• It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18 • 
Learn to think for yourself, and not with a TV
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    It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

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Russia today is Elections without choice, Court without justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs without honor, Army without identifying marks, Dead without name, Parliament without debate, Television without truth, Business without competition, Ministry of Health without conscience, Church without God, Olympians without national symbols, Education without knowledge, Science without discovery, Diplomacy without dialogue, People without nationality.
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Leshvanov Alexander Primorsky Krai ... "Learn to think for yourself, and not with a TV"
Some of the information is borrowed from open sources on the Internet (with minor revisions in essence and its comprehension). Some of the information has been “earned” from its experience and gathered on the facts of its own confrontation with the described mess and lawlessness. The text was collected for almost 5 years.

Русский вариант материала там - Никогда не верьте российской фашистской власти

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

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Blogger Maxim Averbukh found official figures that compare the level of provision of rural people with schools and clinics in the “hungry” 90s and the “fed” 2000s:

Number of schools in Russia:
1991 - 69 700
2000 - 68 100
2015 - 44 100
Source: Rosstat

Those. in the “hungry” times under Yeltsin, 1,600 schools were closed, and in the “well-fed” under Putin, 15 times more — 24,000 schools. Of these, 19 300 (80%) - in the countryside.

Number of hospitals in Russia:
1990 - 12 800
2000 - 10 700
2013 - 5,900
Source: Rosstat

Those. in the “hungry” times, under Yeltsin, 2,100 hospitals were closed, and under Putin, 2.3 times as many - 4,800 hospitals.

Number of clinics in Russia:
1990 - 21 500
2000 - 21 300
2013 - 16 500
Source: Rosstat

Those. under Yeltsin, 200 (two hundred) polyclinics were closed, and under Putin, 24 times more than 4800 polyclinics.

Rural population:
1990 - 38.93 million.
2000 - 39.47 million
2013 - 37.23 million
Source: Rosstat

Those. under Yeltsin, an increase of 540,000, and under Putin a decline of 2.2 million. Still - close the school in the village, close the hospital - and the youth will run to the city

State Duma deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party Igor Drozdov proposed to settle the "deserted Russian villages with hardworking Chinese, North Koreans and Japanese," having adopted a special law for this.

By the way, almost two thirds of Russian medics have a salary lower than 20 thousand rubles. This is according to a survey of the Independent Health Monitoring Foundation.

- According to the results of the monitoring, which we conducted last fall, 53% of the polled out of 4.6 thousand people said that they receive no more than 20 thousand rubles per month. In our new survey, 48.5% of respondents answered that their income is also less than 20 thousand rubles. If you take the salary without regard to part-time, by one rate, then below the "less than 20 thousand" line 63% of medical workers are located, ”said Edward Gavrilov, director of the foundation, a member of the ONF headquarters, rosbalt.ru.

It has been 27 years since the Soviet Union collapsed. From the Kremlin CREATED IN THE COUNTRY FULL UNLAWED. WISNERS from POWER and their HOLUI bred in the country a complete mess. THE COUNTRY IN GOSBANDITISM AND OUR WISDOMS HAVE CONQUERS IT. ALL THE COUNTRY IS DEVELOPED BY THE BARRIERS who have sold ALL IT IN IT. DESTROY the country and LOCAL CATTLE, considering the people of the country stupid cattle. The country is now ruled by bears from United Russia. But is their rule beneficial to us? What was good in the Soviet Union? What did United Russia take away from the people?

Medicine in the USSR was absolutely free and accessible to all. At 10 thousand of the population accounted for at least 100 doctors. The doctor's profession was also one of the highest paid. Today, doctors in public clinics receive a penny. A citizen of Russia is now more profitable to die than to get sick.

In the USSR was the most powerful science in the world. Approximately half of the scientists and engineers of the world worked with us. We opened space to humanity, invented radio and television, tested the atomic bomb ... Today only enthusiasts are engaged in pure science, because it does not bring money. The only way a scientist can survive is to work for a corporation. Or go abroad.

In the USSR every capable young man could get an education. The salaries of professors and teachers made it possible for teachers to concentrate on teaching the generation, and not on finding additional income.

Today, the Bologna system, the USE, corruption in the administration and the low salaries of teachers have virtually destroyed the quality education. And that's not all!

Free apartments. Rest in sanatoriums and resorts for all. Camps for children. Good pensions for which you can live with dignity. Normal prices in stores.

And now? - Exemptions for the overhaul, Plato and transport taxes, excise taxes on gasoline, the abolition of indexation of pensions, a sharp rise in prices of products and the cadastral value of summer cottages .

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

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Automobile Plant ZIL (Moscow) (born 1916 - killed 2016)
Tractor Plant (Volgograd) (genus 1930 - killed 2016)
Nickel Plant (Norilsk) (genus 1942 - killed 2016)
The Khimprom plant (Volgograd) (born 1931 - killed 2015)
Plant "Uralhim" (Kirov region) (genus 2005 - killed 2015)
Kolmogorovsky broiler poultry farm (Kemerovo region) (genus 1969 - killed 2015)
Bakery No. 9 (Moscow) (genus 1934 - killed 2015)
Automobile Plant TAGAZ (Tanganrog) (born 1997 - killed 2014)
Fish Factory (Murmansk) (genus 1927 - killed 2014)
Winery (Kurgan) (genus 1972 - killed 2013)
Plant "Izhmash" (Izhevsk) (born 1807 - killed 2012)
South Ural Nickel Plant (Orsk) (genus 1938 - killed 2012)
Novocherkassky Dairy Factory (Rostov region) (genus 1965 - killed 2012)
Dairy factory "Taganrog - Milk" (Taganrog) (genus 1938 - killed 2012)
Pavlovsky Instrumental Works (born 1820 - killed 2011)
Wheel tractor plant (Kurgan) (genus 1950 - killed 2011)
Plant "Sibtyazhmash" (Krasnoyarsk) (born 1941 - killed 2011)
Tonkosukonnaya Factory (Moscow) (genus 1838 - 2011)
Flax union them. I.D. Zvorykina (Kostroma) (born 1939 - killed 2011)
Baltic Plant (born 1856 - killed 2011)
Plant "Moskvich" (AZLK) (born. 1930 - killed 2010)
Factory "Red Proletarian" (born 1857 - killed 2010)
Altai Tractor Plant (Rubtsovsk) (born 1942 - killed 2010)
Avangard Shipyard (Petrozavodsk) (born 1939 - killed 2010)
Saratov Aviation Plant (born 1931– killed 2010)
Chistopol watch factory "Vostok" (born 1941– killed 2010)
Transport Engineering Plant (Volgograd) (born 1999 - killed 2009)
Izhevsk Motorcycle Factory (born 1928 - killed 2009)
The plant "Dynamo" (Moscow) (born 1897 - killed 2009)
Orenburg Apparatus Plant (born 1943 - killed 2009)
Khabarovsk plant "EVGO" (born in 2000 - killed 2009)
Far Eastern Radio Plant (Komsomolsk-on-Amur) (born 1993 - killed 2009)
Irbit motorcycle factory ("Ural") (born in 1941 - present in coma after injury)
Lipetsk Tractor Plant (born 1943 - killed 2009)
Ship Repair Plant of OJSC “HC Dalzavod” (Vladivostok) (born 1895 - killed 2009)
Omsk Transport Engineering Plant (born 1896 - killed 2009)
Chelyabinsk watch factory "Lightning" (born in 1947 - killed 2009)
Uglich Watch Factory "Chaika" (born in 1938 - killed 2009)
Precision casting plant "Centrolit" (Lipetsk) (born 1963 - killed 2009)
Plant Sibelektrostal (Krasnoyarsk) (born 1952 - killed 2008)
The second Moscow watch factory "Glory" (born 1924 - killed 2006)
Moscow Machine-Tool Plant them. Sergo Ordzhonikidze (born 1932 - killed 2007)
Plant "Stankomash" (Chelyabinsk) (born 1935 - killed 2009)
Ryazan Machine-Tool Plant (born 1949 - killed 2008)
Kronstadt Marine Plant (born 1858 - killed 2005)
The plant "Kuzbaslelement" (born 1942 - killed 2008)
Irkutsk plant of radio receivers (born 1945 - killed 2007)
Tomsk Instrument Factory (born 1961 - killed 2007)
The plant "Sivinit" (Krasnoyarsk) (born 1970 - killed 2004)
Krasnoyarsk plant of televisions (born in 1952 - killed 2003)
Oryol plant control computers to them. K.N. Rudneva (born 1968 - killed 2006)
Ulyanovsk radio-tube factory (born 1959 - killed 2003)
Plant them. Kozitsky (St. Petersburg) (b. 1853 - present in coma after injury)
Orenburg Silk Fabric Combine "Orenburg Textiles" (born 1972 - killed 2004)
Baryshskaya factory them. Gladysheva (Ulyanovsk region) (born 1825 - killed 2005)
Kamyshin cotton mill them. Kosygin (Volgograd region) (born 1955 - present in a coma after injury)
Trekhgornaya manufactory (Moscow) (b. 1799 - present in coma after injury)
Bicycle factory (Yoshkar-Ola) (born 1950 - killed 2006)
Bicycle factory (Nizhny Novgorod) (born 1940 - killed 2007)
Perm bicycle factory (born in 1939 - killed 2006)
Proletarian plant (St. Petersburg) (born 1826 - present in coma after injury)
Irkutsk plant of cardan shafts (born 1974 - killed 2004)

and about 78 thousand more large plants and factories

By 2017, almost 70 thousand and small enterprises were destroyed in Russia.

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

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PLANT GIANT AZLK (1930–2010) Moskvich.
In the most successful years, AZLK employed up to 25 thousand people. In 2006, OJSC Moskvich was officially declared bankrupt. In 2009, the final transition to Avtoframos of the territory of the former OJSC Moskvich took place with the aim of expanding the production of Logan and Sandero cars to 160 thousand a year.
In September 2010, the bankruptcy procedure was completed. A significant part of the vast territory AZLK now used by tenants for a variety of purposes.

Produced universal screw-cutting and special machines. The plant had 3 types of production: large-scale, serial, small-scale and single. Today, the plant exists as KP OJSC and is transferred to a new territory. For 11 hectares of the old plant territory, there are disputes between Vedis Group and Rosneft.

IZHEVSK MOTORCYCLIC FACTORY (1928 - 2009) Motorcycles IL
In January 2008, almost the entire workforce of the Izhevsk Motorcycle Plant (OOO IzhMoto), which is about 480 people, received notifications about the upcoming dismissal "... due to a significant increase in the company's losses"

IRBIT MOTORCYCLE FACTORY (1941) Motorcycles Ural
In 1992, the plant was incorporated by changing the name of IMZ to Uralmoto. The need to adapt to the conditions of the market economy forced us to expand the range of our products: new models of motorcycles began to be assembled - driven on a wheelchair, tricycle, "Voyage". As of the end of 2010, the Irbit Motorcycle Plant underwent a bankruptcy procedure more than once, a limited liability company was established on the basis of the enterprise, most of the assets of OJSC IMZ were sold and leased.

SCETMASH OJSC (1948–2009)
In 2009, went bankrupt. Kursk plant produced electronics for AVTOVAZ. Instead of one large production, the new owners created several small ones, most of the workers of the ex-giant of Soviet electronics were forced to resign.

In September 2006, the excavator plant was declared bankrupt by a decision of the Arbitration Court of the Voronezh Region. In October 2010, wage arrears to employees were fully repaid.

The plant produced a tool for plumbing when servicing various types of equipment, when working under voltage, a tool for working in the household, necessary for each family. In February 2011, the IPM was ruthlessly bankrupt (strictly speaking, the history of the plant bankruptcy has lasted since 2004).

MTZ RUBIN (1932–2003)
Until recently, televisions under the Rubin brand were produced (not in very large quantities) at the enterprises of the South Korean firm Rolsen (in Kaliningrad and Voronezh). "Rubin" as a company producing television sets (despite the continued existence of a company with the same name), has been completely destroyed.

FACTORY "RECORD" (1957–1996)
In 1996, declared bankrupt. At the site of the former Soviet enterprise in Alexandrov, the Turkish company Vestel (headquartered in Istanbul), one of the largest European manufacturers of home appliances and electronics, has extensively expanded its activities.

In the autumn of 2004, the plant was declared bankrupt. After the acquisition of assets, the Tractor Plants concern has chosen to lease the production premises of the plant as its main activity. Thus, today there are several small private enterprises in the territory of LTZ. For example, blacksmith.

ALTAY TRACTOR PLANT (Rubtsovsk) (1942–2010)
Produced up to 30 thousand tractors per year. In 2006–2009, the plant went bankrupt. The plant still counts several thousand residents, the former Alttraka Thermal Power Plant provides two-thirds of its citizens with heat and hot water.

SHIPBUILDING PLANT "AVANGARD" (Petrozavodsk) (1939–2010)
In 2010, the plant was declared bankrupt, the buildings sold for debts.

The largest ship repair enterprise of the Far East, has three dry docks with an area of ​​more than 7 thousand square meters. meters each. Strategically important facility. In late 2009, completely ceased operations. 1165 employees were laid off and joined the ranks of the unemployed in Vladivostok. Today, in one of the former Dalzavod workshops, the auto production company Sollers is deployed.

VEGA Software (BERDSK, NOVOSIBIRSK REGION) (1946–1999) Radio Factory
Privatized and declared bankrupt in 1998.

In 2009–2010, more than half of the plant’s territory was sold together with buildings and equipment. As of 2011, there is a pit for the construction of an IKEA store in this territory. In 2010, the plant almost ceased to exist, the bankruptcy procedure was resumed. About 200 people remained from the 30,000-strong team.
In 2011, the Saratov Aviation Plant would have turned 80 years old.

In 2007, the first part of the property of Omsktransmash, in 2007–2008, was redeemed by the FSUE “Transport Engineering Design Bureau”. In 2009, the remaining property of the plant was purchased by ChTZ-Uraltrak, although the legality of the transaction was repeatedly challenged in court. Theoretically, the de jure FSUE "Omsktransmash" exists to this day. However, it is now part of two other enterprises, which allows us to speak about the destruction of the defense industry giant as a whole.

In 2010, the production of almost all types of watches in Chelyabinsk ceased. The legal entity “CHCZ” remaining from the plant is going to start production of denim and clothing.

Since spring 2006, the plant suspended the mass production of watches. At this time, specializes in the production of gold and silver women's and men's watches. In 2009, the owners of the company, burdened with multimillion-dollar debts, expressed their readiness to sell it for a symbolic price of one penny.

In 1999, the plant was declared bankrupt and could not "rise".

In 2005, the plant and the Slava trademark were acquired by a private company. In 2006, most of the premises of the Slava plant (Moscow, Leningradskoye Highway, the owner were given for the construction of an office center.

He was one of two Russian watch factories (the second factory - “Flight”), which has a full production cycle. In September 2010, he was declared bankrupt, but the production of watches is still ongoing.

The company does not produce machine tools and any other engineering products, and the main income comes from the lease of the territory and production premises. Currently, there are several car-service stations on the territory of the enterprise, one of the production buildings is rented by the Sportmaster sports store chain (a stock store), the other is the head office of the Interbank Association (IBO) Orgbank, and the third shows De la Guarda.

Machine Tool Plant “Sverdlov” (1868–2005)
In 2003, a bankruptcy proceedings were instituted against the company.
In 2005, the Phoenix business center was opened in the administrative building of the bankrupt factory.

Only a tenth of the former staff of workers (20 thousand people) at Stankomash remained, many production sites were sold or leased.
In 2008, the plant started bankruptcy proceedings. The property of the plant, including land and buildings, is largely sold out, although the plant still continues to exist and produce products.

- a unique company with five dry docks, allowing for the comprehensive repair and modernization of vessels up to 220 meters in length and up to 35 meters wide. Destroyed effectively operating enterprise. It should be understood that 100% of the shares of this company belong to the state represented by the FSUE “Kronstadt Marine Plant”. By 2008, the number of employees dropped to 600–700 people.

since 2008 is in bankruptcy. In 2010 and in the first half of 2011, the plant did not work, despite all the attempts of the federal and regional leadership. On its territory are currently located offices and retail space.

In 2007, a radio market reigned on the plant’s territory, and in 2008 a shopping and entertainment complex appeared on its territory. The number of employees does not exceed several dozen people.

On September 30, 2009, the plant stopped the production of iron products and dismissed workers. Production workshops are now used as warehouses for household appliances.

KHORSKY BIOHIM (Khabarovsk Territory) (1982–1997)

Defense enterprise. The plant was secret, the director was the general. At the end of 1997, the plant was privatized, while 51% of the shares remained under state control, 20% were transferred to the authorized capital of the All-Russian state corporation Compomash, 25% to the labor collective. The company was liquidated in the first half of 2007.

Until 2003, chemicals were stored in a non-operating plant, and because of the threat of a terrorist act, they were taken out (they spent 7 million rubles on this matter), and the FSB officially lost interest in it. In 2004, the plant's property was sold as scrap metal and part of the area was bought up for warehouses and shopping complexes.

Televisions Dawn. Stopped production due to lack of prospects

In 2003, Dynamo remained the leading developer and manufacturer of traction and handling electrical equipment in Russia with a range of more than 5,000 product names. Today they practically do not produce anything, they survive mainly due to rent. In 2008–2009, 100 percent of the share ownership of Dynamo was bought by the EMF-holding, which includes several large electrical engineering enterprises in Russia. At the present time, the Moscow factory "Dynamo" trite dismantled for scrap.

Last their computers factory them. Rudneva gathered in the mid-90s. Then followed a long agony. The plant finally ceased to exist in 2006.

In 1998, the premises and part of the plant were transferred to a local university, and in 2009 the plant was finally liquidated. On its squares is now located business incubator.

Specialized in the production (assembly) of washing machines and televisions from foreign and domestic components, but under its own logo.
In 2008, the factory produced a millionth machine, 300 people worked at the factory. Not calculated with loans.

The workshops of the defeated enterprise were turned into trade pavilions and relegated to merchants.

PLANT IM. KOZITSKY (SAINT-PETERSBURG) (1853) Televisions Rainbow
Performs foam packaging, packaging for Coca-Cola and milling and turning works. It befell a complete rout.

In the past - one of the most modern and high-tech steel mills of the country. In 2004–2005, he underwent a lengthy and painful bankruptcy procedure. In 2008, it was destroyed de facto, the company at this point had 18 employees.

The plant was not on the verge of bankruptcy more than once, changed owners, completely stopped the production of finished medicines. At the moment, from a huge production there are only a few operating shops. Most production lines and workshops are in disrepair.

In 1998, production was halted. The company was divided. As a result, the output from zero rose to 8.4 mln. (1999), and then to 14 million p / m (2000). In 2002, production was again stopped, in 2004 OJSC Orenteks entered bankruptcy proceedings. Shareholders decided to diversify their business, allocating 120 thousand square meters. m of production space for the construction of a shopping center (investment volume - $ 20 million).

BARYSH FACTORY them. Gladyshev, Ulyanovsk Region (1825–2005)
The restructuring did not survive, the name changed, the KO Oktyabr works on its base.

LUNOCALIZATION them. I.D. Zvorykina, Kostroma (1939–2011)
In June 2011, Kostroma officially declared bankrupt the flax union named Zvorykin. The reason - the lack of orders and huge debts.

In 2010, what was left of the giant enterprise, the territory of which was divided between Roskontrakt and Kamyshinsky KBC LLC, seemed to be beginning to get up and increase production, but ... the owner outlined bankruptcy

Under the whining about the salvation of the Russian production in 2008, Deripaska’s structures received tremendous state assistance, which saved Oleg Vladimirovich from deserved bankruptcy. There is a cessation of activity. Factory workers, together with production managers, are trying to protest against the destruction of one of the oldest Russian enterprises, go to pickets

FAR EASTERN RADIO PLANT (Komsomolsk-on-Amur) (1993–2009)
Since 1996, the plant produced household appliances under the Avest brand. In 2003, after the privatization of KnAAPO, DRZ was taken out as an independent asset, having a wholly-owned subsidiary - OAO Production Trade Company Avest (Khabarovsk). Became one of the largest radio-electronic enterprises in the east of Russia. Actively introduced to the market, leading the assembly of Chinese, Japanese and Korean components. In 2005, Avesta products accounted for sales of television sets 5.6% of the market of the Khabarovsk Territory, DVD equipment - 15.9%, washing machines - 7.86%. Sales revenue in 2005 amounted to almost 900 million rubles. In December 2004, Alexander Mikryukov, Director General of Aves OJSC, received a government award for success in industrial development, the Order of National Glory. However, at the end of March 2006, the authority of Alexander Mikryukov was suspended, and the plant itself was found to be on the verge of bankruptcy, and soon external management was introduced there. In early 2006, the prosecutor's office of Komsomolsk-on-Amur opened two criminal cases against the management of the company. In 2007, the plant changed ownership, and in 2009 entered the bankruptcy procedure.

Velozavod (Yoshkar-Ola) (1950–2006)
He was declared bankrupt in 2001–2002 and ceased to exist in 2005–2006, although it is possible that he de jure continues to exist in the form of some kind of joint-stock company or closed joint-stock company.

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

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In March 2001, the Mir space station was flooded.
In December 2010, at once three Glonass satellites were not put into orbit, they sank in the ocean. ("Glonass" - the development of the USSR).
In February 2011, the Geo-IK-2 military geodesic spacecraft did not make contact.
In August 2011, the telecommunications device Express-AM4 and the cargo ship Progress were lost.
In November 2011, the failure of the “Phobos-Grunt”.
In December 2011, the Meridian satellite was lost.
In August 2012, the failure of the two communication satellites Express MD2 and Telkom 3.

Now we have -
The number of workers in the countryside - 1.17 million people (over 20 years has decreased 5 times). Unemployed in the countryside - more than 5 million people (they are not taken into account, since they have subsidiary farms).

20 years ago, Russia numbered 48 thousand large collective agricultural farms. Today, their number has decreased by five, 30% of them are unprofitable. The country returned to small-scale production and subsistence farming with a predominance of manual labor.

Today, more than 50% of animal products and 90% of vegetables are produced in private farmsteads. To replace the cars came manual labor. In terms of labor productivity, the country is 8 times behind the EU level.

Grown products from a private trader for a pittance are buying diasporas dealers. There are no consumer unions for a long time.

15600 clubs, 4300 libraries, 22000 kindergartens, 14000 schools are closed.
20 thousand villages have disappeared, 47 thousand villages are left, in many of which a few old people eke out a life of poverty.

In 1990, 214 thousand tractors and 65 thousand combines were produced in the USSR. Now in the Russian Federation - 8 and 7 thousand, respectively.
Of the 21 million cows (in the RSFSR), less than 7 million remain.

During the years of reform, agricultural production decreased by almost 2 times. The country has lost food independence and today buys almost 50% of food. Agricultural machinery is in a disastrous state. The entire agrarian infrastructure of the USSR disappeared, including 27,000 collective farms and 23,000 state farms provided with agricultural equipment and skilled personnel.

After de-collectivization, the situation in the village became critical - there are no people, no work, no technology. The land that has been cultivated for hundreds of years in 35 years has already been 35% overgrown with low forest.

According to Rosstat.
Number of schools in Russia: 1991 - 69700, 2000 - 68100, 2017 - 40100. *
Number of hospitals in Russia: 1990 - 12800, 2000 - 10700, 2017 - 3900. *
The number of clinics in Russia: 1990. - 21500, 2000 - 21300, 2017 - 12,700.
Rural population: 1990 - 38.93 million., 2000. - 39.47 million., 2017 - 32.2 million.
Under Yeltsin, 1600 schools were closed during the “hungry” times, and 17 times more were under the “well-fed” under Putin !!!
Under Yeltsin, 2,100 hospitals were closed, and under Putin 4 times as many !!!
Under Yeltsin, 200 clinics were closed, and under Putin, 43 times more !!!
Under Yeltsin, the increase in the rural population is 540,000, while under Putin a decline of 7.27 million people !!!

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

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For Putin, from a non-duped Russian, directly and specifically:

18 years in our country under your rule is almost half of the active life allowed by God for a normal person to live in this world. Ordinary people, trying to survive on the false laws of the country on your behalf for 18 years, living under the guidance of baryg and thieves in local authorities, who continue to cut budgets and steal from year to year, destroying their people to nothing if you do not believe. And most ordinary people themselves become brainless ghouls and, increasingly, they simply do not live to retirement in Russia. A part leaves, a part lives in a state of brainlessness and detachment from reality. And the government of the country, and you personally, apparently, and judging by what you are doing with the laws and the constitution of our country, do not care.

It turned out that almost the entire country on March 18 gave a vote for you, which means for Chubais, Kudrin, Sechin, Shuvalov, Matvienko, Usmanov, Rottenberg (Plato), Miller, Gref, Naibulin, Medvedev, and your friends from the Ozero cooperative, plundering the country and bringing trillions of dollars abroad. Our voices are rotated for your and their palaces, yachts, airplanes, for stolen money from the common people. It was "our" voice for the further impoverishment of us and the technical lag behind the rest of the world, for your lies and your ever-empty promises, for the horny Plato, etc.

Sometimes it seems that our country is captured by the fascists. After all, they plundered it all, they re-stamped the laws for themselves, but are you silent about this? Do you want to live? And how, VV, we want to live normally in our beloved country! Are you not interested? But you and your team do not give us a normal life in our country! The Constitution is destroyed and all excluded from the legal field. The courts are all corrupt and 98% of the sentences are indictments. The police - the executors of orders from the authorities, the riot police - eliminates unwanted authorities, the National Guard - gives a rustle so that they do not relax. There is no in our "colony", on behalf of Russia, there will never be any struggle against usurpers in power, in the judicial system, in the bodies. There is nobody to resist IT. You are the legal field to fight against this lawlessness destroyed. The smallest piece of riot police and not a single fighter for legality and rights. And what wrestlers? In practice, pustorists and provocateurs ... They were pired on TV, in the internet, and then “dumped” in time or pretended that they were “piled up - detained, convicted, expelled,” and the people gathered at the call of provocateurs in ZAKAH were transported to prisoners and courts .

May 7, you, Mr. V.V. as God ascended, practically, illegally to the throne, and began, with his team and thought, to create further such that little no longer seems to anyone. You are thoroughly prepared for the continuation of mockery of the people. WE no longer feel our country. No country. There is a reservoir for idiots, for what we all have become.

Happy life of the people of Russia? The last breakthrough? The concept of the knees? Push? Horse race What else can you think of for distracting the people from the true state of affairs in the country? People after all believe you. True, these are less and less.

The happiness of most of the people - the ruble in his pocket and boyark in the stomach. The people fell before you organized lawlessness in the country. Forever. Nothing will help.

VV! Are you not ashamed to pretend to be the great and correct ruler of the country, which both you and your "buddies" - manipulators of law, laws and norms, have plundered all? Do you like to rule a country that is no longer interesting to anyone as a partner, who, thanks to you, has quarreled with everyone and which no one wants to perceive as real and great? You probably love when you are hated as the ruler of the former Great Power, from which there were horns and legs, as a usurper of the country, which was only recently respected and feared, and now it is just an EMPTY place from a plunder, including by you and your buddies, country?

It seems to me that raising the retirement age and tax did not coincide with the holding of the World Cup. Drunk herd switched to football and he does not care at all on taxes and retirement. Of course, there will be those who will object and protest, but think about .... their efforts will give at least something? I do not think. The herd bydlovatnikov hava hay and happily to the shit out of the boyar. But when in the pocket it becomes completely empty and there is nothing to eat, then there is no place for vodka with football. Here people need sacrifice. And the power of the people this sacrifice is sure to provide. By all means. Find someone to blame ... . America, Europe, Sanctions or someone else will be to blame. But not the Russian fascist government.

They say everything is already - "Russia is in full ass!" VVP says that the country "There was a light at the end of the tunnel." So - this is not the light at the end of the tunnel, it is the illumination of the toilet on which Russia sits with its "tunnel" - an asshole, the light of that toilet into which our country is already falling out of the asshole "at the end of the tunnel." And then the toilet - Sewage - "Black Hole", from which there is no return. Preparing to live in the sewer. We're idiots. they wanted it themselves.

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

Сообщение Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 13:18


“Thank you, ovaven, from the country for stability. For the fact that the people are only one debility !!
For the fact that absolutely no longer have any income from uglyvshih with the filing of freaks - costs.

Thank you for not becoming a country. For rivers of drugs from virgin soil,
For the fact that now we have no past, but from your kremlebanda only nonsense!

Thanks for everyone for the dead, for us. For the fact that in Europe, all sold "our" gas.
For chatter, "we do everything for the people," and is done only for beasts - freaks.

For avtozaki for "cattle" people. For the prosperity of your only friends - freaks!
For the fact that riot policemen are beating them with a truncheon in the face and for the lies of the kremlebot Prigogine

For astronauts with a saw early in the morning. Burnt Auto mine in the parking lot.
For the form of cops like the junta and the Abwehr. For CheVeKa and for the death of Wagner.

For provocations that from eCA, for assaults. For the election of Trump, that pissing on the entrances.
For the officer's frequent box (not for honor)! For the fact that now duelists do not count!

For bullying in fucking FSIN. For "our very very cheap" gasoline!
For the transformation of the native constitution in the codes of laws from whores in prostitution.

Thanks for the fast food and the pickled food. For the "honest and most" corrupt our court
For the fact that it is already impossible to understand who is a thief there, and who is still an honest living prosecutor.

For the "choice" of the king to us and without options. For the mad printer from Duma talents!
For that fool, in the Duma, without any questions and for the mooing of Gosdurski suction!

For the fact that they "chose" almost the whole country. For the bald deputy and dyad!
For deputy super salary, for rot in special rations at the training camp for soldiers.

For a sample of “artistic” whistles and for a lawyer killed in prison.
For the fact that I will buy any crusts and for cabbage for the Russian Guard is not from Pyaterochka!

Thank you, Vova, and for the fact that the business "medicine" I squeezed the eggs before death like a clamp,
Having ripped off my "last pants" ..., for the hemorrhoids of a point, now we have to coffin her!

Thank you, Vova, for loans and loans. Until the coffin, we are now killed with percentages!
And for the tariffs of crooks from ZheKaHa, which will bring us to the last sin!

Thank you for the stupid, looted school, for the drugs there and for Coca-Cola!
For education in the now stupid country, which is all in shit, more precisely if it is all in shit!

For the plundered budget and for reform. For canceled by you in school uniform.
For those bridges that Rottenberg snatched, and every third billion then stole.

Thank you for plundered ZIL, KAMAZ and VAZ. They are all in the past, that is up to you!
After all, so dough in the offshore to drown! But now your friends can live!

Thank you, Vova, for stupid sheep (for the people), for your pension treacherous divorce.
For the life of all the officials of the hill, in paradise. Write about it, sunflower, I'm not tired yet!

For the yachts of your friend, for Alisher. And for the palaces, ”he is not Dimon” - (premiere).
For the whole cut of the country peddling and in half. And for the killed Sledakov special forces!

For surveillance on the Internet and in all places. For Gaer with radar in the bushes!
For the fact that life in Russia is angrier and more evil. We are closer to North Korea.

Bow for a miserable pension, for a dead mother. On pensioners, bitches, you do not care for a long time!
For retirement shameful in the shameful country. Until death, the old men are now in shit!

For the fact that now you only need to be a highlander, that would try to live until retirement!
For the funeral lava, "Kissel TV", for Margarita Simonyan - propaganda from the VP.

For the nightingale, Islands, smelly that litter. Not the first (!) Aircraft already shot down by someone!
For the stench of the foundations of gnidskogo, moral. For the new term, for the idle talk on Navalny.

For debeloid pogroms in feBeKa. For an unfinished film about someone CheVeKa.
For shots on Moskvoretsky from the revolver. For tomatoes, that from Erdogan.

Thanks for the hero Netanyahu. He is his boyfriend, he is ours, straight in the shirt,
But one has only to turn away for a while and one can then not return to life!

Thank you for bargaining with Japan for the Kuril Islands. For someone's found unnamed graves.
For the strengthening of the international cold and disgrace to us in the Russian Guard - Zolotov!

For a couple of stupid Lavrovsky "mat" comments. Ryazan that SUGAR for dissidents.
Thank you, Islands, and for fucking in House 2. For all right with children for porn affairs.

Thank you for our dear spiritual braces. For us, they are holy as ancient crypts.
Thank you for the rotten Sochi and Gelendzhik. More expensive for the rest only the Caribbean.

Thank you for our ever-wise Caucasus. Now he only prays for us.
After all, Allah gives them big money. Without them, they would surely come to all the collapse !!

Thank you, our king, for a strange Donbass. Thank you for dying there, one of us.
But I don’t understand something - is it all Donbass or is it all snowstorm?

Thank you for the brothers, I mean - for the Ukrainians. I’m ready to beat all Bandera
Odessa, my chum, that since childhood, Ostap, yesterday told me that I, too, Katsap!

Thank you for assad on the same place. Thank you for the cargo called 200!
On the body of the country again, a bloody wound. You created there just a replacement for Afgan!

Thank you for revenge because of the Kerch whore, for the student psycho - the murderer under the fly
For the Crimea, for the lies about that “native harbor”, for all the false laws are not according to Fenshu

Thanks for having hot spots again. For srach across Siberia, for rotten barrels!
Thank you for the empty ringing of coins, even though it (the ringing) is, but there is no use!

All the money is devoured by the courts and taxes. Do you care about this and there is no alarm?
Thank you for your furious eNDeeS, he will eat the remnants of our beggars.

Is there no stability in our Russia ?! What are you, not true, it's all nonsense!
We have zae * bye all, stable xy * in! Thank you for this, leader of the people!

For your cartoons about superracket, for srach, for noodles, for lies with vinaigrette
For valerian, for hemorrhoids and for a hernia. How come you, I hate you! ”

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

Сообщение Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 14:00


1. In the first 8 years of Putin’s rule, the number of the Russian people decreased by about 8 million. The annual demographic losses under Putin are roughly equal to the demographic losses under Yeltsin. The number of abortions remains at 2 million per year. The level of medical care has plummeted, the free public health system has been almost completely destroyed and replaced by paid private medicine, inaccessible to the vast majority of citizens.

2. During Putin’s rule in Russia, dozens of individuals legalized with conditions in excess of $ 1 billion. If under Yeltsin, only 7 billionaires were listed in Russia, then under Putin their number increased almost 10 times. At the same time, the standard of living of the majority of the Russian people remained on the verge of physical survival. The colossal revenues from the sale of energy resources go exclusively to the pockets of the oligarchic group.

3. Putin opened the borders for flows of non-Russian immigrants, fundamentally changing the immigration legislation. Numerous communities of foreigners have been formed in Russian cities, terrorizing the local Russian population under the auspices of Putin's henchmen, who hold key administrative and law enforcement posts. Any protests are suppressed by lawless arrests and arbitrary court decisions.

4. Putin did nothing to support Russian compatriots abroad (budget expenditures to support compatriots did not exceed those that were under Yeltsin). Having held a congress of Russian compatriots, Putin chose to invite dummy organizations created by local elites of neighboring countries pursuing anti-Russian policies.

5. Putin actually recognized the independence of Chechnya and the expulsion from Chechnya of 500 thousand Russian people, and also pardoned all the bandits who fought against the Russian army. Several gangsters were awarded the highest award "Hero of Russia". The non-refundable payments to Chechnya from the Russian budget amount to $ 1 billion annually. The refugees from Chechnya received practically no help.

6. Putin systematically destroys Russian culture, giving control of all leading cultural, educational and mass media institutions to foreigners or perverts. The media are systematically engaged in the destruction of traditional morality, the discrediting of Russian history, the distortion of the Russian language and the replacement of cultural samples of the Russian classics with low-grade fakes. Higher education almost everywhere became paid and available only to the richest segments of the population. School education has ceased, for many years schools have been releasing millions of ignorant young people with no basic knowledge. Cultural institutions throughout the country eke out a miserable existence.

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

Сообщение Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 14:03

Putin is the enemy of the Russian society
1. Putin brought down police repression on Russian public and political organizations: the ban on books and the closure of Russian newspapers were introduced. In prisons there are about 300 political prisoners convicted or under investigation for political activities in Russian organizations.

2. Putin defeated the only patriotic party that had representation in parliament, the Rodina party, by not allowing it to the regional elections of 2005-2006, and then inspiring an internal coup and merging the party with the leftist Party of Life.

3. The way did not allow at the parliamentary elections of 2007 a single patriotic organization that would raise the “Russian question”.

4. Putin regularly attends public meetings of Russian Tatars, Russian Jews, and diasporas, but he never took part in public events of Russian organizations.

5. Putin has finally banned the teaching of the Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture at school. But he openly maintains the warmest relations with the Hasidic leader Berl Lazar. The construction of mosques began in the indigenous Russian cities.

6. Putin created the Public Chamber under the President of the Russian Federation, including the most odious enemies of the Russian people and providing them with a special status.

7. Putin created a totalitarian party of Russian officials - "United Russia". And he headed its list in the 2007 elections, violating the non-partisan status of the President of the Russian Federation. This party is ultra-liberal in its aims and serves the interests of the oligarchic group that appropriated all the national wealth of Russia and the Russian people.

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

Сообщение Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 14:07

Putin is the enemy of Russian statehood
1. Putin has finally undermined the viability of the Russian army. Under him, leading military academies were destroyed. When it occurs, the plundering of military know-how in the space industry occurs, and the Mir station is flooded. Under him, the police forces two exceed the number of the Russian army. Under him, the naval component of the Russian armed forces was radically reduced. Eliminated leading military production and military science. Under him, Russian officers who fought against bandits in Chechnya — Budanov, a group of Ulman, Arakcheev and Khudyakov — were sentenced to long years of imprisonment.

2. Putin created a “vertical of corruption” - a caste of officials protected by a special status. Top officials combine the civil service with participation in the boards of directors of the largest fuel enterprises, where they receive monetary sums many times higher than the salary. In the State Duma, deputies of the government faction "United Russia" with the knowledge of Putin receive large monetary rewards, a kind of monetary "scholarship".

3. Under Putin, the law-enforcement system was completely disintegrated, which has become a form of organized crime. The criminal activities included special services (trade in military secrets and monopolization of foreign economic activity), courts (following instructions from corrupt officials), police (extortion of money from businessmen, the widespread practice of illegally collecting money from motorists, direct participation in organizing crimes and harboring them), prosecutors and investigative authorities (evasion from the investigation of economic crimes).

4. Under Putin, the most odious figures of the Yeltsin government — Chubais (control of energy), Kiriyenko (control of nuclear energy), Chernomyrdin (control of all economic relations with Ukraine) —are left in the public service. The middle stratum of government officials is almost completely preserved. The government is dominated by nepotism and non-professionalism. The Ministry of Defense was headed by a man who has no relation to the army — a professional oil trader and the son-in-law of the Prime Minister. The Ministry of Health is headed by the former Deputy Minister of Finance, the civil wife of the Minister of Industry, who has not worked for a day in the field of medicine. All appointments Putin performs solely on the principle of personal loyalty and regardless of professional skills.

5. Putin has kept the enclaves of separatism and irremovability in the dominant positions of the ethnic separatists of Chechnya, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Chuvashia, Kalmykia and other Russian republics, where the suppression of everything Russian (including Russian entrepreneurship) and the enforced imposition of a “titular” culture. In these territories, Russians are infringed as consistently as in a number of former Soviet republics.

6. Putin turned the Russian special services into a particularly privileged stratum and directed their activities not to fight betrayal and crime, but to control economic structures in the interests of private individuals, high officials. There is reason to believe that, by Putin’s order, houses in Moscow were blown up in 1999 (with the aim of stirring up society and ensuring victory in the elections of Putin’s Unity Party and Putin’s presidential election), the hostages were killed by gas during the storming of the concert hall seized in Moscow denied assistance to seamen of the Kursk submarine in distress (in order to hide a collision with an English submarine). There is no doubt that by order of Putin, almost all the hostages were killed in Beslan. An independent examination showed that the hostage hall was fired from grenade launchers and flamethrowers, and the survivors after that - from tank guns. This crime of the special services has not been investigated, these investigations have been falsified.

7. Putin, without any justification, by arbitrary decision gave China about 200 square meters. km of Russian territory in the Khabarovsk region.

8. “The program of cooperation between the regions of the Far East and Eastern Siberia of the Russian Federation and the Northeast of the People’s Republic of China (2009–2018)” is perhaps an unprecedented example in world history when a formally great power with a formally huge military potential simply surrenders another country almost half its territory. There were no tenders, no comparisons of conditions with the same Europeans. Chinese workers will develop the majority of Russian deposits and the forests of Siberia, products will be exported to China. Paying taxes and preserving the environment is doubtful. The enormous personal benefit of Mr. Putin and a number of other officials is unambiguous. The kickback account goes to billions of dollars. Putin (and especially his children) is not going to rule the collapsing country forever, but the foundation of a new dynasty like the Rockefellers is quite possible. This is just the apotheosis of the gangster system built by him. Mayors take kickbacks in the construction of roads and buildings, ministers - for mining, and the president and prime minister - for the delivery of the entire country to China in bulk.
The results of a decade in power Putin's regime
During the ten years of Putin's rule:

Corruption has reached catastrophic proportions. In terms of bribery, Russia is among the most backward African countries and occupies the 146th place in the rating of Transparency International.

Russia loses about half a million citizens a year due to extremely low life expectancy, over-mortality from alcoholism and a low level of health care. At the same time, the number of casualties among faceless "citizens" and specifically among the Russian people is even higher due to the fact that in some republics of the northern Caucasus there is still a growing population plus many new "citizens" is formed due to non-white immigration from the former Soviet republics.

For ten years, the country's dependence on raw materials has only worsened. If the export of raw materials in 2000 was 44% of the total exports of the country, then in 2010 it was already 65%.

Degrades the road network. Due to the high corruption in road construction, the annual entry of roads in ten years has been halved.

In ten years, the number of terrorist attacks has increased more than 6 times. Focusing on the corrupt clans of the Caucasus led to the actual loss of control over the North Caucasus republics, while the federal government continues to subsidize them at the level of $ 5-6 billion per year.

During the years of Putin’s rule, social stratification in the country grew by 15%. In the crisis year of 2009, the number of dollar billionaires doubled, with 18.5 million people living below the poverty line, unemployment reached 9%, and public sector wages were frozen.

Against the background of a budget deficit and screaming poverty, multi-billion dollar scams are being carried out: the Winter Olympics in the subtropics; the Nord Stream and South Stream gas pipelines, as well as the Altai gas pipelines; holding an APEC summit on Russky Island.

Ruined Pension Fund. Its deficit is more than a trillion rubles. In connection with the aging of the population and the reduction in the number of employees by 1 million people a year, the prospects are depressing - the authorities are ready to raise taxes and increase the retirement age.

It can be said that the situation in any field of activity of the Russian government is extremely difficult. But this is especially true of crime, housing affordability, the position of the armed forces, the environment. Despite the increase in funding for special services by more than 10 times (from $ 2.8 billion in 2000 to $ 31.3 billion in 2009), the crime rate has not decreased. At the same time, the number of corruption crimes, robberies and fraud has sharply increased. The number of employees of special services amounted to 2.140 million people, which is two times higher than the army personnel (this has never happened in the history of the Russian Empire, the USSR or modern Russia), but their effectiveness is extremely low. Because law enforcement agencies are “sharpened” to fight the opposition, engage in illegal business, protect entrepreneurs and raid.

Despite the widely publicized campaign "Affordable Housing", for 10 years of Putin's rule, housing has become even less affordable. The average cost of 1 square. meters of housing over the years increased by 9 times. If in 2000 purchase in the secondary market of an apartment of 50 square meters. m was equal to the average annual income of Russians for 6 years, in 2008 - already for 15 years.

In early 2010, the country's leadership in the person of the Chief of General Staff Makarov announced the failure of the program to transfer the army to a contract basis. This failure was due to the military reform sabotaged by the Russian government: contract soldiers earned meager money (8–10 thousand rubles a month) and did not have the opportunity to purchase housing. The result is sad - now everyone will be drafted into the army, including the sick, and the service life in it (guaranteed) will be extended in the coming years.

In 2001, Putin passed a law that allowed the import of highly toxic nuclear waste (spent nuclear fuel) into Russia. After the adoption of this law, thousands of tons of spent nuclear fuel from Poland, Serbia, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Vietnam and other countries were brought to Russia. The graves are located in the Chelyabinsk Region (PA Mayak), in Krasnoyarsk-26 and in Tomsk-7. In total, about 19 thousand tons of spent nuclear fuel and 400 million cubic meters of stored nuclear fuel are stored in Russia. radioactive waste.

In early 2010, by his decree V. Putin re-launched the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill. The pulp and paper mill was previously shut down for environmental and economic reasons. The launch of the plant caused a storm of protest throughout the country, since the production of pulp was accompanied by the discharge of extremely toxic chlorine-containing waste into the lake.

Putin is corruption, censorship, Russia's dependence on raw materials, social inequality, the destruction of the Russian people.
Deputinization of Russia is the only chance to bring the country out of the impasse.

It is unlikely that we will see demonstrative processes and reward for what was done, as happened with Saddam Hussein or the President of Afghanistan, Najibullah, most likely his family will live safely in immigration, perhaps even entering the higher strata of this society. But there is always hope of redemption.

Already after writing this article, this material was discovered: An Anti-Propaganda Manual (September 2012)

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

Сообщение Разместил Александр Лешванов 28 окт 2018, 14:10

All the same, but more beautiful and detailed:

Today it is time to turn to the patriots of Russia, as well as to those who are confident that Putin is protecting our national interests from the encroachments of the United States, and to those who think that he raised the country from its knees after the “damned 90s”. Moreover, today we are being urged to rally in the face of the “orange” threat around the powerful figure of the National Leader, on which the future of the country depends.

So we prove that it is hypocrisy and a lie. Every true patriot of Russia must remember the damage done to the national interests of the country over the past 12 years. And see why the United States is not at all opposed to Putin’s leading Russia further.
VV Putin created an extermination society in Russia and illegally holds the presidency of Russia all decisions, treaties, laws are passed and signed by him without 80% representation from the Russian people, due to the lack of statehood, the Russian people are not represented in the RF Constitution of Russia by the titular nation and not mentioned and found in discrimination. not having equal rights with other peoples of Russia, their national districts, regions, and republics are listed in Article 65, Chapter 3 (Federative Structure) De jure, there are no Russian people in Russia.

Russian people are remembered when conflicts arise in Russia or abroad. Russian soldiers are sent there. conscripts to “impose a constitutional order” (Putin’s maxim), although the Russian people are not mentioned in the constitution and the territories of Russia belonging to the Russian people are not legally registered in his name according to historical and natural law. It is possible to send to hot spots young people from orphanages who have reached military age. Russians are sent to hot spots to perish ?, and millions of immigrant occupiers are brought to Russia from all over the white light. The Russian people are deprived of the right to development — one of the basic human rights, the material resources and the money resources that should be spent on the development of the Russian people, are spent on supporting immigration in Russia. The Russians will endure the genocide. Putin on trial. To abolish the presidency, Putin violates the oath given to them when he took office as president of Article 82 of the Russian Constitution of Russia of 1993 Down with the presidential and royal autocracy, one person is easier to manage.

Putin is not able to provide Russia with a comfortable existence since there are no national projects in Russia aimed at ensuring a comfortable life for the population.

One of the most important such projects should be the task to build between the regional centers of Russia 4-way roads with a dividing line in order to reduce the number of accidents on the roads and make the process of delivering goods from one city to another easier and safer. Putin and his government are not able to provide the population of Russia with a normal production process (for example, building strong and modern roads) and therefore this government begins to rob people in order to provide their whims with money.

Putin and his government are very stupid, greedy, cunning and cynical. All their vices are the consequences of their folly and greed. I think they are not able to answer the question: what appeared first: money or goods? It seems to them all the time that money. In addition to money, they can’t and can’t think about anything normally, since money in Russia is not printed by German machines of the 1930s.

Putin due to the fact that he is stupid and very lazy became a thief and a pest as president of Russia. And who is better than him? Who is able to organize officials and intelligent intelligentsia so that normal roads begin to be built in Russia? And at the same time, it is necessary to build high-quality roads with a reinforced concrete foundation so that they do not subside and rutting does not appear and asphalt does not deteriorate and it would not be necessary to spend billions to repair these roads. Under the tsarist regime, they also tried to build roads, but they built some canals connecting the rivers, and it was necessary to spend money on the rubble covering so that Russia's dirt roads did not become limp in the spring and autumn and did not become impassable. In general, she always reigns stupidity in the minds of Russian politicians.

These politicians are direct evidence of a conspiracy of higher powers against Russia to make our country as stupid and poorer as possible so that it can be captured and the population destroyed and humiliated. All these things can be seen if you study the history of Russia since the 19th century, for example. The people of Russia can not be so stupid! If Putin says that there is no money, this means that there is no production and construction for which you have to pay money to the population. Money must provide goods and Putin does not produce goods in Russia and does not help, because he is a stupid, greedy psychopath and slug! Putin is the height of the conspiracy that the Providence has launched against Russia.

If Russia does not begin to build normal roads so that fewer people die on the roads and trade links between cities do not improve, then our country will disintegrate. It is simply stolen and sold to foreigners by those who now have a lot of money. Putin is still unable to provide such national construction projects with money because there are not enough normal machines for printing money in our country. Recently they showed on TV that 50kip coins are printed on old German machines in Moscow. In general, we need something to change in our country.

If the government begins to rob the population, this government does not work well and does not organize national lines, the production of goods in order to provide the population with money for these goods. I guess I explained everything clearly where the money comes from the people?

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 
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