "work" of the valiant "people's choices" to achieve the only goal - to remove LLC Debut, were visible with the naked eye to all the controlling and law enforcement agencies of our district. But no body has stopped these illegal actions. Ssali or were in share.

On the methods and facts of such “oppression”, illegal destruction of a legal entity, lawlessness of representatives of the Administration of the Kirovsky urban settlement, I, on behalf of Debut LLC, sent statements and notifications in a huge mass to all instances regularly, starting in October 2011. A large number of applications were sent, including to the prosecutor's office of the Kirov district, with a full and detailed description of the illegal actions of representatives of the Administration of the Kirovsky urban settlement.

The most important and terrible nuance of all illegal activities of the Kirovsky urban settlement Administration is the involvement of amateurs in the “games” against Debut LLC - entrepreneurs of the former market and outsiders, both for the market itself and for the Administration itself (speech about “activist” Hakobyan and his ilk, and there were many).
But an even more important nuance of all illegal activities of the Administration of the Kirov urban settlement is the “stubbornness” of bodies and structures whose task in such cases is to prevent lawlessness, to monitor the legality of the activities of the Administration and the legality of its methods. But they stubbornly "did not notice anything." A flock ... Yes, and the idiotic laws of our Russian authorities gave them reason to do nothing in this regard.

They, our valiant bodies — the police, the prosecutor’s office, our local “humane” courts, mostly replied in their responses, pretending that nothing had been revealed, that nothing was confirmed, that nothing wrongful in the actions of the Settlement Administration against Debut ”From the statements of Debut LLC they do not reveal. I speak - one gang watering of drones and "thieves in law".

The prosecutor's office acted only "correctly." According to its rank, it is supposed to cover the “backs” of our local authorities, those who come to power not with pain for the assigned task of maintaining the living conditions of their population, but only to steal more, to impale, drag, destroy, bend under themselves or under their approximate "and then slip away with impunity, but away.

There are a great many examples from the echelons of the Primorsky and our regional authorities, and they are a vivid example for the actions of our “gods of lower rank” in the localities. What is happening. Since the prosecutor's office "feeds" also from the same feeder as the power itself - drags and squander everything that is possible, then it does not "DEMAND". It is not allowed for the controlling structures to “bark” at local government before the “chosen” people.

In early 2012, the Administration of the Kirov urban settlement, represented by the head of the administration Lozovskikh S.A. and the head of the Duma settlement, SV Voronin, began violently and lawlessly carrying out a number of activities aimed at the destruction of Debut LLC, exclusively using illegal methods of administrative pressure, misleading the population, bringing entrepreneurs to sabotage actions against my LLC.

In the matter went and: the preparation of obviously false and forged statements on the LLC; holding non-legitimate and illegal events (meetings) with entrepreneurs; consideration of alleged claims (fabricated) to the LLC from the entrepreneurs; dismantling the alleged violations of my LLC as a market managing company, as well as the organizer of the fair from 01/01/2013 to 07.06.2013. They organized an ordinary standard set of nasty things and measures to achieve their goals, which have long proven themselves in our country as "ordinary and standard legal methods" to cut "objectionable" authorities of businesses and "disagree" with the authorities of individuals.

These events, conducted under the direction of the Administration of the Kirov urban settlement, according to the laws of the Russian Federation were a gross violation of Article 11 of paragraph 3, Article 13 of paragraph 1, Article 13 of Article 2, Article 14, Article 15 of paragraph 3, 4 , Article 16, paragraph 3, Article 17, Article 18 of the Federal Law 209 of July 24, 2007 “On the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in the Russian Federation”, and not only these.

Debut LLC was unable to prepare the market for the entry into force of Art. 24 FZ 271 due to the lack of a legal basis for carrying out any construction work on the territory, since short-term contracts for memory and property did not give such a right. And it was quite possible for my LLC to prepare the market by 01/01/2013. And WE GUARANTEEED THIS, if elementary conditions were created for this - permission and a longer lease of the memory and property of that fucking market. That is, the Administrations of the district and the settlements of SAMI were not interested in creating favorable conditions for individual entrepreneurs trading in the territory with Sovetskaya address 61a, and Debut LLC was guilty - it did not prepare, allegedly, the market by January 1, 2013 under the Federal Law - 271. Convenient position, is not it - an obstacle to action and then the "switchman" - LLC "Debut" to blame for all sins. In the Russian language there is a definition for this - chameleonism, and according to normative definitions - this is “a system of manipulating norms in the right direction”.

The administration of the Kirovsky municipal district since the beginning of leasing the property of this market - since 05.05.2008, has concluded with Debut LLC ONLY (!!!) short-term contracts. All property contracts were executed through the Administration of the Kirovsky urban settlement. Here's another question - WHY EXACTLY?

The property of that market was for some reason transferred by the Administration of the Kirovsky Municipal Formation to the settlement for free use, and only then the Administration of the Kirovsky urban settlement transferred this property to my LLC Debut.

At the same time, no rule of law prohibiting the very Administration of the Kirovsky municipal district to lease this property directly to Debut LLC did not exist. The reasons for such property manipulations are known and clearly illegal. But even in this our valiant prosecutor's office of three levels, from the district to the GENERAL, HAS NEVER EVERAGED ANYTHING AND DECLARED ANY ILLEGAL PART IN THIS FACT. They do not bite their own. A flock? Yeah ...

But on the other hand, both Administrations had a powerful reason for the refusal of Debut LLC in concluding rental relations for this property of this market for a long-term lease, based on the manipulation of an enormous number of laws of the Russian Federation, including the LAWS for supporting small and medium-sized businesses in the country. They wanted to sneeze on the support from the high bell tower ...

Applications from Debut LLC with requests to enter into a long-term market property rental agreement, guaranteeing huge and financial investments in that ill-fated market and, for the most part, own funds of Debut LLC itself, the Administration of Kirovsky urban settlement responded obstinately about that the property of the market is not hers and that it does not have the right to give it for a long-term lease. Cunning move, isn't it?

And the owner of this property of the market, the Administration of the Kirovsky Municipal District, for such requests to conclude a contract for renting the property of the market on a long-term basis, guaranteeing huge financial investments, mostly from the founder’s own funds, Debut LLC, responded in the same style, of the type - the property is in use by the Administration of the Kirovsky urban settlement, which also does not allow concluding a long-term lease with Debut LLC. Such reasons for refusals were so ridiculous that it was clear that a “divorce from the grandmother” of me (Leshvanov) had been planned by them immediately and for a long time.

In other words - the Administration of the Kirovsky Municipal District introduced me, in the person of the director of Debut LLC, from the very start of leasing this property to the market, for the deliberate, subsequently, theft I have everything that I owe to the received status of the Market Management Company rotten and dilapidated property of this market during the period of its activity on it, knowing my good faith and commitment.

Conclusion: the next idiot was bred to the headstock, using the imperfection and idiocy of our Russian laws and their unfinishedness, not joining between them and the blanking.

The settlement, as a result of the dirty war against my LLC, returned to itself the former market, completed by the efforts of Debut LLC and the entrepreneurs, which then became the type of FAIR, gave a little dough into the pockets of the MUP founder, Lozovsky with Voronin, and then completely disappeared in the mud and the mess of the whole territory.

And no one wanted to stop them in this dirty war. Because Mr. Lozovskikh S.A. and Mr. Voronin S.V. We strongly wanted another bribe and income from the use of the former market. And what did the settlers and Ipshechnikas receive as saboteurs? But in the end - he came to the territory of the former market, under the patronage of the settlers, a mess, mud, lawlessness and mass violations of all conceivable and inconceivable laws of the Russian Federation. And now no one sees and does not notice. Even the district ADMCommission does not see anything there. All urgently blind and stupefied into two halves of the brain. Abcess they went to the fullest. Apparently this is such an epidemic in them from cerebral overworking.

And how do our local authorities conceal everything that concerns the current ORGANIZATION called MUP "Fair", that same former Second Managing Market Company (URC) from the second market in the village - Smena LLC, which now, it seems, works from The name of the administration, but how and why exactly this MUP and the almost illegal former LLC Shka suddenly became a municipal entity - no one even asked. The motorcade ... Everything is like everyone else and everywhere in power - to snatch, saw, rob and squeeze. And do not go to the grandmother. And after us - at least later.

At the same time, when someone from the powerful, it is necessary to stump someone, all state bodies, all punishing organizations of the state, including the courts, are actively tackling the destruction tactically and step by step, thoughtfully, purposefully and purposefully against such a person, what happened with my company "Debut". Against my LLC were involved all the organs and authorities: the police, the prosecutor's office, the courts. And they, where necessary (for the authorities), were silent about, where necessary, reared and shook Debut LLC as sticky, in order to quickly make room for the right people and interested in this business. What quickly snatch a tasty morsel for thefts and pockets.

At the same time, no one wanted to draw attention to the cries for help that shone LLC Debut (I) to all instances, because power is power and one seat (person) in a good place (position) covers up another, because as it is - links in one chain, and if you pull one link, the whole chain of unlimited lawlessness will fall apart.

And when people get used to idleness and idleness, they get used to the fact that you can get a salary without doing anything, and you don’t want to change anything, and you don’t want to work in a habit that is better and easier for them? CORRECTLY - TO REMOVE the cause and hindrance, which, like an annoying fly, does not allow to live peacefully with its examples.

In a word - the bureaucrats in our power have shown themselves to be greedy and cowardly, wolves, a pack of lawless ones. BUT in this country it is impossible to prove IT! The guarantee of our local government is already at the level of the laws of our highest fascist power.

4 years of war with LLC Debut of the settlement administration did their job ... Methods? Methods were used EVERYTHING for which they had enough imagination. And all the structures were involved, with which they had contact and contacts at least a little, all that was possible was the prosecutor's office, the police, the courts (local) and even ARBITRAGE itself.

Judging by the responses received to my heap of statements from the prosecutor’s office of the Kirovsky district, from the prosecutor’s office of Primorsky Krai, as well as from the answers of the prosecutor’s office of Primorsky krai and the prosecutor’s office of Kirovsky district, according to the application sent to the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation, all the above-mentioned prosecutors didn’t want to “THINK” "Of all pages of my references. As a matter of fact, I don’t see all the responses I received, not a single word, not a single phrase, or a formal reply to the statements and appeals sent to them. It is understandable. The state has given the prosecutor’s office the function of not detecting violations of laws, but the most convenient way is to perform the functions of the “Post Office of the RF Post”, which the prosecutor’s office successfully does.

The main leitmotif of all the responses of prosecutors was - it was their horror at the magnitude of such statements and their applications (not less than 25 pages of the initial statement itself, up to 40 pages - statements to the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation and nearly 60 applications over 200 pages).

But for the most part, the responses received, for some reason, was information that was absolutely not in the essence of my statements themselves, but about anything that did not concern the statements themselves. For example: about the initiation of an investigation into the theft of part of the documents of Debut LLC from my car, and in the reply of the Primorsky Prosecutor’s Office, for some reason, informative certificates about violations during the construction of the gas pipeline and an analytical report about claims of Debut in the Arbitration Court are attached. What for? Pretend to be working? Judging by the fact that both the state and its structures have long been treated as “idiots” and “cattle” by the people of this country, the prosecutor’s office did NOT RESPOND IN SUBSTANCE. "Unsubscribed." Once our prosecutor's office to deal with such nonsense. Her business is more important and more global.

Thus, it seems that the prosecution authorities, artificially evading the proceedings on the substance of the questions raised in my statements, once again, for the “importance” and “weight” of their answers, made decisions on conducting any outside litigation on absolutely extraneous problems, not which is the main text of my statements. It was felt that the prosecutors ’employees poked their fingers with their eyes closed at any place of my statement and after reading one column, took the essence of this column for the feigned work of“ disassembling flights ”, taking this place from under the finger for the reason for the answer in essence.

Our valiant prosecutor's office did not see anything in this aspect, did not react to the instructions in this direction in the statements from Debut LLC. It was clear that, hiding behind the provision on non-interference of the prosecutor’s office, it was easier for the prosecutor’s office to write to the economic activities of business organizations that NOTHING IS ANYTHING AND HAS BEEN DETECTED.

In most cases, the prosecutor's office has never been found at least the most elementary: Article 169 (Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Hindering legitimate business or other activities. Weak? No, pack ...


And the problem was not in Leshvanov, but in the stubbornness of the bodies responsible for it, and that those who HAVE TO ENSURE LEGALITY and normal conditions FOR entrepreneurial activity actually turned out to be “protectors” of illegal actions to suppress legal activity and LLC MOST "Debut" and market entrepreneurs. And at the same time it was the prosecutor's office that the SETTLEMENT was obliged to help, and not to fix such obstacles. The prosecutor's office, as it should be, NOTHATED ANYTHING. Interestingly, in the prosecutor's office, everyone believes that they are working out their salaries, which, by the way, are paid by the state from our taxes, legally and honestly? At the same time constantly NOTHATING NOTHING? And it was present in all the responses to appeals on the part of attempts to protect my business and my right to be heard and supported by the authorities and structures of the authorities on the basis of the laws and my constitutional rights.


Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 15:01

/ below is a part of good materials from the network about life in the country and about the results of Putin's rule /

We are waiting for the promised power of life, socialism, sociality from the current government? Do not make me laugh. What nobility from the power that robbed the country can be for the people?

Building a welfare state in the conditions of an imperialist socio-economic formation is a utopia, or a blatant lie. And this great delusion is even recorded in our Constitution.

Today, the word imperialism and the state structures created on this concept have cleverly replaced the word oligarchic capital, with its transnational corporations. And it seems like they are struggling with or trying to reform it all over the world. But the oligarchy is not a child. She also tries to mimic, take other forms to continue to rule the world.

We nod toward the economic west, comparing our lives. And there is a global crisis, the left movement is growing. People in the west became unhappy with their social model, which they used to be proud of. Our "experts" in this field are cursing in front of us, they are mistaken in trifles, and in the main they are also mistaken, although they say many of the right things. No new projects, change of government and new ideas will not bring down the oligarchy in Russia. She just mimics. In place of the old government of the Nazis will come new.

Cutting the roots of the oligarchy can only change the course of socio-economic formation, leaving the field for small and in some areas of medium-sized businesses. But the government will never do that. It doesn't even stutter about it. It even fights against it in invisible ways (laws and norms distorted on purpose and imperceptibly). Therefore, we roll into the abyss over the past years. And for the people such power will always find the reasons and explanations for our “failures” and shit, in which we have already plunged with a head that idiots and bydlomrasi from the people stupidly believe.

You can certainly talk for a long time not the topic of genocide or ethnocide of nations. But the essence is one, it can be described in two words: only two percent of the population lives in Russia from the entire globe, and we produce and supply raw materials such as wood, metal, rare earth and precious metals, oil, gas, and almost everything - 40 % percent of the world. But IT ALL brings us no benefit. Everything is stolen and taken away by offshore. What does it look like? That's right - ordinary fascism.

It begs the question where is the money, Zin? For such a percentage of Navar from sales of raw materials of the country, we, the Russian people, should eat, sleep and generally live in gold houses covered with platinum. But, instead, 90% of Russian people are beggars. No need to be with two spans in the forehead, that would understand what we are not just robbed, but in fact - destroyed.

The last thing left against us is to arrange a bloody war in order to finally take our land from us, where everything is ours by birth and inheritance. We are already being robbed by taxes, payments, fines, excise taxes and other fees. And this is not the limit.

Russia is our land and we are not obliged to live according to someone else’s idiotic rules. Probably it's time to change something, plant the culprits. To tolerate all this is not no strength, no desire. Life is one and it is stupid to waste it on brainless marauders in power. Sometimes it is thought that it is better to die than live and fear that in the next month you will not be paid a salary, your pension will be evicted for your debts from the last dwelling, and children and grandchildren will be sent to an orphanage. Maybe it's time to start, at least, to tell the truth?

The complete failure of the country, its households, industry, economy, social sphere has already come. Everything is plundered. The country is rotting and collapsing. Structures and means to repair or restore there. The state has no desire and ability to do this. Leadership men only think about their "businesses". There is no opportunity to simply control housing and public utilities and other economic parts of the country, all control over the entire economy of the country in our country has been systematically destroyed.

All the "economy" is driven into a real out, this is when everyone in all sharagah control themselves and their activities. How many entrances have collapsed? We are waiting for entire houses collapsed for no reason. Soon. Three - four years left. No more. Of course, such accidents, as usual, will be issued to us as occurring due to a gas explosion, structural failure, and other garbage that has already been used to justify such collapses.

Truths will never be told. Everything is being done, various “fairy tales” are being invented, just not to voice the truth that the country's economy is on the verge of disaster and the collapse is already close.

I sincerely sympathize with all the people who by will and not will have become hostages of the current system, where, in fact, they rule the feast of "mediocrity", "inhumans", with misanthropic slogans, but with names and patronymic "on hearing", whose actions are the catalyst for a riot and so drunk - a half-drunk people, purposefully soldered and zombie by these anti-people rulers. It is bitter that the Russians have lost their spirituality, and with it all the advantages of ennobling a person. It is bitter to realize that, having reached this stage of ignorance, most of those who acquaint themselves with the Russian people do not like not their strangers, have lost the measure of discrimination between good and evil, they are ready to betray, sell, kill and drink the blood of their close people. There was a complete amoralization of all that is valuable in man.

Correction of such reality is possible only by honest, mass exposition of the real visibility on Russians from the side, but not the purpose of contempt, but with the hope that at least a large part of the population of the country will be able to realize the bitterness of this truth, and every person will make an effort to get out of the darkness of ignorance. But for this, each Russian citizen needs to have a strong spirit and spiritual values, or to revive them in himself, regardless of external forces.

If Russia is a great country, then why:

- its vaunted, notorious GDP is less than 2% of the world?
- is the level of corruption higher than in Honduras or Pakistan?
- in 18 years of a happy “rising from its knees”, its population has decreased by 4 million people - and this is even despite the 4.2 million migrants who came to Russia during the same period?
- average life expectancy is less than 67 years - is 136th in the world, even less than in the war-torn Iraq?
- is the mortality rate in it the same as in the backward and poorest African countries - Somalia and Swaziland?
- only from alcoholism and substitutes poisoning in it ANNUALLY over 0.5 million people die?
- with a population of less than 20% of the pan-European, it accounts for 60% (more than 13,000) of intentional homicides committed annually in ALL of Europe - and only 40% are for all other European countries combined?
- the level of suicide among our children and adolescents by 3 times higher than the world average?
- it has more than 700,000 orphans and their number is increasing annually by 113,000? For comparison, in the "spiritless" USA there is not a single orphan child who lives in a shelter all the time, like in a Russian orphanage. NOT ONE!
- every fifth Russian is forced to drag out existence beyond the official poverty line?
- basic amenities - plumbing, sewage, heating, bath / shower, gas and hot water - less than 13% of its housing stock?
- the quality of roads IN THE CITY DAMN, where they are at least engaged: 50% - unsatisfactory, 39% - satisfactory and only 11% - good?
- in 18 years of “rising from her knees” she gave the world only three Nobel laureates out of 185 - and of those two received an award for the work of bygone years? For comparison, over the same period: USA 89, UK 20, Japan 15, small Israel 8.
- in terms of computerization (43 computers per 1000 people) it was overtaken by Papua - New Guinea, and the nearest neighbors who "rose from their knees" in the corresponding rating were Venezuela, Fiji and Jamaica?

And there are many, many "if - why" rhetorically tearing up the remains of a cotton brain and causing an acute attack of rabies and sputtering of saliva. Try to refute at least one of the above facts. Not hysterical "vyfsevёrti", but with the indispensable reference to a source of credible. It goes without saying that Kiselevshchina and other Russoagitprop should not be offered. I summarize the above written with a remarkable quote from one person: “I will repeat a hundred times: the greatness of the country is determined not by rockets and not satellites, not covered by the Yenisei and not even by the ballet Swan Lake, but by the greatness of its ordinary citizens.” (with)

Russia, according to UN statistics, occupies:

1st place in the world in the production and export of natural gas (35% of world production).
1st place in the world in terms of natural resources.
1st place in the world in terms of reserves and physical volume of diamond exports and 2nd place in terms of their production.
2nd place in the world in explored reserves of platinum and
1st place in its exports.
1st place in the world in proven reserves of silver.
2nd place in the world in proven gold reserves.
1st place in the world in explored reserves of coal (23% of world coal reserves).
1st place in the world in forest resources (23% of world forest reserves).
1st place in the world in terms of drinking water.
1st place in the world in sturgeon, crabs, pollock stocks in the 200-mile economic zone.
1st place in the world in explored reserves of tin, zinc, titanium, niobium.
1st place in the world in the export of nitrogen fertilizers.
1st place in the world in peat reserves.
1st place in the world in terms of growth in the number of dollar billionaires and 2nd place in terms of the number of dollar billionaires (after the USA).

And again, ahead of the rest:
1st place in the world in the number of suicides among elderly people, children and adolescents.
1st place in the world in the number of divorces and children born out of wedlock.
1st place in the world in the number of abortions and the number of children abandoned by their parents.
1st place in the world by absolute loss of population.
1st place in the world in consumption of alcohol and alcohol-containing products.
1st place in the world for the sale of spirits
1st place in the world for the sale of tobacco
1st place in the world in the number of deaths from alcoholism and tobacco smoking.
1st place in the world in mortality from diseases of the cardiovascular system.
2nd place in the world in sales of fake drugs.
1st place in the world for the consumption of heroin (21% of world production)
1st place in the world in the number of AVIACATASTROPH (13 times more than the world average)

- 67th place in the world in terms of life
- 71st place in the world in terms of human development.
- 72nd place in the world according to the rating of state expenditures per citizen
- 127th place in the world in terms of population health
- 111th place in the world in life expectancy
- 134th place in the world in life expectancy for men
- 159th place in the world in terms of political rights and freedoms.

This country will die out completely with the complete silence of its inhabitants before death, because they no longer know how to resent and speak out about intolerance, or it will be saved by famine and rebellion, which the people themselves will start against their fascist rule. Or maybe even, God forbid, a civil war that will help all these blind, brainless and zazombated unhappy to see the light, can even be cured of the zombie syndrome and can even wise up, finally realizing that all of them themselves were robbed , humiliated, oppressed, spread rot and duped, but it is easier to say: slowly, purposefully and slyly destroyed like garbage! Perhaps when a dull-witted dolbanot is well on the head, when they see all the bubbly "greatness" and "prosperity" of the country in ruins and on a hunger strike, then it may become wiser. The self-preservation sleep mode will turn on and they will then start fighting for survival and will clear the country of this smelly, decaying fascism entrenched in the Kremlin! That's just the question - when? After all, the machine of destruction of the people of the country in power works without stopping. Kromsat. Not chewing spits out all new and new sawdust of the groundless, mindless people of the former great country of RUSSIA!


Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 15:01

Distrust grows and collapse of the system is inevitable

The country approached the final collapse of the entire system, the catastrophe, the collapse of the social sphere, the collapse of the power of the economy, the economic structure, the destruction of the entire housing and utilities sector and industry. She will never achieve greatness and grandeur, everything is lowered "on the brakes", everything is neglected in the part of the norms, in the part of the laws and in the part of the government’s attitude to the people. Yes, and lift the greatness is not on anything. In an empty place of greatness you will not achieve. The view of the "beautiful and comfortable" latrine does not prove that, having come out of it, you can surely end up in a beautiful and convenient place, yard or house. The insanity and the idiocy of the local authorities and especially "in the outback" has reached its limit. All power went into the mode of "spinning", "cutting", "protection", the raider and theft from themselves and from people only for themselves and only. It can be seen that in our dashing 90 meters our power suffers. Looks like they really want and banditry in the country and that people live in fear and lawlessness.

From this, certain conclusions suggest themselves:
a) Ordinary people are slowly “dumbing”, and intelligent people no longer believe in anything (living conditions, hopelessness, indifference, panic, etc.) lead to this.
b) THE "UNLAWFUL" OF THE LAWS has reached the limit, the laws are blanker, the constitution has long been somewhere far away, in local authority and among those who are "far away" - neither honor, nor conscience, nor nobility, nor respect.
c) It is precisely the “rulers” of any level that benefit the “idiotic” population that we have been made in this country (rednecks, idiots, stupid, etc.). With such people it is easier to lie and steal left - right, pour noodles on the ears about the "good life" from the blue and through Kiselyov ..
d) The laws of this country for 99% of the population itself do not work. They work in one direction - on power, on “gods”, on “Aligarhs”, thieves and gangsters of “local spill” and larger ones). Who else believes in the legality of our laws ?.
e) A strong opinion suggests itself: the government of the country should be spit upon the people. The authorities do not even want to know the truth about the life of the people. They TAM do not believe the terrible conditions of life of the people in the country? Most likely, they “pretend to be” that they do not know about miserable pensions, non-payment, delays, black-and-white payment system. But on the other hand, they continue to spend on their super expenses, on the entertainment of the haves, on resorts, shows, contests, in full view of the whole country. All THEY know.
e) People are transformed into "idiots" and "idiots" prove that they become, for example, that they laugh at themselves, break their heads, break their ribs, die in accidents and other horrors of reality (YouTube and social networks)
g) The current generation of young people, for the most part, coming to life is terrible, created “to order” by the lawlessness of this country, it is completely without honor and conscience (porn in schools, naked on prom, insolence in communication, completely stupid, Schools - zero, in the head only one thing - money)
h) We, for the most part, are already silent about the bullying of us, everyone is busy with his own problems. That is, the people themselves support the mockery of the people. The "herd" system is broken. We are scattered.
i) Harassment of sensible and "thinking" is established to the fullest and is supported by the system itself. Mass evidence ...
k) TV and all mass media work only in one direction - the bloating of opinions about the country - that everything in it is zashib and everything is great (series about cool cops, all revealing prosecutors, rich buratin, fools from villages that have become queens in Moscow and so on. d.)
l) "Kings and haves" have lost all shame in spreading information about their "achievements and magnificent life", forgetting that they all have IT at the expense of dying retirees and the hungry inhabitants of this country (castles, cars, habitats and recreation, servants, security, etc.).
m) People are constantly being thrown into “distractions”, whose task is not to let people think about what is truly happening in the country (Crimea, olympiads, corrupt and criminal 100% sports, contests, festivals, etc.)
m) It is the created conditions of lawlessness in the country that help to “distract” people from the realities of life, from lawlessness and lawlessness, from the inaction of the haves, from constant deception of people in everything that is possible (taxes, bribes, attacks of structures, prices, tariffs, thefts of millions and stuff. stuff ...)
Does someone else believe that normal people believe the Russian federal media, the government of the Russian Federation, and HE (the king) itself?

Who else thinks that people still believe in -

- that Putin and Medvedev honestly plow like slaves in galleys?
- that Russia do not care for sanctions, and Europe is bent from them?
- in full import substitution?
- in the revival of the Russian army?
- in the success of our defense industry?
- to the fact that in Russia there is a real fight against corruption?
- that in Russia officials "almost" do not steal?
- to fair courts and the rule of law in Russia?
- in honest policemen in Russia?
- that in Russia the best education?
- that in Russia the best health care?
- in honest deputies from the EP?
- a ban on the Russian language in the former socialist republics?
- that the Maidan-a product of the US State Department, and not a protest of the people?
- in "voentorgi" and in all worn weapons?
- in that, the Russian Beech did not beat down the Malaysian Boeing?
- to the fact that the Russian Federation did not send "specialists" at all stages of the "Russian spring"?
- to the “ikhtamnetu” and the fact that the Russian Federation did not introduce its troops into the Donbass by large subdivisions?

If someone else believes in any of the above, then it can only be down. And if he believes in much or almost everything, then the level of such daunism is simply the maximum and an insult such as “you are licking your ass to Putin” even for some kind of insult for such, since they are just without a brain!

Any sane person should understand that the most powerful propaganda ministry in its "plants, factories and small shops and shopkeepers" works every day and every hour in the Russian Federation. And if someone is a reasonable person, he must finally begin to understand the difference between a journalist and propagandon.

And seeing this enormous monstrous process and the mechanism of false inhuman propaganda, it is true that now culturally it has begun to use the phrase of those whore, the propagandons, and the train way of the phrase about licking their faces in any form. And therefore, the use of any offensive term in the address of the rulers of the Russian Federation is not prohibited in use even in childhood, because even this word cannot characterize the whole of the vile and deceitful essence of government!

Do any of us now stop on the road in order to throw away from it a pebble, a board, a piece of piece of iron, from which people may even die? And when was the last time we approached someone else’s child in the yard and told him that breaking the sandbox was bad and that it wasn’t right? And when was the last time they told their rulers that they had been mocking us for 25 years? How many times in our life we ​​have not passed by the freaks beating the weak? Have we ever said that we know and saw who dumped a ton of garbage near the river right on the beach? Have we even given one freak in the face for this? Have we even told one judge directly in his eyes that he is a corrupt creature?

We are also for the joy when someone has problems. We're stuck with the pleasure of the failures of our neighbor, neighbor, friend. We admire the people who robbed us and made beggars in a great and prosperous country before. We are silent that we are robbed and humiliated by laws, that we are judged by corrupt courts. We are silent and tolerate any mockery of us by cops, judges, prosecutors and other trash out of power. We are terpily ...


Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 15:02


Laziness, the lack of the ability to think and predict at least three days in advance are all characteristics of those “RossEyans” who do not go to the polls. It doesn’t fit in my head, how can you live in poverty yourself and poke your children into poverty, not wanting to change the situation ?! Too lazy ass tear off and vote? Dudayev once said: THE SLAVER NOT WISHING TO STOP TO BE A SLAVE, EFFICIENT SLAVERY DOUBLE. Very true to say. The Russians get what they deserve. But it is a great pity that those who vote on the call of the heart also fall under the distribution.

All the inhabitants of our vast and inexplicable are in a state of permanent reconstruction, reincarnation, transformation, mutation, trepanation, modification, perestrubatsii, treason, reincarnation and chaotic dynamic perdimonoklya with shifts and driving the roof to and fro.

Based on what is happening in the country, it turns out that loving a billionaire in power, licking his oligarchs friends, fearing the security services and guards guarding them, admiring their yachts, palaces, nurture and praise the Chinese who settled in Siberia and the Far East - this is PATRIOTISM!

And to talk about the degradation of education, poverty, unemployment, lack of production, terrifying mortality, collapsing polyclinics, hungry and freezing pensioners, prison terms for a picture, this is already - CHARITY!

My acquaintance was such a “correct” one in the past - try to say that there is lawlessness in our country! What began! Our leader is God, we go forward for him, everything will be fine only with him, it will be even better only with him. With him - full of zashib in the country ... How many did not say to him, open your eyes, yes we are fine only "like" and only "bye". And the fact that we are fed with shit, that we are already in last place in terms of mortality, but we don’t think about bribes, but about the bureaucrats who can transfer the floor to a stop and nothing will happen to them? Where there. And did not want to listen. But, unfortunately, life teaches and it is very unfortunate that more often it is you, and not your neighbor. Identified oncology. He and his wife, starting in spring, once a week traveled to the oncologic dispensary, but still undergoing tests, and they were milked, milked, milked and eventually reached off ... everything was late. And how else - if the tests 4 months passed. He saw his wife rushing with him, asked the doctors on her knees - so that they could do everything quickly, sell everything from home, pay and pay. While dying, he cursed both this power and the shit in the organs and structures that brought this country to shit. There is already Vitka. Nope and Leshki and others. They were not even 50. Not reached.

So it would be necessary to beware, something can happen that soon a similar fate will befall everyone. What you have created yourself or silently watched the creation - in fact we will drown. We must look not at how we live now, but a little deeper. And not on how a neighbor, having 42 years of experience, gets on a par with the drunk "Minimal". Yes, she was not an engineer. But do you think those people who wiped their asses to our children in the kindergarten or brought us a ship in the hospital - are they second-rate? No matter what, you need to look wider, understanding and feeling everything. Start to understand it all!
Our people, not going to the polls do not surrender? I do not think. On the contrary - the people only accelerate their final enslavement with distrust, which will be used as it should be by someone, and not as much as the people want!
We will congratulate everyone on the "fair" victory, which will be achieved with the help of stuffing from poor teachers in the electoral commissions and hired sales scum. Just think, 99% of all electoral violations were committed by the United Russia party, which would later call itself the beloved people of the party.

"Do what should be, and let it be what someone needs?" - An interesting and wise postulate.

After what may happen at the elections - Putin’s choice for the next 6 years, the omnipotent story will sign on the volume with the case, stamp and put it on the shelf. And the plundering of the country will continue on its way.

I agree with those who believe that the results of the elections with prokidy and fraud are disgusting for all its participants minus those who blow bubbles and cheerfully, though not quite articulately mumbles, but even that is not for long. Let them make little mistakes.

The turnout of 40-50% is a low figure. According to preliminary data, only 40-50% of Russians will take part in the elections against 60% in 11 g. This is the lowest level of participation since 1993 (55%). It is low and by international standards - the average voter turnout for the 2014–2016 elections was 55% in Eastern European countries, and 65% in the world over the same period. Thus, a weak turnout, on the one hand, indicates that the population as a whole seems to support pro-government policies, which, in the opinion of many, does not require additional confirmation through voting. On the other hand, the aggressive reaction of the country's leadership to the protest sentiments of 2011-17. caused disappointment in the middle class, and the low turnout of this part of the population is explained by this kind of protest reaction.

Statistics from polling stations on which polling stations Pavel Grudinin gained more votes and which ones less.
68.18% of votes for Grudinina. In Iran!

Gudinin won elections at a polling station in the Iranian city of Rasht - 75 people voted for him. Only 34 people voted for Putin - this is the only foreign area where he lost.

On the 1396 precinct in the Moscow region, Grudinin gained 66.65% of the vote — 1,141 votes were cast for him, and 501 for Putin. In the neighboring 1305th polling station, the candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation also overtook the current president. True, both of these sites are located on the territory of the village of Sovkhoz Lenin.

In relative numbers, the best result of Grudinina is 80% at one of the sites in Primorye. True, this is 16 votes.
53709 canceled ballots in Ukraine

Ukrainian law enforcement agencies did not allow Russian citizens to vote in the presidential elections; only members of the Russian diplomatic mission were allowed to go to the polling stations. As a result, 376 people were able to vote, 323 of them chose Putin. For Sergei Baburin, one person cast his vote. Tens of thousands of prepared bulletins had to be redeemed.

100% of the Russian military in Syria voted for Putin. Anyway, so says Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov. If you look at the official results for the only site in Syria in Damascus, Putin has a little more than 84.45%. In second place are spoiled ballots (7%), and in third place is Vladimir Zhirinovsky (3.57%). It is not very clear exactly how Pankov managed to find out that all the military and military personnel in Syria voted for Putin.

And the last. At 205 polling stations, 100% of the voters voted for Putin. Of these, 47 sites - in Dagestan, 26 - in St. Petersburg. In Chechnya, where Putin traditionally collects a lot of votes, there is not a single “100%” PEC


Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 15:02


By virtue of the fact that the State Duma is not the final legislative body and the laws adopted by it are not final in their form and content, federal and other laws acquire the finality of the form and content after passing through crimes, judicial decisions, rulings, but that again, contrary to the Constitution of the Russian Federation in that part of it, that the courts are the judicial system of the Russian Federation. The judicial authority of the Russian Federation does not have the right to initiate legislation outside its jurisdiction, where the latter is also questioned, as well as the saving of Russia's material, social, temporary, and public resources, as well as a misunderstanding by the deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and the legislative power in relation to the other, all this together points to the senselessness and therefore one can decide to abolish such an institution of state and public administration as the State Duma of the Russian Federation. All other functions of the State Duma are duplicated by other authorities.

In a normal and decent country would do the following:
1. Would cancel the elections to the State Duma
2. Would abolish the State Duma as a legislative body
3. Would form the legal and organizational basis for the creation and actions like the People’s Assembly
4. Consider a different name for a new legislative body of the country. It would be possible to name - the National Cathedral of Russia
5. Would create not selected, but hired professional expert commission on evaluation and urgent change and correction of already stamped laws
6. Would suspend the actions of all the laws that came out until the end of the determination of their usefulness

And the masses of teachers in the elections will be forced to make mass throw-ins because they are intimidated by the authorities and for the sake of monetary reward. The case will do and the system will work. The people were smashed to the fullest, every man for himself and considers his own pennies in his pocket, and this was achieved in the country. Separate the population and wealth, then the opposition in the country will not be, there will be no leader, there will be no one for whom to go, everyone will survive as they can. Further internal squabbles and kitchen conversations, as well as wars - the “Pukalok” will not do.

Divide and conquer (Latin divide et impera) - the formula of the Roman Senate. The principle of such a foreign policy from emperors in relation to the majority of enemies - expresses the principle of state power, to which the governments of the current states now resort. It consists of heterogeneous parts and according to which - he, Roman, is the best method of controlling such a people as we have become. Bravo to the Roman emperors! They won.

Instead of uniting, people are now squabbling among themselves, figuring out who is to blame, while not doing anything to change anything. Right now the teachers are to blame, tomorrow the doctors and someone else. Human rights are violated in the country - we are silent. No, try to protest against it legally and in an organized manner, as in other countries, but where are we, we are afraid for our asses. The next summer will come, the gardens: potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes - maybe we'll live. That is why we live so bad, and blame the teachers for their troubles. It is necessary to remember one thing - the fish goes dead from the head. And only the common people would be able to change something, but he is not up to it - he is looking for extreme in his troubles. Russia is killed by bastards, and the switchmen are to blame.

Panfilova calls Putin:
- Vladimir Vladimirovich, congratulations! You won the first round with
a large margin! The CEC has already approved the results and made the official
statement to reporters!
- Idiots! It was necessary to fake only the results, but not the date! Before the election
another whole month!

Panfilova calls Putin after the presidential election:
- There are two news, one is good and the other is bad.
- Start with the good.
- You have been chosen.
- Is it bad?
- Nobody voted for you.


Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 15:03


The population of Russia for the most part has long been indifferent to its future, in the full understanding of the definition in foreign countries - stupid, brainless, unreasonable people! The whole great dream of dumbed-up padded jackets is this: sitting up to the throat, what is called “in shit”, dragging all the others there.

I know that there will certainly be people who will find something to say in justification to our people! There will definitely be those who will condemn this text, but this will not change the fact that the rulers of Russia 2016, 17 and further are unpleasant creatures that bring malice and hatred to our world! The main distinguishing feature of the rulers is ignorance of the people of the country. And ignorance is transmitted as a disease. From ignorance, all our troubles, including drunkenness, theft, and our own terpilovskuyu poverty.

The current team in the Kremlin is a picnic of the Pharaohs on the Titanic, a feast among the plague of the local "powermen under the authority" who are in a rage and do not understand that they will all quietly and quietly let them down for slaughter. It's disgusting to look at the snot of Russian adult men about some victories, about which, in fact, they can not even know anything, because they didn’t even participate in them, but sat on leather sofas at home under the skirts of their charged mistress or hires, and to hear about gratitude to some great savior of all Russia, who consider its creation great! And why? Yes, because the people themselves are now so miserable that for them the king at the present moment is any “Size” of any successful merged lies!

And what impudent and stupid people are sitting in the “authorities” in our places! Celebration, arrogance, intoxication with impunity! These people have no shame, no conscience, no reason! Their places they snatched only on the basis of bribes, lies and prokidov at polling stations. And now they are in power, but they play the role of the so-called “gangster raspberry” with local kings.
"In order to have a lot of money, you do not need to have a lot of mind, but you must NOT have a conscience," said Talleyrand.

Watching TV - the enemies are to blame for all the troubles of Russia, and not the mediocre rule that led to the troubles.
Putin for Russians is like Moses for Jews.

- Moses led the Jews out of Egyptian slavery and drove them 40 years in the desert, so that the last man who remembered slavery died before settling on the "promised land" (there are 4 days walking tours through this desert for oligarchs).

- And our "illusionist, storyteller" Putin leads us along the "liberal bog" and will drive until the last person dies, who remembers socialism, social equality, justice, in order to build an estate state with a tribal system of government.

- Moses led his people from slavery. And Putin - into slavery (to the owners of money).

There is no doubt that the ruling elite of the Russian Federation is a degenerate criminal rabble. The number of billionaires is growing, people are still tightening their belts. But what to do, since it happened?

Recall one of the speeches of one of the rulers in the past. Let's follow the logical chain of his statements. That's what he said, without encryption: “The amers hurt me ... But ... I couldn’t answer them for the simple reason that I am a weakling against them! Therefore, I waited until my next of kin got sick and in spite of the cowboys, I thrust a knife into his back. And when the whole world declared me "wrong" for this act, I explained to them that I had killed my brother so that no one else would kill him. "

The possessed crowd of padded jackets applauded this standing up. Just as she once applauded Stalin. Only then, instead of the brothers, there were the so-called, “Trotskyists” and “Zinovievites”, and the other innocent people were innocent, and now - simply kings who hang on the leftovers on the leftovers are hangers.

The impression that Russia did not defeat fascism in the 45th, but adopted it. And now the boy has grown up and the world has been horrified, because there is one very important point in this - unlike Hitler, the boy has a nuclear bomb.

What can you say? A devastated country, miserable people, everything is hopeless. Centuries pass, kings change, and nothing changes - the same people, the same rake, the same squalor. Poor people repeat their "mantra" about the greatness of Russia. They do not need to curse for this, for the simple reason that there is nothing to curse. The country’s people are almost 99% empty. They are not for anyone who should notice them and think about them.

For over 70 years we have been celebrating the victory over the Nazis. Already all those Fritz are dead, and their slaves who have not taken place are still celebrating. And why not ask the question - what are we celebrating, for whom and who should celebrate TU victory for the present? Yes, because there is no one to celebrate and nothing more. Our real holidays we ourselves and poured into the toilet.

For 71 years, not a single global technical victory, not a single achievement, one window dressing. Gagarin - do not count. What do we have to do with it? Right! No! Because we, the Russians, are a brainless nation, which, apart from drunkenness and robbery of each other, no longer knows how to do anything.

It can be seen in the unarmed that many rulers and their hang-ups are a pitiful and envious folk, a folk with a black, vengeful soul. Their aggression comes from powerlessness, as well as from the understanding that they are worse than others, and, please note, much worse. And what, damn, I want superiority! And how, damn it, get this superiority, if they themselves really do not know a fig? They are only capable of talking and stealing, and even planting each other, selling, squeezing what they have not acquired and not created by them, hiding behind idiotic and inappropriate laws.

And now, with all our Russian world, as the most insignificant creatures, we pay with black ingratitude for all their “good” deeds. We can’t understand one thing - if there wasn’t Western assistance, Russia would not have been for a long time.

But then, when we have a little money, we immediately like pigs - and ourselves at the table and feet on the table. See how our tourists behave in the future. Raseyanam there so want to shine, I want to "wipe noses" competitors. And the Russian bear rushes about in search of feats, but where would it be once again to be louder and louder and smelly. It is scary to attack China, the USA is even worse, but they found it - they attacked Georgia, tore Ukraine into pieces, threw the Donbass and Lugansk to be devoured by the wolves.

Our superiority is no more - 1 to 30. Heroes, damn it. Already Suvorov was jumping from happiness in the next world! What brilliant victories on the basis of lies and zombies of the population KRYVDOY about the truth. Medals, champagne and full taverns of stupid freaks, who got drunk before the pig squeal from happiness, NOT OWN ACHIEVEMENTS and NOT OWN VICTORIES.

And most importantly - how are we fighting? Vile, without epaulettes, solid gnidstvo and deceit. An insignificant folk. The most insignificant. We, ushlepki, waited for the moment when the brother, the neighbor weakened, when all the neighboring people fought with the crime junta inside, and at that moment we did not help the named brothers, on the contrary - they betrayed. No, we even helped the enemies of our brothers. Helped with money, ammunition, grenades and agents. And when the neighbors won, what did they do? Right! Hit in the back! And, celebration again! So who are we after that? The most real scum!

Every naughty Russian creature pokes his face into the brothers of the nation: “You, you bitches, buy gas from us. Look, you will not love Pushkin, we will not sell you gas, we will close the valve in an instant .. ”Have you ever seen a seller talk like that to a buyer? It is, simply, natural PREVENTION in its purest form. But, nevertheless, in Russia, almost everyone thinks so, with the exception, perhaps, of three percent of the normal population, which, by some miracle, has been saved in this state.


Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 15:03


What is the use of appealing for the protection of people to the courts, to the authorities, and even to Vladyka himself? And to the deputies? Who are they? Nobody, horses in coats ... And our president is the guarantor of what, for whom, what and whose constitution? Where is she? Just do not look for long where our constitution is, there often is not what should be, there are toilet bowls for our brains.

We, still hoping for some kind of justice, have really become stupid. Whom can we frighten or “get embarrassed” and “blush” with our protest attacks or similar information with our demands to get to the “truth”? Who scared us? Who will be scared? When people already understand that with our petition they wipe out some places and save on toilet paper. This is also a business - to save on paper ... And our perturbations are a good source for materials in the media and Mass Media in the development of further lies and draining ...

There is only one option to achieve justice, but he, 100% controlled by the authorities, is our long-corrupt courts. In this country, you can still achieve something only this way. But is it possible? Even having won in court, then - executive by the decision of the court in the FSSP - and this is another one of this country. As an option - to fill up the court with lawsuits against the inaction of the authorities - for today there is only one option. To run into the "hole" in the judicial system and with the help of it unleash the whole com. Everything else is illegal. But do not forget at the same time - our courts under power! And who will do it all?

It would be possible to create a system of "people's" control over the actions and executions of the laws of the country, independent of power and thought. It would be necessary to have "national" professional expert committees for the analysis of the laws of the Russian Federation created and issued not 100% valid, "feigned" laws. (The laws are all with us now - blanker, one-sided, anti-people and idiotic) But who will allow this to be done in the legal perspective? Power? Do not tell ... The power of their positions does not surrender.

And all the "self-control" in the country must be destroyed (this, for example, when the road builders themselves control the quality of their built road, when the physicians themselves determine the suitability of their colleagues by their internal commission, when the cops extend the quotas to themselves, without leaving the offices, instead of the qualification commissions and promotion courses, etc.). Expert opinions on any occasion should be INDEPENDENT and binding on everyone without exception.

Collapse of bridges, houses and porches, disaster will soon be just commonplace. The economy of the country has come wholly into disrepair, and for a long time. All engineering plundered or dispersed. And there are no real experts who can state publicly about this collapse of life. They were either destroyed or simply dispersed for the sake of economy.

This is no longer the beginning, but not the end of the collapse of the country and, in particular, of its communal economy, in which we must live as it should be according to the laws. The country is rotting and collapsing. Structures and means to repair or restore there. The state has no desire and ability to do this. Leadership men only think about their "businesses". There is no opportunity to simply control the utilities and other economy of the country either, all control over the utilities and not only for utilities, but also for the entire economy of the country, in our country has been systematically destroyed. All such a "farm" is driven into a real idiocy, it is when everyone in all sharabaghs control themselves and their activities.

Introducing the Plato system introduced in the country and, for example, attempts by long-distance truck drivers to combat it, are trivial. The war of a long-range soldier against him is a pukalka, no more, which, apart from a slight smell, does not give anything. This struggle is useless at 100%. Until the masses of the whole people understand that all the LAWS of the country have long been done on HARM to the people themselves - nobody will achieve anything. THE IMPOSSIBILITY to change anything in US in any problem in this country is laid down very cunningly and very secretly in all LAWS and the norms of the country.

With a careful professional examination of our laws - the hidden "mines" in the laws can be found in any law, and there they are sometimes so cunningly laid in them. that it is even impossible to guess the forgery. which then in life these hidden norms give out. Wolves - we are and we imposed the idiotic laws to the fullest.

And, various, sometimes appearing "heroes", fighting allegedly against the powerlessness and arbitrariness of the authorities, such as the same several truckers in Khimki and their "authorities", although they are real men, are released into the arena as a profit for the rest. First of all, they are just another profit for the authorities, and their attempts and speeches are often simple - just another slip from real problems for the rest of the population. By releasing such "heroes" on the screens and in the news, the authorities with their help play the next performance in front of the population with the real reasons for sracha, shit, cuts and spin in the country.

Plato - a trifle. No one will do anything against him. The train left. The system is already running. We are all balbies. The country was CRANLES, the laws in our favor were CHANGE ... Structures that are OBLIGED to help us live-CHANGE ... Those who still do not understand this are the very NEPIMAYKI. AND GAMES against BLANKING AND MANIPULATION in the laws by petitions, speeches, pickets, demonstrations and rallies with attempts to achieve truth and enforcement of laws in the courts - SO GAMES AND WILL STOP. Union? Do not tell who is afraid of him? And this, in general, what is a trade union? What is the law about trade unions?

It hurts me and is very exciting for:
“What turned us from a great nation into a herd.”
- For the fact that the word "Russian" or "Russia - the real people's power" - is prosecuted.
- For the fact that any reasonable remark towards the authorities is regarded as incitement, etc.
- For the fact that the people who killed and robbed people and continue to do so are almost heroes.
- For the fact that for the sake of profit they invent and lie about Sochi, Boeing, Crimea, Syria, great construction sites and much more.
- For the fact that the people who own one of the largest reserves of natural resources collect pennies for bread.
- For the fact that in the country more than 40 million people are below the poverty line and even die of hunger.
- For the fact that we are degrading with a geometric progression and our authorities help us in this.

True to Russia is a lie. Russians are prone to lies and hypocrisy. All life in Russia now, from the beginning to the end, is imbued with a lie, and people take it for granted. Some kinds of lies are not even considered as such. The border between truth and lie is blurred and rolled in the eyes of people and our representatives from the government back and forth as needed. No remorse is experienced. Russians simply do not seek the truth, do not seek it and do not fight for it. They feel comfortable in these conditions, they themselves create and develop.

All I want to say to all our truckers: "Blah, guys, have you woken up the current? You came down from the mountains with salt. ALL COUNTRY ALREADY WERE ALREADY WITHOUT LAWS. when the whole country was sold behind our backs? Our cops have long been corrupt, the courts are corrupt, the authorities are all in business. We don’t have a country anymore. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM A CORRUPTION? YOU ALL SELL. ALL. AND "PATRONS" for you harvested millions. WE ARE AND ALL missed too late before I had to think, not in booths Hope route kofeek sipping 30 p and from cops to pay off 500-mended on each post in the country already buy everything you we do not -..... Expendable "


Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 15:03


Everyone who rules us, having climbed “to the top,” forgot that they are human. Are they treated to be nonhumans? But they are the same as us, but for some reason they become TAM bastards. What is there doing with them? The whole Great Power has already been sold. And they are not going to live here judging by the places in which they are ready to dump. The great judgment will be upon them or not? Or they and the GREAT managed to buy?

Power - impunity. Impunity - self-will and lawlessness. Willfulness and lawlessness are absurdity, self-confidence, stupidity. Dullness is lawlessness. No punishment - confidence in crimes. The country loses its values ​​with incredible speed. Maybe the government and the president are being "drained" of incorrect information about the situation in the country, but they believe this "sink" and the country is "rolling" into the abyss? Yes, they all know. It is not beneficial for them to give people a sense of confidence in the future. Yes, and they do not know how to do it. Fearfully. It will be even worse. And it is necessary to understand.

It is enough cases of lie from the government. As a rule, people accustomed to a free lifestyle declare themselves to be gods and believe that they are not punishable, because they are in power. There are two main reasons why people behave this way: 1 - lack of intelligence. 2 - conscious radicalism.

Freedom of action is understood by them as permissiveness. If we imagine a reservoir, then freedom is its surface, but permissiveness is the bottom. They are so far apart that they cannot be compared. Permissiveness creates chaos and reserves the destruction to rectify which for the most part is no longer possible. Is it worth after this to discuss the question: "What does all of this lead us all to?" Worth it. All this freedom of power led, as a result, to complete lawlessness in the country.

But it is not terrible that complete lawlessness has come, but the fact that all those who are obliged to deal with the lawlessness cases do everything they can. They are not profitable to deal with power. Power feeds them. Sheep do not butt herders. Organs, as well as the authorities, it is advantageous for us to merge, kill, devour, mortgage and plant each other. It is beneficial for them to become poorer and more vulnerable. And we ourselves do not interfere with this, we are silent. If people collect petitions under the requirements to deal with lawlessness, it means that in such a country there are no laws anymore. It's getting scary. The country of lawlessness and insolent in authorities, in structures, in law enforcement agencies. Theft thrives, "cuts", the raider, while all this is unpunished. And our valiant courts either "stupid" or cover their asses to the thieves "from the law", This is the collapse of the country and the entire governing body.

"They" remade all the laws of the country in the right perspective. With their help, they are cashing in for the sake of their lusts and inhuman arrogance, and the worst thing is also at the cost of human lives and lives. And they did not create such laws for what would then take the accumulated position. Lawlessness is impossible to destroy and return to a normal legal basis. The machine for speeding up the death of a country's population has launched the most terrible thing - with our direct participation - silence, "mooing", idiocy, pofigism, and "my hut is on the edge." Now we are reaping what we have sown. It will be even worse. Why? It is necessary to confirm their received "title". One case out of thousands comes to fights and punishment for pathos about the work of power, and another hundreds of thousands of thieves and bastards from power remain in a similar process of lawlessness and arbitrariness. And nothing can be done about it. And the courts and protests can not help here. We ourselves have created this by silence.

The insanity of Russian laws is increasing with increasing scale. Attempts to correct the "minor" shortcomings in the work of the authorities are a drop in the ocean. Solutions to the mass of problems by the laws of the country have long been excluded in the legal field.

When will the Russian Duma begin to stamp laws in accordance with the true realities of our Russian life?

Getting acquainted closely and analyzing our laws, for some reason, only one thought arises: in the Russian Duma, laws are not passed in the Duma itself, but those who adopt them are at this time somewhere in the clouds, in the Canaries, or in a sauna, a bath or relaxing somewhere. then at a ski base in Japan. And judging by the video on YouTube about how laws are passed in the State Duma, it becomes all clear. Some wonders - with 46 people present in the hall, 410 people participate in the voting. One word - “zashib” elected by the people there. Afigenno zashib. And in another word - svolota on the neck of the people .... Blankness, inconsistencies, stupidity and stupidity of the provisions of the Russian laws is manifested in some of them by 90 percent. In other words, laws are written not for those for whom they should be written (for the people of the country), but for those who write them, that is - for beloved ones, for our “great people's choices” and other similar representatives of the administrative and control authorities of this country. I repeat once again - how was this country brought to?

The legal field itself is directed not at the methods and attempts to correct lawlessness and “corruption in the law,” but at using the illiteracy of the people in the legal direction. State structures are massively using "replies", continuous redirections (punching) of people's appeals, and appeals redirect back and forth between structures. The so-called “leapfrog”, or the “post of Russia” in the organs and even at the state level, is adjusted to one hundred percent.

Cattle - "Majors", cowardly procurators, stupid sledaks and other trash of our system behave arrogantly and with impunity, because they know that the laws of our country are COMPLETE. The pretrial investigation and the prosecutor's office for the most part are also SALE G, the court is REGULAR SALES G. If the court and laws for someone SUDDENLY are not G, they have the opportunity to quickly make bribes and bribes G. In this, they are eagerly helped by another G in the country - DUMA. And to all these insolent people from power, structures, MAJORA and other trash, in their T created it is easier to increase this in the laws and regulations of our country. Why? G among the usual. Chaos - to their advantage. And the inhabitants - to fear.

G ... * .. in the laws forcing the average person to abandon attempts to prove his innocence, all attempts were doomed to failure. The blanker nature of the norms and articles of laws, the idleness of representatives of local authorities and the complete absence of the possibility of punishing representatives of the authorities for crimes against the people, are themselves lobbied by the authorities and the authorities themselves. This chaos is embedded in the laws of the country. Laid down, fixed and nothing can be done about it. The current system, covered up with false democracy and blanking, the "one-sidedness" of laws - is our present.

"... such an intruder is practically incapable of learning from experience. Perhaps this is due to the fact that deserved punishment almost never follows immediately for wrongdoing or does not occur at all. Confidence that aggression (crime) will remain unpunished plays a significant role in maintaining antisocial behavior "Zmanovskaya E.V. Deviantology: (psychology of deviant behavior): studies. manual / E. V. Zmanovskaya. - 5th ed., Sr. - M.: Academy, 2008. - p. 296.)

"- We have nothing to do with plots and intrigues: We all know about everything, about everything you give. For example, I consider the Codex to be our best criminal book." (V. Vysotsky)

So the Russian prosecutor's office has long been the most powerful nest of corruption in the country. Regional Prosecutor's Offices - branches of the Russian Post. They do not consider complaints sent to them, but redirect them to officials whose actions are being appealed. Prosecutors are involved in concealing crimes committed by public officials. Moreover, they became the head of criminal communities, consisting of representatives of the executive, legislative and judicial authorities. The outrage of regional prosecutors undermines the foundations of the state and negates all efforts aimed at stabilizing the Russian economy.

The level of training of its employees indicates that when appointing to posts not professional qualities of job seekers are taken into account, but their material capabilities and family ties.

1. The Prosecutor’s Office has a special “secret” direction in its activities, the purpose of which is to “cover up” any illegal actions of representatives of any administrations in the field, so as not to provoke an increase in distrust of the authorities. This is inherent in the functions of the prosecutor's office initially, but we do not know about it and do not guess, or pretend that such stupid and do not guess.

2. Prosecutors never really get acquainted with the materials of various references to them carefully. Therefore, their answers are constantly in the nature of some kind of “blurring”, more often “concocted” with inaccuracies. The conclusion about the lack of professionalism of the current representatives of the prosecutor's office, pofigizm and disregard for appeals to their structure. The answer itself is the usual simple reprint of a part of the text and phrases from previously received answers from the prosecutor's office to others.

3. Regarding the conclusions on the part of the responses from the prosecutor's office, one could write everything using coarse language and popular slang, but this is prohibited in texts of such a rank. And so want to do it that way. Therefore, I take the liberty to write only in this way one of my conclusions - MRAZY.

Who, how and when brought this country to a state in which government agencies (courts, prosecutors, police), who by virtue of their duties, should seem to be the guarantors of the legality of state and other laws of this country, but in fact act as such “buffers covering and blurring agencies ”between the wrongdoers, on a local, regional and national scale, and the objects of their illegal actions?

How are laws created in this country that cannot be used by an ordinary person?

Why such laws can not be used for the legitimate protection of their rights, interests, legality of their activities and so on?

Why does the same court (FOR EXAMPLE), in absolutely similar cases, make absolutely opposite decisions?

Why do limitless people from administrative bodies never get a harsh trial of their illegal actions?

Why have the prosecutor's offices for a long time no longer been able to find and prevent global crimes in this state in advance, but only have time to fix them after their implementation, proudly stating that after fixing such crimes they have “initiated a criminal case”?

All the news on TV is filled with these foolishly-sounding phrases “a criminal case has been initiated,” as if this excitement is such a difficult event for the prosecutor’s office, it is so difficult and so hard to bring this “excitement” to the masses through the television and press. At the same time, these phrases sound with such pathos, they capture a clearly sounding meaning like this: “We have already aroused, then more than half the work has already been done.” And what was done - it was then? Where are the results of these "criminal cases"? A continuation - then almost never happens. Somewhere all the continuations disappear, as in the abyss: the pathos, and the assurances of detection, and desires, and promises of punishment and everything, everything, everything. And the criminals sitting in the cells and under arrest are writing books, making videos, and even, suddenly, posting videos on YouTube as they relax in the Maldives.

Why and who brought this country to this?

Where are we all going? Or do the leading forces of this country live in some other conditions, identical with the true realities, than all the people of this boundless unhappy country?

On the part of the Prosecutor General, there is no control over the activities of regional prosecutors. Their appointment and renewal of contracts takes place as I believe for the money. The complete impunity of the subordinate officers who commit crimes proves the corruption of the prosecutor's office. Seagulls An example of the accident with the participation of the deputy prosecutor of the Kursk region, the concealment of which involved and the prosecutor of the region Filimonov personally, he also concealed dozens of crimes committed by other officials. There are examples of this kind in every region of Russia. However, the Attorney General does not take any measures to restore order.

Widespread and impunity misappropriation of unit lands, a mess in the cadastral registration of real estate, lack of quality drinking water, unreasonable growth of utility bills, harassment of journalists for criticism, obstacles to legitimate business activities, patronizing the criminals, giving the court not guilty, and on the contrary, concealing crimes committed by high-ranking officials against the background of the rapid growth of the welfare of the prosecutors themselves, and finally not a desire to hear the people E of his numerous complaints and appeals, this is only a small part of what can now be personally blamed by the Prosecutor General of Russia. Stop mocking people. Stop robbing and destroying your people.

As long as the laws and supervision of the observance of which by the prosecutor’s office are not going to work in Russia, there is no question of any observance of human rights in Russia.

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