• It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18 • 
Learn to think for yourself, and not with a TV
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    It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

Сообщение Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 11:46

Russia today is Elections without choice, Court without justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs without honor, Army without identifying marks, Dead without name, Parliament without debate, Television without truth, Business without competition, Ministry of Health without conscience, Church without God, Olympians without national symbols, Education without knowledge, Science without discovery, Diplomacy without dialogue, People without nationality.
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Leshvanov Alexander Primorsky Krai ... "Learn to think for yourself, and not with a TV"
Some of the information is borrowed from open sources on the Internet (with minor revisions in essence and its comprehension). Some of the information has been “earned” from its experience and gathered on the facts of its own confrontation with the described mess and lawlessness. The text was collected for almost 5 years.

Русский вариант материала там - Никогда не верьте российской фашистской власти

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

Сообщение Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 12:10


People are confused, scared, and for the most part - just become indifferent. They understand that from this level of banditry (read - business in power), who sat down in the organs and in power, they can not cope. They were intimidated: "if you whine, if you hit it or we will plant it." To go to the protests that were already with balloons and banners is also meaningless. Well, have passed, have protested - and to sense? Power as stolen (read - was engaged in business) - and steals (read - is engaged in business). Corruption (read - the business of the government) as rowing their money with a shovel - and rowing (read - doing business).

Pick up bits and cobblestones? It will not work and will not help already. Scary, and not. The Russian people have never been fertile. Yes, and against whom with the stone token? Against those whom we ourselves have chosen? That is - against their will? It is like giving up the child you conceived. Natrahal, gave birth - be kind now - live with him and hello. In other words - get it. what I wanted when I fucked and was brainless with pleasure ...

We have to admit that they themselves are to blame for the fact that they allowed such a "neglected state of the disease"? Ready to admit, what's the point? Practical sense in such a recognition is or maybe? Today - no longer. So you can not continue to live? I agree, you can not. And what to do? We are faced with a Stozev beast that will eat and not choke. Anyone eats, and at the highest level and at the level of garbage dumps and places lying around scraps from the tops, our power (read - business) in anger is strong and invincible. Dug at one hundred percent.

We don’t even have a conditional "commissar Cattani" who fought on the TV with the octopus (to read - with the business) - and that was "soaked" in the 4th part of the series ... Who will help us? Whores prosecutors from TV shows? We all understand that Putin, of course, is our guarantor. But around him - huge flocks of sharks, wolves and jackals (read - businessmen from the government), and these flocks breed. They are saber-toothed and scary. How to deal with them? How to destroy the whole horde? Should we help Putin? Does he need THIS help?

We also understand that our country is sold not only through resources, but also through the surrender of territories.
We have finally broken the spine. After all, even if tomorrow the conditional "enemy" invades our territories - we will rather surrender to him at the mercy than start resistance "for the Motherland, for Putin." Business in power is already disgusting to us.

Is Russia a hopeless country? I do not think ...

Russia's economic outlook looks more and more sad. In 2017, due to collapsed energy prices and international sanctions, the country's GDP fell by X, X%. Real wages fell to XX%. Why are there no numbers? And who knows their real?

Unsystematic attempts by the government to diversify the Russian economy, in general, failed.

Labor productivity remains chronically low, and the flow of supposedly investment, both foreign and domestic, has completely dried up. And, unfortunately, a change in the situation is unlikely. In the circumstances, even raising energy prices and lifting sanctions will most likely not be enough to breathe new life into the dying economy of the country.

Thanks to the “great and powerful” regime, there has been a degradation of all economic and political institutions in the country. The institution of human rights and the Constitution of the country has disappeared. And without them the normal operation of the modern economy is impossible.

For example, the judicial system is almost completely collapsed. Our Russia increasingly resembles President Suharto’s Indonesia — an intricate system of “pull-out” where there are no real, real property rights. Many of those who are close to power, became the owners of huge fortunes, and, please note, thanks to close ties with state-owned companies and stealing funding for government orders. One of the ways of enrichment is the appropriation of the financial flows of state funds to absolutely unnecessary “great construction projects”. Another way is to rely on connections, get a guaranteed contract or buy a government asset for a penny.

This system is costly for the Russian economy. It encourages those who live off rent to the detriment of productivity gains. But in Russia there are effective, dynamic, large private companies, entrepreneurs, legal entities and cooperatives. But the space for their activities is quickly narrowed by the blanking of laws and the complete absence of the notorious promised state support, which is only in loud promises and in false tests of decisions and decrees.

As international experience shows, the large size of the public sector leads to a slowdown in economic growth and a reduction in investment in the private sector. And, indeed, in many sectors of the Russian economy, the level of competition has sharply decreased due to the expansion of large corporations, many of which are in the hands of “friends” and black strangers to power.

And our "pretending" executors of laws and the fulfillment of our will are unswervingly loyal to the system they created without our demand and without our participation. Even the proposed measures to increase budget revenues, in particular, the privatization of minority stakes in most corporations, will most likely be implemented in such a way that only “friends”, relatives, and authorities will benefit. Russia is still very popular in some countries, but this is only - for the time being ... As the economy continues to deteriorate, the situation can quickly change, because the regime depends on the person in power, it will be difficult to develop any convincing program of change, preserving the privileges of Russia to its partners. If you open the economy to truly healthy competition and expand the private sector, the very system of wealth and power that people close to power enjoy will be undermined. But the economic woes of Russia, in this case, will inevitably cease to continue. But the authorities do not want this.

STATE CORPORATIONS (Russia) differ from PRIVATE corporations (Western countries) in that instead of private investors budget money is taken. That is, taxpayer money, ordinary people. State corporations do not have to bother with attracting investment, when the population itself is a herd of sheep, due to which all problems are solved.

At the same time, the control of our state over state corporations is even less than the control of foreign states over their own private corporations. After all, the heads of state corporations are Putin’s friends at the KGB, etc. At the click of a finger, we take taxpayers' money from our budget, and we don’t need to bother with competition and investment. (for example ROSTECH Chemezov) Judging by the Scandinavian experience, the best option is the role of the state only in the role of a THIRD PARTY controller, but not the owner. Because about state ownership it is well said in the proverb: “at seven nannies there is a child without an eye”. Any state. An institution is concrete people in specific positions with their own personal interests. Therefore, state corporations are muddy water in which individual private egoists catch fish better. And in private corporations, everything is clearly demarcated. How in state corporations, in this "muddy water", does this overflow of state property into private property occur?

1. - A private structure is created, then it cooperates with the state corporation. On very favorable conditions for themselves. So the budget money is pumped from the state corporation. The very money, our taxes with you, which are ripping us off (52% of wages and a lot more of what) become the "shareholder money" in the contracting company.

2. - The easiest way to squander public funds and not answer for this is to conduct research and development (R & D). For example, an enterprise conducts a study stating its cost of 1 billion rubles a year. The military pays them 500 million. Some of them go into “rollback”. And when it comes time to ask what has been done, the defense specialists simply say that they have been underfinanced - and the work has therefore not been completed. According to open data, there were about 300 such “suspended” R & D alone in the Air Force alone.

3. - The state transfers budget money as an authorized fund. After that, the money ceases to be public and become the property of the state corporation. The state corporation is supervised by a supervisory board appointed by the president (or government). Moreover, the departure of an official from the state post does not mean automatic exclusion from the supervisory board. As a result, a trillion rubles is actually removed from under the control of state bodies. De jure, the owner is the state property committee. But who exactly controls this wealth and where it is going to drain money - no one will tell you. Take the "Rosneft". By the end of 2016, its debt amounted to a record figure of $ 61.74 billion. How can you get into debt while siphoning off the subsoil, while benefiting from financial support from the state, right up to the National Welfare Fund? How is this possible? And the people deeply care what and how. His business is to "vote" and praise the sovereign.

Draw conclusions. They are terrible, but they need to be done.

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

Сообщение Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 12:11


Being engaged in the organization of actions to increase the welfare of the country, international policy, upgrade of laws and legal norms of our country, our guarantor has entrusted many of the tasks on these issues to the relevant services and ministries, departments of the presidential team and the government. But at the same time, no service in the country controls the adequacy of decisions made. There are no expert assessments of a given composition of a given law for its usefulness to the population of our country, there are no correct conclusions about liquidity, or the need for a given norm of adopted laws specifically for people, ordinary people in the country. There is no system for coordinating the adopted provisions of certain laws with each other.

If you carefully examine many of the laws and regulations adopted, the opinion arises that a component of such laws is directed not at those for whom these laws are created, but at a narrow circle of people who, by virtue of their ability, are able to use such norms and laws only in their own ways. harmful for the whole country interests. And there are plenty of examples.

During the period of our guarantor’s activity, a lot of short-sighted and parasitic laws were adopted in the country, the execution and use of which adversely affected the state of the country and the very life of the population of this country.

I will list only some of them:

+ FZ 131 "On local self-government" - allowed to completely destroy the system of administration of the country, built to perfection and established in our country for decades. Now, the management of local government bodies is largely left to illiterate, incompetent individuals who have come to their official posts only thanks to a system of pro-cess, or with great financial support from their electoral events. The final results of the administrative roles thus occupied are generally known to everyone and usually end in arrests and criminal cases. True, there is one oddity - there are practically no legal continuations of such high-profile criminal cases. Information about them after the time disappears from the news flow and mass media. Everything is jammed, either silenced, or disappears in the system of kickbacks and powdering the judicial system with powerful methods of delaying or entangling the proceedings by the parties to the defense.

+ FZ 271 "On the markets" - the law with the help of which the country's most powerful section of the former former state property was made in the form of former markets in private hands, but only, again, in protegetic variants and only with the help of bribes for actions directed by former owners markets - by municipalities, to meet the Market Manager companies, selectively, only on the system "their-their-own". And the most important benefit of this law is that it has made it possible to save over a large amount of time most of the municipal markets safe and sound, completed and developed, but in favor of the previous owners, the municipalities, which they used after January 1, 2013, returning their the markets for themselves in the form of being completed by the former Managing Companies, brought to good condition and without even trying to recover the investments of these temporary managers of the markets, the Managers of the companies' markets, in any form. And the municipalities in the mass supported and the courts.

+ FZ 159 "On preferential privatization" - a law by which the army of vessels in the form of tremendous state duties and lawyers gained enormous benefits, in the form of paying them for practically useless, mostly losing, lawsuits, since no privatization under this law voluntary basis and without courts throughout the validity of this law in the country was not observed and not observed. This was repeatedly pointed out by the Ministry of Economic Development and Reliance of Russia and other relevant bodies to protect the country's entrepreneurial world.

There are many examples of inconsistencies between the components of many Russian laws and common sense and utility. The latest mind-blowing example of the lawless lawlessness of Russian laws is the new CAS court, according to which the courts are required to immediately take the side of the defendant, the administrative authority, to which the CAS must file a lawsuit about the illegality of one or another of their normative often just talentless acts. And the confusion of the articles and clauses of this law (CAS) is generally a separate topic for creating the Anneac army, about how such authorities organized for themselves the favorite defense of their lawless actions, which it is simply impossible to challenge in this CAS in court.

It seems that the team of our president and the government employs people who are far from the true ability to evaluate the criteria of legality in the country, from the ability to ensure the state of utility of laws and far from self-awareness, that their task is to create and push the laws necessary for the population of our country and not for elected representatives of the authorities, who use such inconsistencies and problems in the laws to solve their often self-serving cases and for another plundering of the country under the guise of a letterhead Nost of our laws.

Infantilism of the majority of the people, with the orgy of power - the cause of the fiasco of Russia in everything. Two categories of people are satisfied with life in Russia: those who do not know (infantile) and those who are in the share (corrupt) ... But they are the electorate of GDP and DAM. In the third, illegitimate period of GDP as president, he legitimized the permissiveness of ghouls in uniform when dealing with brainless rednecks - the electorate, which with humiliating tolerance and humility allows "to drench yourself in the toilet."
The “legitimacy” appointed by the president and the inviolability of judicial “honor” are due to the need to provide permissiveness to the ghouls in uniform, to the current representatives of the authorities, to the structures and to the GDP itself.

During the reign of the GDP and the gang of EdRos, the bad talk beautifully about the good, the greedy about selflessness, the political whores about chastity, the liars ecstatic about honesty. And he always bluffing GDP-all an example.

Himself-loving and insolent by the FSB and His toadies forgot that they would leave our world naked and no faithful dogs of the impudent ruler of all Russia could provide a sweet life for the children of the FSB and the descendants of his lackeys. Moreover, the existing historical examples indicate that any family type of such "masters of life" ends very quickly, already on the very unfortunate heirs of the "first stage".

Infantile GDPs ghouls, for soldering and impunity, put on themselves false cassocks, assigned ranks, stuck shoulder straps, and also, legalized in the country lies, hypocrisy, permissiveness of the majors and the complete hopelessness of life in the country, in our Russia.

If a flock does not chase another flock on its territory, it immediately becomes the food of that other flock. So it is with the nations. The monkey became a human only after she took a cudgel in her hands. Calmness is the usual condition of a corpse in a cemetery. A noble rage, as is known since the time of the Vikings - a gift from the Gods! Are we trying to “peacefully” take to the streets and win with the help of the “Law and the Constitution”? Good luck to us in the fight, but I increasingly think that the “Law” is in the hands of the “law enforcers” of today's corrupt vile spill, and that this is a fist (master key) for further robbing people and further enriching those freaks in power. What is the use of in the norms of the “Law” if their use or non-use depends solely on this gang of crooks and thieves?

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

Сообщение Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 12:13


Is Russia in blocking? America and the Americans have nothing to do with it. They, in general, and on understanding, deeply spit on Russia, as such. Who does not believe this - read the story carefully. Americans do not care about lawlessness in our country, they do not care about the lies of our rulers and the stupidity of the population of the country. They do not care about the arrogance of our thieves in power, violating all imaginable and unimaginable canons of international norms and rights. And the reason for the troubles in our country, ostensibly because of the Americans, is an ordinary zombie from our rulers, represented by the same KISELYOV and SOLOVIEV. When a man is caught with an alien woman, he doesn’t admit that he provoked her to have sex, he yells stupidly that she seduced him, cursed, and raped him against his will. So it is with our rulers, those who are among the domes. After all, they claim to be seduced and raped by ALL. Now they are there all "rape". And they now have an alibi - AMERICA ...

We call stupid Americans, we really consider ourselves to be competitors of America! We are sitting at computers running on the American OS. We are connected to the Internet, which, by the way, was invented by the Americans.

If we compare Americans and Russians, then one simple thing will become clear, namely: the benefits to humanity from our two countries are absolutely incomparable. Do not like America - so, take and abandon the American technology, or close your smelly "bread slicers" with shouts about the greatness of the country of Rasse.

How do you want to compete with America? I want to! Well, I really want to ... But, here's the question: "What?" In the war? Americans, besides wars, gave the world the Internet, mobile communications, computers, technologies, in the end. They gave a lot of things to this world! And what did the Russians give to the world? No shit! Only war and vodka! And nothing more!

And look what the reaction to the imposed sanctions followed: both the authorities and the people, as they say, “two pair of boots”, in unison with one motive. “Yes, we stole it. Yes, we violated all laws and treaties. But ... we, damn it, quilted jackets, and we all do not care for all of us !!! ”We do not even hesitate to our own meanness, we are proud of this meanness, we bless her.

Clever people ask to come to their senses, warn about quick payback for their deeds, but, nevertheless, nothing helps. Vadniki remain in reckless stupor. "Crimea with us .." and all! We will, damn it, without panties, but with the Crimea.

It reminds me of the behavior of a drunk who knows that retribution will come tomorrow morning, but I want to drink. And he spits on tomorrow, he walks today and walks so much that his face is beaten, the hut has burned down from the bull, and the neighbors do not have whole property.

Living in your truly beloved country you have to do something, you have to do something useful. And what can quilted jackets do? Nothing. We cannot build decent resorts, olympiads, oceanariums, gas pipelines, bridges, cosmodromes and ports without cuts, thefts, kickbacks and postscripts. We cannot find and apply ourselves in the new international system.

Learn the language of their country in which we live - we can not. That is why one bagpipe starts everywhere. And our familiar song rushed - “We don’t live by ourselves and we won’t give others !!!”. We are bastards and understand perfectly well that we will rush with us as a child in the nearest Europe, which we hate so much.

Although when quilted jackets thought head? Instead, they always thought and thinks the authorities! Their job is to work on the plantation. Their business is to drink vodka so as not to think about anything. Their business is to fight with the neighbors, so that the owners have something to brag about to the ambassadors and ... die early, so that their master will not be saddened by his frail air and the need to pay a pension.

Gas gave the Russian precisely the devil in order to finally poison them with pride and arrogance. The Arabs also have oil, but you see how they behave nobly. Have you ever seen the Arabs behave like a flock of down-there-done Gopnik? No, and you will not see. Look at them carefully and look at us abroad, at our drunk, at drug addicts, at the dregs of society, endless arrogance out of nothing. Empty place. With the exception of those who fled from Russia from such obscurantism.

An example of people’s insanity: Former director of a house of culture with experience of over 40 years, honored cultural worker, a salary of not more than 8 thousand per month. Try to explain to him that this is not right. It’s not fair that in his 63 years he plants potatoes for half a hectare for sale and plows for rent on weekends. He vehemently believes in a brighter future, the party and Kiselyov.

He does not explain the fact that in a country with a population of 2% of the world - 40% of all world minerals and 1/6 of land, the best fertile land, gas, oil, forests, water, almost everything is in abundance, and a man with experience at the age of 40, the honored worker of the highest category gets 7 thousand with kopecks - this is not normal. He says - America is to blame! And the fact that more than 50 new dollar billionaires appeared in the last 25 years have no Russian billionaire among their list. In Russia, there is a complete and legalized genocide of the indigenous peoples of Russia who have arrived for RUSSIA for people and their cultivated spirits of local spills!

Many see their sight after they have been enthusiastically looking at the zomboyaschik, and then they open the refrigerator for a snack and suddenly discover that for some reason it is empty. And then they just begin to scratch their turnips and think: - what happens? Such we are with the country "great", but why are we somehow making ends meet? More than 20 million people in the country live below the poverty line. You count how much it is in% ratio? This is a disaster. You, probably, do not enter these% of poor fellows while? Of course, God forbid you from this and the rest of the population. But Belarus is our example. The vision comes in full. They didn’t live, and suddenly found that the subjects of the king were all naked. The king himself, of course, is not naked. It is necessary to achieve better times, and even better - it’s time to achieve real changes, then envy and anger will leave, and respect for each other, for people will come. But this will probably not be our story. Maybe our grandchildren. Or maybe not.

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

Сообщение Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 12:18


Lack of control breeds impunity. The lack of control over the actions of the courts gives rise to confidence in impunity for violations of judicial ethics and norms. It's a pity. The country's judicial system loses its values ​​with incredible speed and no one wants to admit it. The judicial system is "rolling" into the abyss. It would be necessary for people to return a sense of confidence in the protection of their rights by the system of the country's courts, and no one else has it. It's getting scary.

The courts, the judges themselves, their assistants, technical staff, almost everywhere, do not comply with the rules of procedural law, especially that related to the terms of consideration, acceptance, production, dispatch, etc.
It’s scary not that the time has come in the courts for the complete lawlessness of the rules and regulations of the judicial processes, but that there’s simply no way to deal with such violations by law. It is advantageous for the court that we would deceive each other at the trials, deceive the court itself, provide false and false information to the materials to consolidate our lies and lies. The court will still decide on the degree of interest in the outcome of the claim in the right direction. It is advantageous for the court that we quickly become more defenseless than the side needed by the court, using and setting forth in the decisions often absurd and not supported by logic rules and laws. And we ourselves do not prevent this, because we are silent.

If people collect signatures on the requirement to sort out the law and send it not to the prosecutor's office, not to the UK, not to the judicial qualification commission, but to the president, it means that there is no law in such a country. It becomes scary for such a country.

The country of lawlessness in the bodies, structures, law enforcement agencies. The mass destruction of people's faith in the laws, “cuts”, the raider is flourishing, and all this with impunity and even supported by the state. The courts, when people try to reach the truth, are either stupid or, by their decisions, cover the actions of the thieves "from the law", What's next? And then the expected complete final collapse of the country and all this rotten system.

There will be practically no rent. "Somewhere behind the clouds" create, in an empty perspective, the stupid laws of the country, with the help of which then the elect are cashing in to please their lusts and inhuman arrogance, and often at the cost of human destinies and lives. And, at the same time, these favorites will not already surrender their established positions. This lawlessness is almost impossible to destroy and return to a normal legal basis.

The car accelerating, practically, the death of the population by lawlessness has been launched, and the most terrible - with our direct participation. And our participation - silence, "lowing" and idiocy, pofigizm, the position of the majority - "my hut on the edge." Now we are reaping what we ourselves have sown.

It will be even worse. Why? And how and what can we expect in regard to the humiliated and powerless? We need to confirm their received title "cattle". Other we have not given. One case out of thousands sometimes reaches fights and punishments for pathos about the work of the authorities, while the other hundreds of thousands of stories about thieves and bastards from power go unpunished in the process of lawlessness and arbitrariness created. And nothing can be done about it. And nobody wants to do anything. Courts and protests will not help here. We ourselves wanted this when we were silent about the upcoming lawlessness in the country.

Not in favor of the population of the country written laws of our great country. The work and actions of the Russian judicial system at all levels, the administrative bodies, as well as the bodies monitoring the implementation of the laws — the prosecutor’s office and the police — are not in favor of ordinary people in our country.

The insanity of Russian laws is increasing and increasing with increasing scale. Attempts to correct the "minor" shortcomings in idiotic laws - a drop in the ocean. The decisions of the masses of violations by the authorities and their strangers according to the laws of the country have long been excluded in the legal field.

The legal field of the state itself is directed not at the methods and attempts to correct lawlessness and “corruption in the law” in the country, but at using the illiteracy of the people in the legal direction. State structures are massively using "replies", continuous redirections of appeals to them, fingering each other's appeals to people. There is a clear system called "leapfrog", the so-called "Russian post", not only in local authorities, but also at the state level.

This artificially confused and chaos, skillfully veiled under "disassembly", compels the townsfolk to abandon attempts to prove their case, forcing them to understand about the initially doomed failure of any attempt at a fair and fair trial. The blanker nature of the norms and articles of laws, the complete absence of the possibility of punishment of representatives of the authorities who violate the laws, and with them representatives of the judicial system, acting for the most part “to order”, are themselves lobbied by the authorities and authorities by the lawmaker. This chaos is embedded in the laws of the country. Laid, secured and nothing can be done about it.

A distinctive feature of the Russian legal proceedings is the ability to say anything during the court session and present any evidence. But this does not affect the decision of the court in any way, as if nothing was stated or presented. Moreover, the court will blatantly write a conclusion in the decision that directly contradicts the actual circumstances of the case. And the court of each subsequent instance will diligently rewrite the decision of the previous one - regardless of any evidence and arguments, and no matter how obvious the wrongfulness of the decision is obvious to everyone. Even if all the judges saw everything and knew about the similar in the materials of others equivalently - similar claims. The paid decision will be exactly the opposite and completely contrary to normal judicial practice. And they are on to practice sneezing deeply.

Even if you find the best lawyers in the world, pay them a million dollars, and they will hold the best lawsuit in the world - it will not change anything. But judges who deliberately make wrong decisions spit not only lawyers - they spit on the law, they spit in the face of all of us. And the very norm, they skillfully and brazenly manipulate in the right direction for them.

In the courts, we are dealing with a well-thought-out system. This system has been replicating itself for many years and has consumed more than four billion dollars a year. At the same time, not only without any authority in society, but balancing between universal contempt and fastidiousness, bordering on hatred. What the hell is "your honor" ...

I see only one way out - to do so, for example, as this, according to a widespread legend (which is too good not to be true), was made by French President Charles de Gaulle: during one night, he dismissed all the judges of France, appointing graduates to their places law schools.

Universities of Russia annually produce 800 thousand lawyers - so there are more than enough wishing to take the vacant thirty thousand judges for a salary of more than 100 thousand rubles a month.

And, by the way, it would not even be possible to call it a “mopping-up” of the judicial system - for by and large, there is simply no judicial system in our country. It does not exist legally and normatively. It is not framed properly and looks like a criminal, and the entire current judicial system is the unauthorized seizure of the power function by a handful of criminals. In fact, we are talking about the creation of a real constitutionally justified and necessary for the population of the country, and not for the Akhamest Aligarhs and the “business out of power”. The new judicial system in Russia. From scratch. From scratch.

The current judicial system, disguised as a false democracy, judicial review "for a tick," the consideration of lawsuits on the principle of "our - someone else's" - is our present.

It is not necessary for the Russian judicial system to consider and think that the cynicism with which Russian justice works in its current form does not go unnoticed and is not evaluated on its merits, it is not evaluated on the basis of the existing logic of adequate thinking of ordinary people and analysts and specialists confronted with it. It is not so ... Everything is analyzed. Everything is traced and a certain circle of people interested in the exclusion of the current situation in the judicial system, has, creates and expresses its findings and gives analytical methods in the sense of the problems of Russian justice.

A certain circle of people interested in the exclusion of the current situation in the judicial system tries to point out and express at least a small fraction of the truth to those who fall into the gears of the Russian “justice” machine and that this machine is currently.

The current Russian judicial machine is, as you can see, in fact, ignorant and insensitive women as judges, who have got the hand to transfer to the text of fabricated, contrived and illegal sentences and decisions pieces from the indictments of prosecutors, other courts, from judicial practice and making smart view that they are listening to you, your representatives, lawyers, parties to the case. There are almost no peasants in this mean car, and those that exist sometimes try to outdo women in meanness.

These "servants of justice", especially in the SHG, earn by their manipulations with papers on the fate of people who have fallen into their hands, and they do not care about any destiny, the direction of which can change radically after one or another decision of such a court. Yes, there may be some exceptions in certain places of this machine, but where is the guarantee that you can get to such a place?

The majority of people did not study the laws, moreover, there are so many of them today that the authorities do not have time to publish them. Therefore, an ordinary person is lost from the arrogance and meanness of the Russian cruelty, as a result, such people become involuntary transmitters of their own destinies into the hands of weak-willed and soulless judges. This is not right, even if such a person is intelligent, honest and brave enough to risk his fate and life for the sake of truth and quarrel with the Russian machine of justice.

Any legal case has the essence and there are rules for the judicial investigation of any case. These rules (procedural rules) are written down in procedural laws. It is believed that if the case is dealt with exactly according to these rules, then injustice will not be committed. However, judges, prosecutors, investigators in the mass are extremely illiterate (or dishonest and dishonest?) And God forbid that they know the rules even within the limits of that part of the legislation with which they work. Not only this, these rules require them to work in good faith, and they did not go to the “law enforcement authorities” for this. Therefore, even if the case is not an “order”, then even they can easily be mistaken or neglect procedural rules due to laziness.

Separately, these procedural rules are not complicated and are understandable to everyone, however, many of these rules need to be correctly interpreted, for which you need to consider them together with articles of other laws or decisions of higher courts. This can be done, but it is not easy to do, because, having no experience, it is impossible to know where to look for the appropriate interpretation. For this, we need a fair trial so that with respect to any side of the claim, all procedural rules are executed exactly, since only the parties themselves know the truth and the essence of any case.

For example, only a true hidden criminal knows the truth about whether he stole or did not steal, whether he killed or not. And only he can correctly compare the details of those acts that are imposed on him by the court with those details that were in fact.

Even more terrible is the moral and psychological aspect. Having opened, the court calls the parties to a duel with the law, the rules and the honesty of the judges themselves (this is not a reservation: there are no acquittals in Russia, therefore the judge is the same opponent of any party as the other participants in the process). But any side of the case is a legitimate adversary of the court and facts of violation of the law by the court and has the right to inflict any wounds on the opponents in the case and the court. They will be hurt, especially by the courts, but they have nothing to do - they will be the first to and will destroy and crush the side that is not interested in the court and oppress its legal rights with its “idleness” in such a side to disfavor. And the law? And the law must be the second, who is obliged to help the oppressed party so that its opponents do not violate the rules of the fight.

How to behave with these "law enforcement officers." The main thing - do not be afraid! And this appeal is not to courage, but to the mind. After all, those who accuse or do not recognize their legal obligation that is unfulfilled to the party do not themselves know whether they will be right in court or not. As soon as they see that their opponent is frightened, shunned or intimidated, crushed by the court, their confidence in the weakness of the opposite side will increase. Any violators, or debtors, or parties accused of failing to comply with this or that law are, of course, the dregs of society, but they cannot be denied knowledge of the conditions of the environment in which they revolve, having the tacit support of the court initially: “Do not believe! Do not be afraid! Do not ask!"

And finally, what to do, when it is determined specifically by the behavior and the essence of the court’s work that the decision is frankly not fabricated for the benefit of a demanding or otherwise right side? In this case, those who fabricate it are criminals according to the laws of Russia. And they need to be called so. It does not matter that Bastrykin made investigators, prosecutors and judges unpunished criminals, because the criminal is the one who committed the crime, and whether the court or the Law called him that is a formality. Since the court, innocent or requiring the execution of laws from the side of the lawsuit, they try to declare the criminal to be illegal, either unjustified or unsatisfied by the court, so God himself gave them to call criminals.

It is today they are unpunished, and tomorrow the situation may change, and even today they live among people who already look at the “law enforcement officers” with hatred, and here they are also called criminals for specific relations with people in the cases under consideration.

Ideal justice has three key attributes - legality, justice, and humanity. Not perfect justice, they are atrophied or completely absent, but there are some signs, special. The specific signs of today's Russian justice are arrogance and shamelessness. This is not a curse to the Russian justice, it is a statement of fact.

Many high-profile court decisions, for example, in the case of Khodorkovsky and Lebedev, and then in the cases of Nemtsov, Yashin, Limonov, and Kosyakin, outraged many, both in Russia and abroad. Some, without holding back emotions, say that the court in Russia has died, that with the verdict on Khodorkovsky and Lebedev, the era of unprecedented lawlessness and arbitrariness has begun, that a new political reality has arisen and that all large and small Danilkins will someday be responsible for their crimes.

Alas, all this is emotional exaggeration. Lawlessness was not born yesterday in Russia and will not die tomorrow. In its sharpness and mass, it is still very far from its historical maximum. And thank God! By the degree of lawlessness, our country knew the worst times of the present. In Khrushchev and Brezhnev times, political enemies were not executed by conviction by absentee courts in the time of Stalin. In the post-Soviet and present-day Russia, the oppositionists were not imprisoned in psychiatric hospitals or camps for forbidden books, as was the case in the days of the Brezhnev-Andropov ones. We still have where to roll! This should be understood so as not to create the false feeling that Russian justice is already at the bottom. The bottom is still far away. But it goes there quickly and confidently.

Therefore, it is not necessary to pretend that the current degradation of the judicial system is like a head on the head, everything is for the first time, and people are now at a loss, confronted with such an unprecedented crime. What to do? Look into your recent past! Rate what has been done and what is not. Perhaps many older people will look back into their past uncomfortable. Especially those who made a successful career in those years in areas strictly controlled by ideological and repressive bodies. But, without looking into the past, you will not find the road to the future.

Legality has never been a skate of our justice. Sentences were most often rendered for reasons of expediency, and procedural violations were and remain ubiquitous. The laws of the law were better or worse, but always low. Either they gave ten years for stealing a spikelet, but not more than ten for murder. And only humanity throughout the Soviet and post-Soviet history was slowly creeping towards the best - from the unlawful executions of the Cheka during the Civil War to the justification of the murderers by the jury in our time.

Today’s, albeit not noticeable at first glance, but in fact existing, outrage of the democratic public is caused not so much by the atrophy of the key signs of justice, as by the appearance of its new sign - impudence and shamelessness. In essence, this is a slightly forgotten old, from the time of repression and gulag. Most of the sentences, allegedly, to the political criminals of the country are outrageous not so much by the falsification of cases and cruel sentences (as they have all been used to in recent years), as by the demonstrative absurdity of the charges. As if the courts and prosecutors believed and considered everyone around them to be complete idiots or serfs, who can say anything and not be shy about their lies. And more often, it’s just not to be shy about your complete stupidity, due to the non-existing system of its definition for them. They can not or do not want to achieve even the minimum degree of credibility in the falsification of many criminal cases. They frankly ignore not only evidence, but common sense, conscience, shame, human dignity.

Justice is gaining momentum in the trend that “judges” refuse to single-handedly attach to the case files videotapes, audio recordings, photos, evidence, witness testimony, etc., from which one can obviously extract data on a particular assessment of some facts relevant to the case. . The motivations for such failures are amazing in their impudence — this is irrelevant to the case. Everyone - and the participants in the process, and even the judge himself, obviously understand that this is most relevant to the case. It can not have. And the court itself is, for sure, understands. But with patented judicial shamelessness, he claims the opposite.

By such refusals, the judges indirectly indicate to the entire Russian society: “And we don’t care what you think of us. We do not care if our decisions are fair or not. ” And, as if to prove this, recently they often read their decisions in a quiet patter, from which one can understand one word out of ten, and even as quietly as possible. As if the tape in the recorder was set to play in accelerated mode and at a lower volume. “And we don’t care if you understand us or not,” these judges showed with all their behavior.

This frank judicial shamelessness is the new sign of Russian justice. And it is based on the betrayal of judicial ethics, on arrogance in attempts to deceive the parties to the case and outside observers - the people. This is a new corporate style of the court and the very system of court training and legal proceedings. If you take a closer look and remember more closely, this has happened before. When two provocateurs were sent to single pickets and a picket was tried for an unauthorized mass event. When civilian activists were detained preventively and tried on trumped-up charges. All this was. But now it seems to have received the highest approval, has reached a new level and has become the hallmark of our judicial system.

To say that black is white may be mistaken by a blind sighted person, by the malicious sightedness of a sighted person - to a blind person, and by impudence of a judge - to a defendant or party not interested in a judge. So that everyone around you knows that the law is not written to the judge.

“No one else with him to the world took away wealth, but a pure and transparent soul of an honest, decent citizen, and only she easily reaches the heights of heaven, and lies and greed will not allow a sinful soul to be elevated and will be eternal martyrs in a sinful land. ”- so says the faith of the Russian people.

There are repeated calls to the authorities, to the court and to all the law enforcement agencies of this country to stop mocking the long-suffering Russian people, because patience is not unlimited, and after dusk there is always a rise. Not a single living creature on earth and in space has invented such terrible torture on themselves as man, and the most terrible of them is separation from the belief in the law and its action on the territory of our residence.

Such thoughts written here can be read not only by the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of today's participants in the court proceedings, but also by them, the judges, descendants, and they will be ashamed to admit that their ancestors (judges) could observe and restore justice and truth in their decisions and look into the eyes , but they turned away from conscience, truth, were frightened, and it turned out to be a lot of cowardice to admit to oh, how difficult, and even more so in weakness and cowardice.

I love Russia - my homeland and, no matter what, I will glorify in my affairs my thoughts and actions her greatness and power, but I will also talk about the grief of national and state ignorance too. I can not be silent. I have no right.

What is now is an immoral, blasphemous, inquisitorial process, and it could arise only in an extra-legal police state. There is a strict concept of the conceptual rejection of the court and the authorities to the people - zugzwang. In other words - the court of innocents, there is a semblance, showcase, attributes of the weak on the conscience of justice. Convictions are handed down by Russian judges with slavish haste and groundlessness, this is proof that the country is brewing a hidden genocide over the Great Russian people and its instrument is an infinite judicial system, with divine immunity, unlimited, unbridled, unlimited and unpunished authority.

They sneer at the law and the people, sending their long-suffering people to the bloody conveyor, and then to the soulless, high-speed meat grinder of innocent souls and unfortunate destinies, which grinds tirelessly innocent souls. They are brazenly defying the law of the Russian Federation, the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and human rights. The Russian judicial and legal system was initially flawed. Her creators should first think, and then create, their offspring - a monster.

Judges became involuntary, soulless predecessors, well-established judicial cannibalism, sensitive to the manipulation of their masters "puppeteers." And this confirms all the senseless and immoral titanic attempts on a shaky, fairy-tale foundation to build the fragile building of a planetary legal policy. Sophisticated in torture, lost psychologically - by demagogic method, former investigators and prosecutors become judges, thus creating a closed and inseparable - sinful circle of the judicial legal system, and Themis, automatically and involuntarily, became their unfailing and servile slave.

Custom, falsified, paid in the right direction sentences in Russia, proof of that. This is an emergency and a national threat to the country!

Over the years, Russia has been actively reforming the judicial system. Much is changing before our eyes and very rapidly. But the transformations started are not being conducted correctly. They were offered constantly and now are being proposed by activists and specialists to withdraw from action a number of blanker “order-based” laws of the Russian Federation, but at the same time, give an opportunity to understand the violations of even these laws of Russia not only in the echelons of higher power, but also as low as possible. unmanaged local government. And this should be done especially carefully due to the economic collapse in which the whole country lives and breathes the present lawlessness. Those who have committed minor crimes should have a chance to improve and start everything from a clean slate, and crimes of those who are the worst should be punished not with meager fines of a few hundred rubles, but much higher. This was written thousands of times to President Putin, Medvedev and Putin again, and things are there.

The quality of the investigation of lawsuit materials is another important aspect of justice. The investigation by the court itself is intentionally separated from the prosecutor's office and the investigative forces for its greater independence. And the supervisory authorities, the parties of any case, have no sufficient possibilities for control. The prosecutor's office has such tools as the abolition of the decision to initiate a criminal case, the refusal to approve an indictment or even support the prosecution in court. But often they not only do not use their right and fair law, but on the contrary, they ignore the Law of Russia and its Constitution, most often violate it themselves or cover up the infringers in courts deliberately. Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in Part 1 of Art. 6 establishes "Everyone has the right to a fair and public hearing of his case for a reasonable time by an independent and impartial court established by law."
The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of December 16, 1996 established that everyone has the right “on the basis of full equality ... to be tried without undue delay” (paragraph 14 (c) of section 2). Moreover, each participant in the trial “has the right to trial within a reasonable time” (part 3 of article 9). The lengthy unjustified delay of the process is almost equivalent to a denial of justice. Justice must be swift, for delay is a type of refusal. A number of International Articles of the United Nations, the Criminal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Constitution of Russia are blatantly violated by courts everywhere and indiscriminately, and the sentences are often grossly and not professionally falsified so that even a schoolchild can figure out these falsifications with a sentence. And what do we expect Russians from such a Themis?

In fact, the judiciary in the country began to play by the same rules as the legislative and executive, and in no case should it do so. It should be neither closed nor dynastic, nor with a touch of God's chosen people. Should not intrigue and replay someone. Our courts - judging mainly by “relatives” - have closed and are playing with delight in the big, great, and grandiose.

Now the state very generously contains judges, covers them with a palisade of social guarantees and benefits. The judiciary felt its power. Judges want to participate in politics, the role of just the judges is already their. The courts gradually mimic the offices of parties and electoral headquarters. And if the process continues, it will be a cataclysm and utopia for Russia!

In its Resolution of 12.23.2013 N 29-P, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation noted that the requirement of unity of practice of applying the norms of legislation by all courts is determined by the balance of principles of independence of judges in the administration of justice fixed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation (Part 1 of Article 120), the rule of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and federal laws in the Russian legal system, as well as the equality of all before the law and the court (part 2 of article 4, part 1, 2 of article 15, part 1 of article 19).

The general legal criterion of certainty, clarity, and unambiguity of a legal norm follows from the constitutional principle of equality of all before the law and the court (part 1 of article 19 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation), since such equality can be achieved only under the condition of a uniform understanding and interpretation of the legal norm by all law enforcement.
This conclusion is confirmed by the Decisions of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation of April 25, 1995 N 3-P, of July 15, 1999 N 11-P, of February 25, 2004 No. 4-П, of April 20, 2009 No. 7-П, of December 6, 2011, No. 27 -P, of 06/29/2012 N 16-P, of 04/22/2013 N 8-P, of 06/27/2013 N 15-P.

The rule of law and the principle of constitutional legality arising from it imply a uniform understanding and application of the law by the court not only in each of the judicial subsystems, but also within the national judicial system as a whole.

This conclusion is confirmed by the generalization of the judicial practice of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation for 2012–2013 (Approved by the Decision of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation of April 22, 2014).

The following conclusions can be made from the systemic interpretation of the aforementioned Resolutions of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation and the Resolutions of the Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation (Resolutions of the Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of December 30, 2009 No. 56-PV-09 and of July 12, 2006 No. 3-PV-06):

1) The unity of judicial practice should be understood as the correct and uniform application of federal legislation throughout the territory of the Russian Federation in the consideration and resolution of civil cases.

2) Violation of the judicial practice can be considered to be the issuance of judicial acts that contradict: Decisions of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, containing explanations on the issues of judicial practice; Decrees of the Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, Determinations of the judicial division in civil cases and the appellate collegium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation in specific cases containing interpretations of the norms of substantive and procedural law; materials officially published by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation Reviews of judicial practice and Answers to questions arising from the courts in the application of the law.

In the interests of legality and unity of judicial practice, illegal and unjustified judicial acts are subject to cancellation - by the court of cassation instance.

It is worth noting that the Decision of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, including the one in which the constitutional legal meaning of this or that statute appears, excludes any other interpretation, is final, cannot be revised by other bodies or overcome by re-adopting a rejected unconstitutional act or through the application of a regulatory legal act in an interpretation that disagrees with its constitutional and legal meaning, and also obliges all law enforcers, including the courts of general jurisdiction and arbitrage courts, act in accordance with the legal positions Constitutional Court (Decision Constitutional Court from 18.09.2014 N 23-n).

As the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation has repeatedly pointed out, in particular, in Decree of 03.02.1998 N 5-P, that an erroneous judicial decision cannot be considered just and the state is obliged to guarantee the protection of the rights and freedoms of a person and citizen from a judicial error. The inability to reconsider an erroneous judicial act diminishes and restricts the right of everyone to judicial protection, which is unacceptable.

The decision is legal in the case when it is made with strict observance of the rules of procedural law and in full compliance with the norms of substantive law, which are applicable to this legal relationship, or based on the application of the law analogy or the analogy of law in necessary cases.

The decision is justified when the facts relevant to the case are confirmed by evidence examined by the court, satisfying the requirements of the law on their relevance and admissibility, or circumstances that do not need to be proved, and also when it contains the exhaustive conclusions of the court arising from the established facts.

In the reasoning part of the court decision must be indicated the circumstances of the case established by the court; the evidence on which the findings of the court about these circumstances are based; the arguments on which the court rejects certain evidence; laws that govern the court.

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

Сообщение Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 12:19


Just think about it - how clearly and thoughtfully organized in the country is control over the people, over all of us! On the eve of the adoption of each anti-national law, the government’s “manual opposition” necessarily holds rallies and collects signatures on petitions for allegedly repealing this law. We must understand that all this is done in order to control us.

You believe in various nonsense about the revolution. in the restoration of the USSR and other garbage, we merge from the mass media? Already a hundred times it has been said and I’m not tired of repeating - we don’t have and never will have the opposition, it’s all FSB. The Maltsevs, Demushkins, Galperyens, Bulk and many others all there are part of the control over us, our thoughts and aspirations. Do not believe anyone, the truth is nowhere and never wait for it in this country ever! The whole point of controlling us is not to suppress our protest moods, but to head them. So act always those who retired from the people and who do not care for the people - by a simple and ancient principle - divide and conquer. And when these measures are not enough, then the whole Nazi guard has been procured to destroy the dissenters, and even with elements of terror, comparable even to fascism.

A problem is artificially created from any scandal or scandalous news, then it is built up to its highest phase, leaders are determined, promoters ... and everything begins as planned - arrests, left courts, prisoners' and disappearances. No need to go anywhere, no need to strike! They all will not hear anyone exactly, while the strikers will only have more problems.

Take advantage of what nature has bestowed on us and what other nations and nationalities do not have — an intellect that is unique to our Russian kind. Understand finally that the so-called anti-terror regime is directed precisely against us, against the Russian people. There is no Islamic threat, it is fictional. Terrorists for them are all of us. It is we who represent a threat to the anti-law regime in the country and to those puppeteers who are behind this all.

There are very few Russians left, according to approximate estimates of ethnic Russian people only about 70 million people. But even in such numbers we represent a great threat to globalists if we understand the reasons for our fall through life.

Requirements for laws and regulations, in this case, the mass requirements - this is what they fear the most. They are afraid that each of us is finally aware of himself as a person, will remember and is aware that we are humans, not experimental animals, not cattle, not cattle, and we can and should begin to act against lawlessness, even if alone. We must bring and file lawsuits to the courts on every occasion of lawlessness. And most importantly - with a lot of information about it.

Parasites and thieves from power are ready for any turn of events, but not for this. Information, honest and truthful information is the main thing that they really fear. When thousands or millions of people, without conspiracy, rise and begin to judge everything connected with the thieves and corrupt power, only in this case will people be able to prove the illegality and absurdity of many laws and show that they must be considered. In the meantime, continue to blunt and listen to these populists of the Maltsevs and all the other prikhlebaev, but do not forget they are part of the system of control over you.

The reasoning of many populists is sometimes correct, sometimes even clever. But there is a big BUT. There is no way out of this. Any clever speech - another pukalki. No more. There is not a single rule that indicates that there is any possibility to improve something in the country for the better for ordinary people. And just talking about the fact that we sucks and need to change something - pukalka. We all have already propukali. There is no way out of any option. It was not necessary to be silent when this srach was growing. But we were silent. Now the only way out is to sit in your own little world. Kizdezhom nothing here is not correct.

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

Сообщение Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 12:22


Russia is already a hopeless, hopeless country. The great-power, pro-tamed mood of the quilted jackets is becoming more and more, and more receding before reality People are more and more immersed in the so-called crisis depression, and with anguish they recall the times of the late USSR. Is a mass protest possible in a country, a life in which, in fact, does not promise citizens anything but increasing difficulties? Let's try to figure it out!

Previously, there were really hopes in connection with the next elections. Each electoral cycle was accompanied by a certain rise in public expectations, moods from expected changes for the better, supported by a willingness to participate, choose, hope. If we recall the 90th gangster years - people in Russia from those times had a certain vague feeling that their voices in the elections had an effect on something. People assumed that according to the results of the elections something unexpected could happen, at least something, but the best, improved, say, victory of the same “clowns” of the Communists.

Now, there are no signs of pre-election mobilization, not the slightest surge of hopes and expectations from their results.
Moreover, already every fourth inhabitant of the country is ready to sell his vote in the elections, if something is offered for him. “At least something I will fuck with it?” - this is how people argue. That is, the public interests are not put into anything here, and, what not to say, this is a sign of the complete demoralization of the population. What is happening in the country at the moment is already close to the Soviet picture, when everyone stupidly went to vote only because it is the way it should be, it should be, otherwise it may be worse.

No signs of ripening of truly mass movements in the country are also observed, although from time to time, “measurements” are taken throughout Russia. And always the picture as a result is the same - readiness, whatever it may be, is orders of magnitude different from the real participation of the population in the protest processes. Thousands remain from the millions.

Work with intelligence on nostalgia for the Soviet era has been going on for a long time, and work has been going on to slander the experience of the 1990s. And most people have easily accepted this image of the recent past. People for the most part were then overboard. The 90s gave new opportunities only to those who were somehow focused on success, hard-working, having social recognition, high professional achievements, had the power of self-realization, high-quality education. Special “measurements” are being made now about risk preparedness, testing new forms of economic and social activity, as well as mobility. It was believed that the percentage of people with such a value orientation should grow, but it did not grow, but stopped somewhere around 10%. And this is not enough, scary enough.

In a society there is an acute shortage of "stubborn" people, people who would go to the courts. defended their rights, at least they would try to do this, they would stand to the last. The problem of the deficit of this active, irreconcilable class is perfectly described in the memoirs of Sebastian Hafner “The Story of a German. Private man against the thousand-year Reich. " The key question of the book is how could these people, free citizens of the Weimar Republic, submit to Hitler? Leaves - inaction, laziness and patience.

I remember one good phrase - "Among the Germans, there were too few martyrs." That is, too few stubborn people, people who would be smart enough, and the courage to resist the slow slide of the nation into the abyss. This is the main principle by which we will never achieve anything in Russia. Late.

More and more weight from texts from petitions, appeals and requirements to our great rulers. People! It is necessary not THESE trifles, in the form of handrails, lamps. poles, pipe repair, installation of trash cans, legal decisions of parasites from government agencies, sales vessels, cops and fucking prosecutors, etc. to demand from the authorities, and the execution of the LAWS. And then such petitions and rallies will not appear. In the country, complete chaos, lawlessness has come to the fullest, and we are all stupid and stupid, and we write to the great and mighty rulers of the petitions. What for? In this legal state, such petitions would not be needed.

The authors of many meetings and appeals are similar to the kids. Read and think carefully about what they require - - What does it have to do, for example (from one petition), the absence of a fence and a carrier that did not slow down during the time? What do you mean abandoned, it is you, stray dogs and cats and the desire of your child to run across the lawn? What does it have to do with your desire to achieve the truth in court and the judge's desire for bribe to buy yourself another Kruzak? Looking for guilt in not guilty? Looking for protection from those who will never give it to you? How familiar. The authors of petitions, rallies, pickets, are almost similar to each other. But they do not understand the main thing - leners (for example) for X km will not save the lives of all people dying from the actions of idiots. more and more. And the reasons for the increase in all this is not at all in the absence of Leier. And what, for example, did the passengers themselves, in that crashed bus before the accident, seeing that the idiot drove and drives like a fool? Nothing. Is everyone in a hurry? Not seen and did not feel anything before the accident? What were they doing at the time when the economy collapsed in the country and the statehood system was rotting? Everyone was silent? I think that was so. Why? Because we all became pokers. We have long spat not only on ourselves, but also on our loved ones, relatives, strangers around us. We were forced to be such in this state. We are already used to this.

It is necessary to change yourself, and not to “put the leer on over the track.” Excuse me, but I plowed for 30 years in the long haul, and in our times there have never been such accidents, and there have been no leers. Probably because we were law-abiding and we had a rule of law? And no one poured all the hundred miles per hour while cornering. Because we were driving behind the wheel with responsibility for ourselves, the passengers, for their lives and we were right. We had confidence in our necessity and in the necessity of our work. And now? Have you heard of such a thing - hopelessness? People have lost interest in the value of their lives. They were forced to be like that. I will say more, it is even profitable for someone that we would be like that. Why? And we interfere too much in this country.

In our demands (at the same time, just verbally) we point out that, in essence, should be taken for granted in a legal and lawful state. EVERYTHING will continue to fly away in accidents, because the brainless freaks are already sitting in buses behind the wheel, the normal people in the country have not done normal for a long time, and there are simply no control systems for equipment and people in the country. She was destroyed. Specially. Purposefully. Tell me honestly - do you really think that this is the way out - petitions and appeals to the great and his attendants? Or maybe you think about the reasons for your petition from a different angle? The basic idea of ​​any petition, such as “we demand,” “sort it out,” “help,” says that you agree that what is required in your petition SHOULD BE, but it is not for some reason. That is, IT, in your opinion, should be the way you think, but it is not due to the fact that someone did not foresee this? Can you also do IT for those who are required to do IT on duty or according to the law? THEY THERE do not want to do anything, and you tell THEM what should be done with THEM, what would be the way you think you MUST BE?

An analogue of most of the petitions: I went to a drunken Chmyr with a bald and fell, hit my head on the curb and died - we will petition demanding to replace all the curbs in the country with rubber ones, so that when the people fall, they don’t die or what? Maybe it is worth finding the cause of another fall of this drunkard or even not a drunkard? There, for example, the pedestrian path was not cleared after a snowfall, the sand was not sprinkled with sand by the service. But we will stupidly demand rubber borders, because THEY continue to kill us! Or maybe it’s just necessary to find those responsible for violating the laws on the condition of the tracks and the reasons for the non-working utility service and force THEM to do their work on time and in the right way? Not! We will, through a petition, find out where this drunk bought alcohol after 24 hours, who sold him to him, where he drank, and whether the alcohol was excise.

And you know, it is beneficial for our rulers that we would become such idiots. And we become them. Any petition is a clear example of this. IMHO. Continue to search for the causes of your problems not in the places where they were laid initially, long before they occur. A sad case, but most of the petitions once again confirm our power that we have already become completely idiots and cattle in this country. They like it.

By the way, about one petition. Accidents on the ground. where there are handrails, the most terrible as destruction and cars and people in such accidents are broken into pieces than in places where there are no such handrails. Because even with us these handrails are made absolutely not in the way they should be done. But in their manufacture, in supplies and installations, some are welded up to "Mama Do not Cry" and then dumps from the country to other places to live for themselves in pleasure, leaving us, idiots, to die from these fucking Leers faster and better.

Idiots are now all over all and on both sides of our life in the country. Some of the idiots in power think that they are mocking the people, the people themselves do not understand and do not notice the mockery of them, so they will never do ANYTHING for it ... And the other part of idiots seeing mockery by themselves is a power, still believes in punching a fist on the table or a shoe on the podium, not realizing that the time for chatter and idle talk has long ended. And the time of the "crowd" even more so. And now nobody will do anything for the people and for the people.

Now is the time imposed laws that are already IMPOSSIBLE TO CHANGE. And if people try to act according to the LAWS against the government, they will continue to sit at the bottom of the trough for 100%. CHANCE SOMETHING TO CHANGE people missed their silence and idiocy. A small part of the gavkalok, pleasing the current state of affairs in the country - this is the usual hankers at and from the authorities and their mongrels. Therefore, they have only one task and the way out is to yelp, work out your slop. Only these mongrel forget that dogs live less people ... Sooner or later they will have to take a rest! So - let them yelp for health, until they succeed. Our rulers only need this - that everyone would look like fuckers and idiots ... DON'T NEED ABOUT CHAIRS TO MAKE HANDS. JUST IGNORE THEM AND EVERYTHING. THE HUNGERED IDIOTS AND CATTLES FROM THE AUTHORITIES ARE STUNNING LIKE EGGS YOURSELF!

Mr. Ineff declared all Russian people to be cattle. What did he mean? Probably this -

“Bydloism is a terrible thing. Bydloism is an exercise in voluntary madness. Bydloism is stupidity and blindness. Cowardice and meanness - that is the main thing in bydloizme. The cat is afraid to open his eyes and see what happens. Prices literally all grow by leaps and bounds. The country is dying out, and the indigenous Russian population is being replaced by migrants. Science and culture have already been completely destroyed, education and health are being destroyed. The industry and agriculture are almost completely collapsed. The whole country turned into one big Kuschevka, and drug addiction, spies and alcoholism literally flooded the whole of Russia. In honor of the most base and vile, and the holy and high soiled mud. Theft and cronyism became the skeleton of the country. Around corruption and bribes flourish. Bydloist wants to live in a great country so much that he ... cowardly closes his eyes to what is happening and with the help of petty self-deception and false manipulations convinces himself that everything is good in the country. And therefore, everyone who kills Russia, he calls his friends. And everyone who really loves Russia and wishes her well, he declares as enemies. Bydloist, bydloizma supporter - it's not even a zombie. This is much worse. This is an ideological masochist who believes in the sanctity of what is in every possible way used for bullying for years over him, his family and his country !!! "

How do you get the perfect mob, cattle and idiots ?! Very simple!

For this, you just need to scream on TV about the country's greatness and the holiness of the leader, while humiliating and insulting other countries and leaders. And then, the flawed man with low self-esteem, will feel part of something great! A creature without its own "I" will be ready for self-sacrifice, for the sake of this greatness.

But at the same time, the insignificant little man must be kept in a bestial state and constant need. And then, each solemn opening of the sidewalk or a beggarly wage issued without delay, he will perceive as a gift from above, experiencing immense joy!

To assert that all the people are cattle, this does not mean that every member of the people is such. This only means that the critical mass of cattle among the people surpasses for a certain critical value, which determines its average behavior, which determines the people as a kind of specific civil society; and that allows us to speak in general about the people, as a community, that the people are cattle.

Cattle are weak-willed people, obedient to violence, deception and humiliation. This is a category of people, a crowd, who lack the ability for independent critical thinking. “Do it because everyone does it.” In the mouths of the feudal landlords, Bydlo signified the contemptuous designation of the peasant masses as a weak-willed, dumb and submissive herd, patronized by the landowner.

Compare this meaning of the word "Cattle" with the Russian people, and you will find strikingly exact similarities. Cattle is a value system. For cattle, it is important that someone commanded them from above, and cattle completely and meekly will carry out these commands. Cattle denies the person in all its manifestations. The worst thing for cattle - to lose their master, and get freedom. Because cattle can not live in freedom, it can not make their own, it is afraid to take responsibility for their own lives, afraid to fight with each other, afraid of the onset of chaos.

But the cattle seeks to shift the responsibility for himself - to his master. At the same time, the social status of cattle, upbringing, education, income level, etc., do not matter. A cattle can be a bum, and a wealthy man in a tie. A cattle can be quite a decent person in life, a great family man, a good friend, and so on.

Cattle chews hay, drinks water. And he loves his master, who periodically cuts and cuts like a ram. Because, from the point of view of the cattle, his owner is a benefactor, without whom the cattle would have disappeared, without a haystack, he drank a bucket, a roof over his head. And how else, because the other life of the cattle does not know, there is nothing to compare with. Cattle (cow) is stupid, because nothing depends on the cow anyway. What is needed, the owner will bring, will not let him die of hunger, cold. Grass is always near. Or oil with gas ...

All trash lives only for its own sake, without noticing others. “I’ll need to drive up to the entrance, I’ll drive up and spit the lawn there, the sidewalk there. The main thing for me is convenient, for the rest - to spit.” - such logic cattle. A civilized person thinks that "whether my car will not hinder pedestrians" or "will I ruin the lawn with my car, which workers have refined for a long time and for which funds from the budget have been spent." What should happen to people in Russia become more civilized. Some have already gone so far that even in the entrances (there are even examples in Moscow, not in some abandoned village in the outback) they throw bags with garbage just on the first floor. Two steps away from the house there are 2 garbage dumps, at the entrance there is a garbage chute. No, it is too difficult. They regularly throw them next to their mailboxes and don't give a damn about the entrance to the yard, don't give a damn about rats and roaches breeding ...

And the predator (wolf) is an intelligent animal. Because no one will bring him anything, and the wolf cannot chew grass. We have to hunt, be coordinated by the pack, invent ambushes, etc. From here: the predator is always smarter and more energetic than cattle.

In Russia, there are still many different braces, but these are the strongest.

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

Сообщение Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 12:23


The Russians are already doomed to drool and snot. They are doomed to sit in a gate and whine there. And it’s time to admit the truth: RUSSIAN NATION LIVES SO, BECAUSE IT'S BETTER TO LIVE. As the Strugatsky brothers diplomatically put it: “You have to be an idiot to have a government that has brought it to this position.” ("Ugly Swans").

The Russian nation is zombie and FORGOTTEN prohibitively. Two years ago, 86% of the Russian nation were ordinary zombies. And cattle always lives like cattle. How people can live only citizens of the country. And citizens live by the law, in contrast to the herd of cattle, which lives by the rules.

Example 1: the “annexation” of Crimea by Russia was explained by the main bydlovod with cattle concepts (“historical justice, the dictates of the heart, the protection of the Russians”, etc.) and the Russian nation accepted it with bydlovskim delight.

Example 2: the so-called. “truckers’ protest ”, which in its essence is a gastric revolt of agitated cattle. Cattle never go out on protest under social slogans, cattle protest only when its trough is emptying.


1. Economic coercion of slaves to permanent work. The modern slave is forced to work without stopping to death, since The money earned by a slave in 1 month is enough to pay for housing for 1 month, food for 1 month and travel for 1 month. Since there is always enough money for a modern slave for only 1 month, the modern slave is forced to work all his life until death. The pension is also a big fiction, since The retired slave gives all the pension for lodging and food, and the retired slave does not have free money.

2. The second mechanism of coercion of slaves to work is the creation of artificial demand for pseudo-needed goods that are imposed on the slave with the help of TV advertising, public relations, and the location of goods at certain places in the store. The modern slave is involved in an endless race for "novelties", and for this he has to constantly work.

3. The third hidden mechanism of economic coercion of modern slaves is the credit system, with the “help” of which modern slaves are more and more drawn into credit bondage, through the mechanism of “loan interest”.

4. The fourth mechanism to make modern slaves work for a hidden slave owner is the myth of the state. The modern slave believes that he works for the state, but in fact the slave works for the pseudo-state, since The money of a slave goes into the pocket of slave owners, and the concept of the state is used to cloud the brains of slaves so that slaves do not ask too many questions like: why do slaves work all their lives and always remain poor? And why don't slaves have a share of the profits? And who exactly is transferred the money paid by slaves in the form of taxes?

5. The fifth mechanism of hidden coercion of slaves is the mechanism of inflation. The rise in prices in the absence of a rise in the wage of a slave, provides for a hidden imperceptible robbery of slaves. Thus, the modern slave is impoverished more and more.

6. The sixth hidden mechanism to force a slave to work for free: deprive the slave of funds for moving and buying real estate in another city or another country. This mechanism forces modern slaves to work in one city-forming enterprise and “endure” enslaving conditions, since There are no other conditions for slaves and there is no place for slaves to escape.

7. The seventh mechanism forcing a slave to work for free is the concealment of information about the real value of the labor of a slave, the real value of the goods that the slave produced. And the share of the slave’s salary that the slave owner takes through the accounting mechanism, taking advantage of the ignorance of the slaves and the lack of slave control over the surplus value that the slave owner takes for himself.

Therefore, the MAIN TASK FOR TODAY'S DAY is to PROMOTE ESSENTIAL FROM YOURSELF, and not in drops, but in liters. ONLY FROM THIS, THE REVIVAL OF RUSSIA WILL BEGIN. Cattle will not "live much better" NEVER. Cattle will always live like cattle.

I note that bydlovost Russian nation began to decline. Now it is at the level of 80%. It is declining mainly due to the youth, who have not yet completely discredited themselves and categorically do not want to live like the older generation according to the scheme "born - suffered - died". And the youth is so arranged that she wants everything at once. Therefore, she went to Alexey Navalny so massively: only he proposes a radical solution to the problem of scaling out a pack of jackals from Russia headed by Sher Khan entirely.

... And a 5% reduction in bydlovosti is actually a lot. This is 7 million people only from the “payroll”, and if we discard the infants and the elderly, it is already 15-20 million people.
Therefore, I affirm that in Russia there is a revolutionary situation. "Tops" can not, and the "lower classes" want. Therefore, the mass will surely follow the NEW to the end. Because already many are not cattle. People want to live by the law, not concepts. And they will live like this. And Putin and his gang sooner or later will find themselves, if not in a bunker, then in a dustbin of history absolutely for sure.

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

Сообщение Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 12:25


Let me remind you: a certain V. I. Lenin was engaged by pro-Germans and did a revolution in Russia 100 years ago FOR GERMAN MONEY. The heir to this power is Putin. And if “engagement” is a circus and clowning, then Putin should immediately resign as the heir to the criminal “engaged German pro-clown” regime) and restore the monarchy in Russia (for example) of the Romanov family.

And what do we have now? But -
# 1: Conscription -> I conducted a survey among 25 guys / acquaintances and 19 people said that they would leave the country primarily because of the compulsory conscription army, because without a military ticket, neither a job in their specialty, nor a company to open and nobody wants to spend a year of youth on our barbaric army. This is not to mention the high chances of irreversible loss of health and the greatest ratings of suicides or other fatal cases among the armies of the world in peacetime. My mother's neighbor is suing along with the Mother's Right Foundation and the Ministry of Defense. I don’t know the story for sure, but the outcome is the same: The guy was beaten and hanged, and no one except the guy is guilty of documents
It is necessary: ​​to establish a professional / contract or at least semi-professional army, to completely get rid of conscription. Already it is time to climb out of the feudal foundations. There will be no corruption, the money will immediately be found for everyone.
# 2: Small and medium business -> modern government has created almost dystopic conditions for creating small or medium businesses. It seems to be the 90s have gone down in history, but it seems not. All grants and competitions purchased. The credit structure of banks all rusted. It’s really scary to open a company for many reasons. Well, for example one of them: a person told how he tried to open a business in Kazan in 2009 for the production of gaskets. Business has been going well for 2 months. Then came the masked people, physically explained that he had violated someone’s circle of interests. All conveyors broke, the equipment was taken away, and the office with the basement was set on fire. The police did not naturally do anything.
Necessary: ​​to create a favorable / safe atmosphere for small and medium businesses.
# 3: Russia's position in the global community -> Russia politically every year becomes more and more isolated from the developing countries of the West. I apologize for the expression, but: what kind of x * do I need dozens of meetings and contracts with Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc. The country needs new technologies, not a new method of planting potatoes. If a country wants to develop, first of all, it is necessary to improve relations with the West and strengthen relations with Asia (China, Japan, Singapore, etc.). Stop this Cold War already. Your mother is already the 21st century in the courtyard, they are still the size of guns are measured in their political push.
Necessary: ​​To establish relations with the West, stop the Cold War and soften the immigration - visa regime in both directions.

Have you ever been to a Russian court, or wrote a statement to the police against these very Akham representatives of local and regional authorities in order to understand how this works? I myself have come across courts and the police. I can say for sure that they will not lift a finger and simply have grown together with the authorities and oligarchs, and there are plenty of examples on the Internet. I don’t give bribes anyway, but something I don’t see in this city from this road become at least normal.

In the country, deliberately the people are driving in a nonsense about 90. I understand that not everyone understands what happened there and all the reasons for what happened because of not particular competence in this. Firstly, everything was bad not because people changed (it is extremely stupid to think so), for example, in Europe or America, every 4/8 years, presidents and power change and that, they probably fell apart there already poor. Everything was bad, because the system changed, reforms were carried out, the country moved from socialism to capitalism, of course, everything will not be very good. For example, when you are going to build a new house, you will demolish the old one, right? And they also did something about it, because even time was called “perestroika”. But now, this is a different situation, we do not need any “restructuring”, we will not have a change in the system when the government changes, but the laws and maybe even the constitution will be rewritten (because they are terrible), but the structure will remain the same. Moreover, in our current constitution, the “change of power” is enshrined, which actually does not exist, because our government has occupied everything and does not let anyone in, spending billions (officially 80 billion on media spending) on ​​zombies of people in the country. their notorious 90s to sit quietly and think that everything is fine, receiving their miserable 15 thousand.

If it were not for idiots like us, we would now be smart and educated would live as in North Korea, the USSR was falling apart and it was necessary, everything would be worse and worse. Because the fact that we now live much better than in the USSR is not the merit of our beloved tsar, but our national wealth (40% of the world’s resources in Russia) and the rather large price of oil we sell in large quantities, which we did not do when the USSR because of isolation. Putin was just lucky that the rise in oil prices coincided with his arrival. Secondly, there were no liberals or even democrats in the 90s, there were maybe a few people, the rest were repainted from communists and others. Like democracy, we never had, well, maybe formally they tried to do everything democratically, but in fact it was never in a full form. Now, it’s not Navalny who makes people go out into the street, not anyone else, but first of all, you are power by your inaction, devil-may-care attitude and unwillingness to leave yourself provoke people to come out.

People understand everything perfectly. And in this understanding, the actions of the aggressive militaristic Putin government in Russia prevent us most of all. RUSSIA BEGINS, we stopped thinking, thinking and acting like people. Russia has become a state - a bastard, we do everything like animals. For one purpose, to be hated and feared.

Squeeze, grab, humiliate, foul, kill, destroy, defame, boast, it's all what the kozlomordny Putin people can do. And we kill easily, as prostitutes give, so Politkovskaya, Listyev and Nemtsov were killed. Russian brainless creatures esteem Putin, Kadyrovs, Zhirinovsky robbing them and listen to vomit of vile propagandons - the Kiselevs, Vysermans and others. Lies have become closer to our hearts, so we became enemies of the whole civilized world.

And about your leaders, I remember the proverb: Who would not sit in the Kremlin, even a Jew, even though a Georgian is still Russian. (The same applies to Dzerzhinsky, Kotovsky and Latvian riflemen, although the latter did not sit in the Kremlin). Bolshevik filth comes precisely from Russia.

As for the stench of American slavery, then you better think about how slavishly you are fawning over your plundering leaders who came from the dirty Soviet elite. And there is no need to tell fairy tales about the goat Kremlin kinks, about the American imperialists and the State Department. This is a fairy tale for Russian morons. Russia itself makes hostility to Russia and began to do it from 1917, when the unenlightened cattle under the control of the Jewish adventurers overthrew their Tsar, though not very good. And the children of the King, why did we kill, are we so good? And Siberian concentration camps for dissidents of their own and others, why are we building? And the repression, collectivization (robbery), why, became friends with Hitler, why? What are we, so that Ukraine will continue to hang out in our Russian shit? And we invent kozlomorye tales about America, about fascists and Ukrah, who dug out the sea. We are such goat-mongers to this day. Not all of course, there are Russians worthy of respect and admiration, but they are much smaller than cattle ...

Why Russian cattle irreparably? Everything is very simple! It has never been anything but a cattle!
Starting with the kings of Grozny, and the great Petrov, cattle got used to their stall in the left! And the fact that on the backbone of his palaces and capitals are built, it is, so to speak, the mentality of the Russian cattle, who are used to living from under the whip and getting teeth from the master! Cheka - KGB - FSB always exercised control over cattle, tightly accustoming him to one axiom - "Locksmith locksmith. Caesar - Caesarevo".

Cattle knows perfectly well what kind of loot is concentrated in the hands of power and oligarchs! But - cuts olympiad, and cooperatives "Lake" taboo for ever and ever! After all, cattle, and cattle can not live without a leader, because they will drink everything. Yes, in all ages, cattle did not sow and pahalo, but made forays against their neighbors.

Therefore, not Putin is a threat to the world, but the very cattle that created it is a threat! Putin is just a portrait, a portrait born by a society of gopniks who obey his interests. He unleashes wars, giving an opportunity to the society of gop-stopnikov - to pillage and kill.

Compare China with Russia! The territory is also huge! But every piece of land is planted there! In Russia, the vast virgin is empty! Russian is not accustomed to work! Stupidly pumping oil from the bowels of the earth, like a monkey picking insects with a mink stick, is this all that Russia is capable of?

There is nothing to talk-talk with the "GREAT" COLD! It can only be fenced off with "minefields" or the Israel Wall and let them live in KRYMNASH! It is impossible to squeeze out a slave - a slave drop by drop! He will die! Since the slave is its component !!!

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

Сообщение Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 12:27


Let's sum up in the light of recent events with a pension and rallies. The government, to put it mildly, “crap one's pants”. This conclusion suggests itself on the basis of those actions. which occurred. "We will put everything in a heap," but from a distance, as the "decisions" appear, or rather, the "not decisions" are "great".

The collapse of the USSR. We were * bali. . The "businessmen" poured it. This is understandable and is not discussed. Without preventing the collapse of the country, they even helped destroy the country. Quiet, surreptitiously, slowly, truly. Spreading out the country, they poured us the information that the states were to blame, Europe and a whole lot of nonsense and nonsense. They knew - we believe. Maybe it was from the West and the states, but this is not important now, it’s important that having destroyed the country, they were, to put it mildly, traitors to their people.

We lived with us, fed from us, we trusted them, entrusted the country, and they, pouring out lies about external factors to us and pointing to them as the source of the necessary changes, betrayed us, deceived us and made us sick. After all, for 70 years we were taught to believe in our government and its representatives. It could not be otherwise.

And who is in power now? Who is in the FSB, in the UK, in the guard? Conventional martinet, who can only stupidly execute orders. They are forbidden to think and analyze by virtue of their profession. Thinking there do not hold. Piss smart to keep. So most of them are in TE times and now simply stupid. Those who showed themselves to be thinking were either removed or charged to the “vegetable shop”. They ruined the country, removed all thinking, those who understood that the country cannot be destroyed, that all of it is completely "tied up" with strong industrial ties throughout its territory, specialists, professionals in the economy, the economy of the country survived, management institutions, technical base and so on were killed. ..And what happened? There was no one to rule the torn country "correctly". “Brainy” in the right direction in their ranks was not. Basically, they are all brought up in the spirit of traffickers and baryg, sitting on the neck of the people feeding them. They are not able to draw conclusions and the brain to understand this or that problem on a scale of utility to people. They are all accustomed to doing only on the scale of utility only to their loved ones. Communicating with such personnel, I always saw and understood that apart from pompous pomposity and self-admiration they have nothing in their brains.

Of the entire economy of the country gradually left that for which there is less cost. A bunch of impudent and akhamevshih "businessmen" was in the hands of a whole country with the wealth of the subsoil, with factories, factories, industry, science, medicine, education and millions of people. It was inhabited by people who were accustomed to the fact that while living in the country, people had the right to believe in their security and in their right to live in it according to the laws.

What in our country has a reliable potential of a reliable source for business with the greatest profit? Of course - its bowels. Everything else - an extra headache and extra expenses. So they flooded the country, brazenly covered up with supposedly well-intentioned motions in laws and regulations with the sole purpose of eliminating the maximum costs of their only business - from two pipes. And the rest of the “rubbish” in the country was purposefully and cleverly veiled by actions and gradually and imperceptibly for people was destroyed. The villages began to disappear. villages, towns and even cities. But people did not go into a panic. People believed the idle talk about that. that it is necessary to optimize their lives, save for the sake of improving conditions, to increase the welfare of the whole country. The tribe of the bydlovatnikov of the country, brought up on lies, stupidly and meekly believed in all this for almost 20 years.

People did not even try to spread their brains about the fallen causes of their troubles, about the causes of what is happening in the light of the fact that such a business wasn’t tied to the whole country by the brains. Where did they come from? And this means that for the greater profit from your business you need to complete the maximum task - to get rid of unnecessary ballast as much as possible. And what was and is ballast?

That's right - pensions, local government, housing and communal services that they do not need, medicine, education, and most importantly, people. If all this is not or will be as small as possible, then the best and most reliable source of business - two pipes, gives, gives and will give more exhaust without ballast.

So there appeared in the country a lot, like useful and necessary but in fact, idiotic laws. Here are the most idiotic - FZ 131 "On local self-government" (a law that completely ruined the country’s government and gave the government the right to pass it into the hands of regular baryg and thieves), FZ 271 "Market Law" (which destroyed cheap retail in villages and villages for the sake of trade magnates ), Federal Law 209 "On the support of individual entrepreneurs" (the law was merged into the individual minds about their alleged support, but gave the structures even more rights for molesters), Federal Law 159 "The law on preferential privatization" (the law, which gave the court and lawyer brethren), Federal Law 181 on the disabled, on the NTBF - on finance (the collapse centralized financing of the country under the guise of economy), 3-FZ - about the police (collapsing the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs), 40 FZ - about the exclusive rights of the FSB, new, absolutely incomprehensible to the philistines, judicial laws (APC, CPC, CPC, FAS) and forever changing standards and stuff stuff In short, the authorities quietly and purposefully introduced a lot of laws into the country, which, to the surface, seemed to help improve the life and existence of the country, but in fact simply imperceptibly and secretly destroyed the last in the country. And the plan worked.

Well, the whole country is ruined. What to worry about now? People after all cattle. "New" country, in her new ruling clan. Whoever ruined the country, he got the reins. But who were they (and there are now in abundance) these rectors? The most common "businessmen" are the corrupt officials, whose task is to boil and fuck as much as possible from the country and its people. No other huckster will set any other tasks for himself. Otherwise he will not survive. When a person has the task to steal, to enrich himself at any cost, to pull apart, to select and to saw - the mind. honor, conscience and pain for the neighbor in such a person disappears. But ours behaved a bit more cunning.

They knew that sooner or later the people would have questions for those who had driven them into poverty and lawlessness. They understood that perfectly. And work began on the secretive and imperceptible change of the articles and norms of our Constitution. But since the Constitution itself cannot be touched, Europe will not understand and accuse of fascism, our rulers acted a bit more cunning. Work was underway to create intricate and cleverly veiled laws under the good intentions of laws, the purpose of which was to exclude the legal field arising from the Constitution itself. What happened - now everyone knows. Describing the different interpretations of the articles of the Constitution of the country and the articles of the "idiotic" ones transferred to it, additionally slyapan illegal laws - it makes no sense. We have already experienced most of these artificially created new laws of our rulers more than once and will experience many more. Slaughter and bastard scum laws already exist and will still be ahead. Wait not long.

And now the main thing now. Our rulers shouted at us, but the shit now fall on them. Like this? Rallies began. Dispersed. OMON all missing. Cops magnus * yat people. Selling courts condemn detainees. The protests of the long-range strike began. Tightened troops, arrests, confiscation from the driver of the docks, detaining cars, accused of organizing meetings, creating them artificially. Disturbances from overclocking. Who is at hand? Who from this gets really real information about what is happening? The one who gives the commands and executes them? Nothing like this. We receive information in full WE and more benefits from their actions to us!

The authorities act on the basis of the "self-made" laws that they have created which diverge from the CONSTITUTION. Authorities use illegally assigned rights to protect their "business". The authorities are trying to hush up everything with power methods, thinking that this will help to once again hide what is happening from the greater mass of the country's people. But the authorities can not even figure out that by acting the way they are doing to the people now, they even more incite us against themselves.

More and more people are beginning to realize that they are simply not ***. Every kilogram of Yulina, every blow with a stick, a kick of an astronaut, every face of a Cop akhamevshego bloke in front of a video camera - increases the number of dissatisfied among the population. Each trial of the detainees adds to people confidence in the corruption of the Russian judicial system and the entire normative sracha, which occurred in the country with the filing of the rulers.

They could not foresee this in advance, because they were always brainless towards the people of the country. Those who have not yet believed in the srach of our power begin to understand this in kind, and the authorities themselves help them in this by their thoughtless, due to the lack of brains, actions. Those who still hoped for the rationality of the Russian authorities are now completely disappointed in its adequacy.

In other words, the methods of work of our government now completely help us, and not IM, to understand what we have got into and what we got in this country. We are starting to see clearly. And this is the greatest achievement of our corrupt corrupt government in the framework of all that is happening in the country in recent times. They flew, thinking that by creating their stupid laws against us, they will be able to intimidate us with these laws and manipulate them against us. By these manipulations with laws, they make our people more and more transparent and understand that our government will never do anything for the people. And in connection with this, one thing arises among the people - the power must be changed.

And this conviction grows with every magnum * Yulia cop, with the blow of the "astronaut" baton, with every decision of a corrupt judge, with every second on the Kiselev channels, with every stroke of a traffic police freak. The power crap. What they quietly created

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

Сообщение Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 12:29


In search of new businesses for the brothers of businessmen from the cooperative, our authorities have "frustrated about the corner" completely. All ... They no longer need the country or its people (we). Now, for sure, all the people of Russia are empty places for them. WE are rubbish, with the smell of their urine and traces of their dirt. Fought their silence, idiocy, dibilizm, venality and prokidy in the elections. Look Kiselev further. COUNTRY OWN WE FINALLY SOLD THEM. IT WAS A FINAL WRITER. He's like a gopher. He seems not to be, but he is EXACTLY a SCRIPT.

And our great Putin has not been in any panic, does not and will not remain. Never! Do not panic and his team. They are all in law. In THEIR law. And we are not. They are ALREADY not afraid of anything and they are not afraid of anyone. They prepared for the elections in 2018 thoroughly. And the lawmakers podchikali and normochki a little remade. At the same time, people did not even notice anything.

Our Putin and his team ALREADY deeply spit on the long-range and on the bulk with Maltsev, on Kamikaze with Ivanov, on the Sotnik with Potapenko and on all the people of the country. The purchased NATIONAL GUARDS against us from THEM at full speed, our cops, like true antichrists, will sell the soul for their haulage at five chervonchik. But it is necessary - and their mothers will be arrested and imprisoned.

Venality in Russia is on top. We ourselves grew it and raised it in ourselves, incited by Kremlin businessmen. We hope for what we do not have. And we ALREADY HAVE NOTHING. And when it is necessary - we will all be crushed like bugs. Destroy and deduce as interfering in an apartment cockroaches. Why? Because We are the most deceived and pro-tomb idiots.

Some of us began to take a small turn from changes not in our favor in the laws of the country. HAVE BEGINNED to be surprised and withering from what is happening now in the country, but soon we will FIGHT more about what will happen next. Arrests, landings, “setup”, assaults, intimidation by structures, “dupe” by TV channels and media ... And nothing can be CHANGED. When jackals see blood, they don’t completely become bestial from its species, but if they try it, then they become real jackals - “like-food”. OUR RULERS there, among the historical domes, are already many similar to jackals. There is no option to stop THEIR with us. IT IS NECESSARY TO UNDERSTAND EVERYONE IN THIS COUNTRY. After all, that under the battle of chiming clock the blood of the people is more convenient to drink. Now in this country any NORM (laws) for us, for ordinary PEOPLE, is NORM (read the laws) NOT ours, She is THE NORM (read the laws). And only THEM and for THEM ... Alas. Not for us ... And she appeared, such a NORM (we read - laws), with our tacit consent, thanks to our silence, lowing and empty our chatter about our greatness, but mostly because of our IDIOTISM and betrayal of each other. .. WE HAVE MISSED AND THE COUNTRY AND THEMSELVES AND OWN RIGHTS. We have given the CONSTITUTION to the mercy of the illiterate impudent. We have no more COUNTRIES. Now WE are all there, where we were pushed almost 20 years ago - IN AN ENJOYMENT (read - in lawlessness). Because we are mostly zombie. It will be even worse. 2016 will seem like seeds ...

But the whole country was finally destroyed by one person, and only he alone, purposefully, gradually, planned and sleeps peacefully. He got the country, albeit shabby, but with industry, with the army, with the economy and with wealth. All is over. Until the full ... Cities are already empty, but it’s scary to talk about villages - thousands have disappeared. The entire economy of the country, on which it would be necessary to spend the loot, which is mainly members of his gang in the law in the country stolen - destroyed. Now the people themselves took it. He does not need 142 lemon people in the country. Interfere. Ballast. Garbage. And Omon and the National Guard and Garbage for him too - TRASH. Only they renounce this definition, do not believe, thinking only about their salaries and how else would anyone lick a point for their habits. But ALL of them are from us. But it turned out to be TAM and we are now pussy. How so? Option one - can there only brainless stupid people without a future? Anytime? Butterflies? BUT? I can not believe vsezh ... that people can change so for grandmother. How can people be sold? He lives behind the wall, greets him at the entrance, and at the demonstration he punched me in the balls. What if I wait for him to be alone with me later. Suddenly I cut him his eggs. After all, such boughs should not multiply .... Is it really that he has no brain to think about?

Many people write and say (most of them even blindly consider it) - "We live - in a legal state ..." - AFIHET !!! AND WHEN AT US FINALLY FINALLY, WE ALREADY HAVE NO RIGHTS IN THIS STATE! We are not in the legal field as residents of our country since 2008, from the day when for the first time in the country a separate law killed the first - one of the articles of the Constitution. And it has gone ... Now, out of 137 articles, more than 70 of them have been "refuted" by the relevant laws. Well? We were deceived and robbed in full, and we didn’t even notice it, arguing with a smart look about Europe, about America, guilty, allegedly in our troubles, about holidays in Egypt and the Emirates, about iPhones, about Crimea, Ukraine and Syria ... WE'RE UNDERTAKING AS A FINAL BALBEAS The West (it turns out) before us understood that WE are already EVERYTHING in the REVERSE. HE (the same three-cherished West) TAM at YOURSELF realized this before we understood THIS HERE at YOURSELF. ACHRINET. IN US, our GREAT "RULERS" INSIDE MASS DUGE AND IDIOTISM. AND IT IS TIME TO RECOGNIZE.

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 
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