• It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18 • 
Learn to think for yourself, and not with a TV
Данный форум полностью открытый для просмотра ГОСТЯМ. Открыта возможность ставить СПАСИБКИ и править в сообщениях модераторам. Здесь размещаем темы о чем угодно. Без ограничений.

    It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

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Russia today is Elections without choice, Court without justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs without honor, Army without identifying marks, Dead without name, Parliament without debate, Television without truth, Business without competition, Ministry of Health without conscience, Church without God, Olympians without national symbols, Education without knowledge, Science without discovery, Diplomacy without dialogue, People without nationality.
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Leshvanov Alexander Primorsky Krai ... "Learn to think for yourself, and not with a TV"
Some of the information is borrowed from open sources on the Internet (with minor revisions in essence and its comprehension). Some of the information has been “earned” from its experience and gathered on the facts of its own confrontation with the described mess and lawlessness. The text was collected for almost 5 years.

Русский вариант материала там - Никогда не верьте российской фашистской власти

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 

  It’s as if almost all of us "voted" for Putin on March 18

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Conclusions and addendum 2015

So, maybe, the Yeltsin-Center is not so big if you place documents of Boris Nikolaevich's state crimes in it?
Place giant photographs of cities, rural settlements and villages disappeared from the map of Russia, thousands of lists of closed hospitals, clinics, medical stations, schools, libraries, pictures of huge cemeteries in a country where graves have not been passed between graves, everything is busy ... the halls in the Yeltsin Center, the benefit of which is enough, should be given to documentary evidence of treason B. N. Yeltsin - surrendering the army and navy to them. So that every visitor to the Yeltsin Center stared at every line of these commemorative lists of our power, our strength, our pride, our national respect, our strength, money, sweat, mind. Here is a sample of such a tombstone on the example of a militant, powerful, and powerful Navy ruined by Yeltsin, with an indication of the price tag for the pennies that were handed over to our geopolitical opponents:

The patrol ship "Valorous" - 69.54 thousand dollars
Guard ship "Zorky" - 227.5
Patrol ship "Strict" - 316.5
Patrol ship "Steregushchy" - 314.16
Patrol ship "Savvyazny" - 292.56
Patrol ship "Ferocious" - 97.79
The destroyer "Thrust” - 173.9
The destroyer "Attentive" - ​​117.99
Destroyer destroyer - "loud" - 225
Destroyer "Enduring" - 216
Wrecker destroyer - 363
Large anti-submarine ship "Khabarovsk" - 579.6
Large anti-submarine ship "Yumashev" - 468
Large anti-submarine ship "Makarov" - 516
Large anti-submarine ship "Isachenkov" - 514.25
Large anti-submarine ship "Isakov" - 496.1
Large anti-submarine ship "Intelligent" - 189.57
Large anti-submarine ship "Chapaev" - 744
Large anti-submarine ship "October" - 724.8
Large anti-submarine ship "Vladivostok" - 1083.77
Missile cruiser "Zozulya" - 756
Missile cruiser "Fokin" - 543.4
The cruiser "Murmansk" - 1718.87
Heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Minsk" - 4236.7
Heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Novorossiysk" - 3832.34
Heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Kiev" - 1800
Landing and reconnaissance ships
LDK "Muromets" - 97.28
BDK "Ilyichev" - 242.5
BDK-47 - 248.9
BZRK "Zakarpatye" - 192.24
MRZK "Ilmen" - 3180.39
SSV "Sarychev" - 113,24
SSV "Primorye" - 150.48
SSV "Chelyuskin" - 114,59
OSV "Transbaikalia" - 207.99
Diving depots, floating and measuring ships
PB-27 - 252.52
PM-147 - 161.7
PM-150 - 181.22
CIC "Spassk" - 868.5
CIC "Chumikan" - 1544
KIK-357 - 205

Passing from the stand to the stand, this commemorative list with photos of muscular handsome ships will continue to stretch for a long time.

And then to deploy in the Yeltsin Center a huge geographical map of our military bases, which, like Siegfried statues along the borders of the Third Reich, determined our power in the world, and which we voluntarily lost. This is a military base in the Vietnamese Bay of Cam Ranh, faithfully providing our naval presence in the Indian Ocean and in the Persian Gulf. We left the naval base in Tartus (Syria), having lost support in the Mediterranean, left Svenfuegos in Cuba in close proximity to American shores, closed three radio electronic intelligence centers in Angola, two bases in Somalia: the air force base in Hargeisa and Naval in Berbera. With their own hands, they eliminated intelligence bases in Ethiopia, Egypt, South Yemen, Angola, radar stations in the cities of Cabinda, Benguela and Lobito, which monitored the Atlantic Ocean, the Ramona radio intelligence complex in the Korean city of Ansan, four secret radio interception bases in Nicaragua. Our intelligence services received 70 percent of intelligence information using the electronic center in Lourdes (Cuba), but we also abandoned this base ...

I would certainly have built in the "Yeltsin-Center" the tragic panorama "Energy-Buran". In 1989, 74 allied ministries received a catalog “Scientific and Technical Achievements on the Energy-Buran System”, which featured 600 of the latest technologies with an estimated economic effect of $ 6 billion. With Yeltsin coming to power, they choked this system - they stopped financing it. The brilliant results of 15 years of colossal work were not needed. As Nikolai Zelenshchikov, First Deputy General Designer of the Energia Rocket and Space Corporation diagnosed, “This was the beginning of one of Russia's greatest ills — the destruction of heights Technological industry. "

The USSR gave a third of world inventions. Russia has lost these positions. In the world market of high technologies, the share of the USA is 60%, Singapore - 6%, Russia - 0.5 - 0.8%. According to the human development index, which includes the level of education, science and technology, morbidity and longevity, GDP per capita, Russia from 52 place in 1992, already by 1997, slipped to 119 place in the world. On the intellectual potential of young people - from 3rd place to 47th. But in the global corruption rating of Transparency International Russia ranks 147th out of 180. Next - Kenya, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ecuador, Sierra Leone, East Timor, Zimbabwe. For comparison: Georgia is at the 61st place. 43 place on the corruption of the judicial system. Similar figures for the Congo, Morocco and Senegal. But this is already running ahead.

More than one exhibition floor with the testimony of Andrei Illarionov, former assistant to the president of the Russian Federation, should be devoted to Russian corruption in the Yeltsin Center: "For the year, $ 30 billion of state assets in the power industry were sold. budget? Zero. Not a single penny, not a single ruble, not a single dollar! ", with evidence from Sergei Stepashin, Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, from the 3.7 billion dollars received from arms sales stumbling only 7 thousand. dollars ...

However, we will continue our journey through our Yeltsin Center. Documents, layouts and photographs of the collapse of our rocket industry should be placed in the next room, where the cry of the soul of the Director of the Moscow Institute of Thermal Engineering Academician Yuri Solomonov, the developer of the Topol-M and Bulava missile systems, will become the epigraph. ballistic missiles. "

Maxim Gorky called for writing the history of plants and factories, with Boris Yeltsin it was time to write obituaries to factories and factories and the place for them in the Yeltsin Center. Let's start with the Russian Diesel, founded in St. Petersburg in 1862 and almost a century and a half remaining a symbol of the power of Russia, the flagship of the global diesel industry. Diesel engines for warships and merchant ships, diesel generators for the metro, for all power units of nuclear power plants of the country ... At the request of the International Monetary Fund Russian Diesel, Yeltsin was excluded from the list of particularly important defense enterprises, and then people with a weak heart would have a better photo. to watch how rare machine tools for processing crankshafts, unique centers for processing cases are being torn down from the foundations for scrap metal, the newest test benches were not even dismantled - they were blown up on the spot ... Neither strikes nor Olbia many thousands of the president to save the company produced no results.

The fate of Amethyst Design Bureau, a developer of radar and optoelectronic control systems, ship artillery complexes of the fifth (!) Generation, which by their technical characteristics were three to five times better than their foreign counterparts, had a similar fate. The Respirator plant had the exact same death, Russia's only manufacturer of oxygen-breathing apparatus, 90% of which went to pilots, cosmonauts, submariners, rescuers, doctors. The factory was demolished in the trash, several buildings were torn down to the ground. tens of thousands of plants, factories, research institutes, design bureaus hit the litsine ...

And do not forget to place in the "Yeltsin Center" - the museum of betrayal and disgrace of the First President of Russia - documents on the sale of 500 tons of weapons-grade uranium to the United States for an insignificant $ 12 billion. According to the magazine Spiegel, the price of weapons-grade uranium on the black market is $ 60 billion per ton. Let the "light", "white" market be half the price, even ten times cheaper, it still makes six billion per ton, and Yeltsin sold 500 tons for 12 billion! In the neighborhood will lay documents on the criminal export of 786 tons of Russian gold in 1994-1995 to the banks of England, Latin America, Australia, Romania.

From the numerous tables that will be placed in the "Yeltsin Center", let us pay attention to the world-wide rating of the mortality rate, where Russia is next to Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Chad, and Somalia. For life expectancy behind Papua New Guinea and Honduras. In terms of the cost of health care near Morocco and Ecuador ...

And one more should be a map of Russia in the "Yeltsin Center" with lost sea spaces in the Bering and Chukchi seas, these are 200 Russian miles of the economic zone, 7.7 thousand square kilometers of water surface and 46.3 thousand square kilometers of the continental shelf. The island of Tarabaras and a part of the Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island in the riverbed of the Amur River (174 sq. Km) were ceded to China. Norway got 86 thousand square kilometers of Russian territory in the economic zone of the Barents Sea, where our fishermen caught 50% of the northern fish ...

But all these plans for museum exhibitions in the future, not far, I hope. In the meantime, Yeltsin’s successor, Putin and widow Naina Iosifovna, on November 25 opened a pompous memorial in honor of the First President of Russia. The purpose of the solemn ceremony, as the Kremlin stresses, is to "build respect for the people who led the country." On the ruins of the great Empire, they want to force humiliated, robbed people to honor, exalt the destroyers, erecting gigantic palaces in praise of them.

Александр Лешванов
(можно Николаич)
(можно Николаич) 
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